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StateLake/River/Res.MonthTimeWater TempH2O Clarity (inches)Lure(s)StructureDepthWeatherAir Temp.Comments
TEXASLBJSEPTEMBERNight84stainedwhite/blue/chartreuse 7/16oz. tungsten spinnerbaits, black Photon crankbaits, and wacky rigged black/blue flake plastic stick baitsrip rapshallowOvercast70'sBlack bass to 6 pounds are good, also try stump fields
WEST VIRGINIASUMMERSVILLESEPTEMBEREvening65clearjigsstructure (general)10-to-15 feetcloudy80'sLake is at summer pool. Lake and tailwater are clear, Outflow temperature is 65 degrees
WEST VIRGINIASTONECOAL LAKESEPTEMBERMost??clearplastic baits and crankbaitscover(general)10-to-15 feetPartly cloudy80'sLake is approximately three feet below summer pool
WEST VIRGINIAR.D. BAILEYSEPTEMBERMost??clearplastic jigs in black and chartreuse colors or live shadrocky point(s)??Partly cloudy80's Lake is at summer pool
WEST VIRGINIABURNSVILLESEPTEMBERMost??murkyplastic baits and crankbaitsstructure (general)10- to-15 feet humid70'sLake is at summer pool, Fishing is fair
WEST VIRGINIABLUESTONESEPTEMBERMost??cloudyrapalas, tiny torpedoes and sluggoeslaydownsshallowhumid70'sLake is at summer pool, also try rocky drops or weed beds
ALABAMApickwickOCTOBERTIME60'S?? grass edge  70's 
TEXASConroeAUGUSTMost??slightly stainedTexas-rig plastic worms, spinnerbaits or crankbaitsboat docks3-10 feetScattered Clouds80'sLargemouth bass fishing has been spotty, most of the better bass have been taken from deep-water structure. Road beds, points, ridges, humps and other structure in 12-18 feet of water
TEXASSam RayburnAUGUSTearly and late87stainedTopwaters, wacky worms and spinnerbaitsvegetation3-8 feetScattered Clouds80'slarger bass have concentrated on brush piles situated on ledges of other sharp breaks in 15-30 feet of water
ILLINOISIllinois RiverAUGUSTEvening70'S12baby 1-minus chartrueselaydowns1-6'hot humid80'spre-fishing, caught 5....2 keepers
ILLINOISIllinois River AUGUSTMost75101-minus sponnerbaitflooded shoreline1-3'overcast turning sunny60's3 keepers
MISSOURITruman LakeSEPTEMBERAM70'S1210'' red shad worm flats (structure on)5'partly cloudy80's3 keepers
FLORIDALake GradinAUGUSTMid80'S6leadhead,neon plastic trail tail,spinnerbank(parallel to)4 ftpartly cloud90's10 lbs Bass largest know of in this lake
NEW JERSEYShepards LakeAUGUSTAll DayDEGREES F.INCHES CHOOSE BEST DESCRIPTION  AIRBoycott the place .now they charge fisherman just to park.
MICHIGANPortage lake ship canal ( U. P. )AUGUSTDusk60'S48Weedless jig, crawfish trailerbluff walls25 - 30 feetbreezy, partly cloudy50'sBecause of water clarity, fish are deep. Smallmouth fishing is good to excellent. Found many aggressive fish at the north entry of canal.
CALIFORNIAMillerton Lake AUGUSTEarly????top water, plastics, jigs structure (general)20 to 40 feet Clear60'slargemouth-bass bite is fair. There's a lot of ski-boat activity
TEXASLake ForkAUGUSTMost????topwater Carolina-rig soft-plastic worms deep structure25-30 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sA few anglers have found decent topwater bass action
TEXASConroeAUGUSTMost????Carolina-rig plastic worms (watermelon seed) brush10-18 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sLargemouth bass fishing perked up a bit over the past few days, angler not in the tournament land a 9.18-pounder
ILLINOISIllinois RiverAUGUSTEarly70'S8spinnerbaitrocky shoreline2'clear 60's1 small largemouth, fishing is tough
TEXASConroeAUGUSTMost????soft plastics and crankbaits drop off(s)8- to 12-foot Cloudy80'sBlack bass were slow to fair
TEXASToledo Bend AUGUSTMost????jig/craw combos and deep-running crankbaits drop off(s)10- to 20-foot Mostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass were fair
TEXASLake ForkAUGUSTMost????Spinnerbaits and topwater plugs, Carolina-rigged plastics and crankbaits main lake points12- to 18-foot Mostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass were fair
TEXASToledo Bend AUGUSTearly and late????chugger (chrome/blue, chrome/black) submerged vegetation6-7 feet Scattered Clouds84have found a few takers on topwaters
NEW JERSEYwaywayyondaAUGUSTEvening80'S5sinkoslilly pads-edge(inside)5clear78great bass lake
TENNESSEEBarkleyAUGUSTMost86??Carolina-rigged lizards or worms, and some spinnerbaitsgrass??Mostly Clear80'sLargemouth bass still in grassy areas
ALABAMAWeiss Lake AUGUSTEarly84??spinner baitshallow structure2 to 8 feetCLEAR80'sMost fish are being caught in early morning
ALABAMALogan Martin AUGUSTTIME80slightly stainedsalty chunks and fin-s worms. Try bright blue and pumpkin colorsrocky point(s)??CLEAR80'slevel is 1 foot below full pool
ALABAMAGuntersville AUGUSTEarly82slightly stainedbuzzbaits in white or a bassmaster pop-r, snag-proof perfect frog in a sparrow color on a 3/8-ounce booyah spinnerbait or a 1-ounce bose jiggrass edge??sunny80's 
MISSOURIStocktonAUGUSTEarly81??buzzbaits and spinnerbaits, middle of day on plastic baitscover(general)shallowClear80'sblack bass fair
MISSOURIPomme de TerreAUGUSTMost75clearlight colored topwater lures, brown or black plastic worms points5-10 feet deepClear70'sblack bass fair, normal pool
TEXASCANYON LAKEAUGUSTFirst light86clearwhite 7/16oz. Terminator tungsten spinnerbaits, pumpkin/green 4” finesse worms on jigheads, and wacky-rigged pumpkin/chartreuse plastic stick-baitsmain lake points10 - 15 feet Overcast70'sBlack bass are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." Smallmouth bass to 3 pounds are good on white/blue back Photon crankbaits, split shot rigged Craw Babies, and 3” root beer grubs along rock piles in 5 - 10 feet at daylight.
TEXASBUCHANAN AUGUSTEarly86clear3/16oz. white/chartreuse Terminator tungsten spinnerbaits, shad Photon crankbaits, and wacky-rigged Christmas Tree Whacky Sticks ledge(s)6 - 10 foot Mostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBROWNWOOD AUGUSTMost87clearchartreuse and junebug worms, shallow-diving crankbaits brush pile(s)10 - 20 feetClear80'sBlack bass to 4 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." also try along rocky banks and between docks
TEXASLAKE ATHENSAUGUSTMost83cleartopwaters, Carolina-rigged smoke/silver glitter french fries coves10 - 15 feetClear80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASARROWHEAD AUGUSTMost78stainedshallow running crankbaits and large jigsrocky bluffs5 – 10 feet Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTADAUGUSTMost86murkywatermelon seed or watermelon/red heavy jigs, super flukes, and soft plasticsstructure (general)??Partly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." ,
CONNECTICUTMianus RiverJULYFirst light70'S66in. seinko worm/ Texas riggedlilly pads-pockets8ft.warm / humid / overcast80'scaught 2 bass over 8lbs that morning / same pattern
HAWAIILake Wilson (Wahiawa Res.)AUGUSTAll Day80'S36jerk baits, Sluggos, Senkos, spinner baits.shoreline structure0 to 3 feetcloudy/light rain80'sPeacock bass guarding schools of babies. Hard to trick them into biting. Some tukes still spawning. A few peacock schooling and chasing shad.... hit or miss. Red devil are very aggressive. Some small bass.
TEXASLake ForkAUGUSTMid????Carolina-rigged plastics and crankbaits soft-plastic frogs humps12 to 18-foot Clouds70'sBlack bass remained fair, soft-plastic frogs were effective at dawn and dusk along edges of grass
TEXASToledo BendAUGUSTearly and late????jig/craw combos and deep-running crankbaits topwater luresdrop off(s)10 to 20-foot Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass were fair, also try
TEXASConroeAUGUSTMost????soft plastics and crankbaits drop off(s)8 to 12-foot Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass were slow
OKLAHOMACrystal LakeJULYAM80'S36" Berkley Power Wormpiers3ftHot Humid80's 
TEXASFayette CountyAUGUSTTIME????soft-plastic baits deep structuredeepMostly Cloudy90'sStifling heat during the day has kept fishing pressure very light, few largemouth bass have been taken
TEXASToledo BendAUGUSTNight80'Sslightly stainedlarge dark-colored plastic worms (black/neon, black/blue)submerged vegetationin 6-12 feet Overcast80'sbright moon over the weekend made for excellent night fishing conditions
OKLAHOMATexomaAUGUSTMost82clearspinnerscreek channel5 to 10 ftPartly Cloudy80'snormal pool, Largemouth bass good
OKLAHOMAEufaulaAUGUSTMost??clearcrankbaitspoints3 to 8 ftHaze70's1 ft. above normal, Largemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMATenkillerAUGUSTMost??clear10-inch wormsledge(s)10 to 15 ftPartly Cloudy90's2 ft. above normal, Largemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMASkiatookAUGUSTTIME83clearcrank baitsstructure (general)??Partly Cloudy80'slargemouth good
MISSOURILake of the Ozarks (Osage)JULYTIME79clear10" black or pumpkin seed plastic worms main lake points??Clear70'snormal pool, black bass good
MISSOURIStocktonJULYEarly80??buzzbaits and plastic baits deep pointdeepOvercast60'sblack bass fair
MISSOURIPomme de TerreJULYMost83clearlight colored topwater lures, brown or black plastic worms points5-10 feetClear70'sblack bass slow, normal pool
TEXASFayette CountyAUGUSTearly and late????surface lures, crankbaits pointssurface-deepScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass were fair to slow
TEXASConroeAUGUSTMost????soft plastics and crankbaits coves8 to 12 foot Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass were slow, also try riprap and points
FLORIDALake TohopekaligaJULYAM88stainedtopwater popper (golden shiner)grasssurfaceclear80'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 11 lbs.
MEXICOEl Cuchillo LakeNOVEMBERPM67clear7" BPS Stik O Wormwood9'clearAIRBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 9 oz.
MEXICOEl Cuchillo LakeJUNEAM91-95stained7 " Zoom Cotton candy lizardtrees14'overcastAIRBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 6 oz.
CALIFORNIAWhiskey Slough, DeltaAPRILMid57stained4 inch Berkley tube minnowbeds5'Overcast57BassMasters Lunker Club, 12 lbs.
MEXICOLake El SaltoOCTOBERPM84clear5" Storm Swimbaitdrop off(s)25'clearAIRBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 4 oz.
CANADARice LakeOCTOBERMid58stainedReef runner Rip Shad crankbait (chartruese/pearl)shoal5'Overcast50'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 8 lbs 3 oz. Smallmouth, rocky shoal with milfoil
TEXASRay Roberts LakeMARCHAM54muddy3 inch Lowes crawfish (black/blue)brush2'Clear52BassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 6 oz.
GEORGIAHummingbird LakeOCTOBERPM??clear6 inch black/blue fleck Senkoover hanging tree shade2'cleart windy80'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 12 lbs.
MISSISSIPPILake TrechselDECEMBERAM50stained6" golden shinerbrush pile(s)14'overcast windy cold39BassMasters Lunker Club, 12 lbs. 4 oz.
MEXICOLake ComederoFEBURARYPM65stained6 inch Zoom Lizardwood5'clearAIRBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 8 oz.
TENNESSEESouth HolstonJANUARYPM43clear2" Bass Assassin grubrocky shoreline14'clear windy cold50'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 8 lbs. 1 oz. Smallmouth
FLORIDALake Walk in WaterJANUARYAM59clear6" shinermilfoil (eurasian)7'overcast40'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lbs. 8 oz.
TENNESSEENickajack RiverJANUARYPM41clear5" shinerrip rap15'overcast50'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 6 lb. 1 oz. Smallmouth
TENNESSEECheatham LakeNOVEMBERAM??murky5 inch watermelon/pepper Senkochunk rock8'overcast cold40'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 6 lb. 5 oz. Smallmouth
TEXASLake ForkMARCHAM65stainedYum tube (smoke red fleck)timber3'clear50'sBassMasters Lunker Club 10 lbs. 2 oz.
TEXASQuantum LakesSEPTEMBERAM71clearZoom Salty Super Fluke Pearlhydrilla8'clear70'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 12 lbs. 7 oz.
FLORIDASt. Johns RiverJANUARYAM75stained6 inch shinerlaydowns2'overcast70'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 10 lb. 13 oz.
OHIOLake Roaming RockOCTOBEREvening65stained1/4 ounce white Terminator jigrocky shoreline2'overcast windy50'sBassMasters Lunker Club, 6lb Smalllmouth
ILLINOISHennepin HopperJULYEarly80'S12spinnerbaits, white tubes,chartruese 1-minusweeds (over top of)4-11'overcast60's2 of us caught 20+ bass
OKLAHOMACanton Lake JULYMost82clearminnowsstructure (general)??Partly Cloudy80'slake is 2.5 feet below normal, Largemouth bass are fair
TEXASToledo BendJULYTIME????jig/craw combos and deep-running crankbaits deep grassdeepMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass were fair
TEXASLake ForkJULYearly and late88slightly stainedspinnerbaits and moss-type frogs grass edgeshallowMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass were fair, Carolina-rigged plastics and crankbaits were effective over humps and points at midday
TEXASLBJJULYEarly84stainedplastics like grn/pumpkin Whacky Sticks, wtrmelon/red Snap Back creature baits grass4’-8’ deep Overcast70'sDuring the day, skipping & deadsticking Whacky Sticks rigged wacky style on a 3/0 "K" Wacky Hook and tubes on 1/8 oz. jigheads, "SLOW" is the key word to success
TEXASTRAVISJULYEarly85clearred worms and chrome topwaters structure (general)10 - 22 feetMist70'sBlack bass to 2 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLBJ JULYFirst light83stainedblack single spin 3/8oz. Terminator spinnerbaits, black topwater chuggars, and black Photon crankbaits structure (general)4 - 10 feetMist70'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLAKE O' THE PINESJULYMost86clearTennessee shad deep diving crankbaits and smoke french fries, chrome Rat-L-Traps coves??Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", Schooling bass are good on chrome Rat-L-Traps
TEXASLake FORKJULYearly and late88slightly stainedwhite Lockhart 3/8oz. buzzbaits and Scum Frogs, wacky-rigs just after the topwater bite and then to the Carolina-rigs in watermelon seed, watermelon candy, and red bug throughout the day – dead sticking these baits has been most productive. Chrome/black Rat-L-Traps and deep diving crankbaits are also working well throughout the day main lake points??Haze70'sBlack bass are slow to fair, , "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASFAIRFIELDJULYEarly80'SclearPop R’s, Texas-rigged red shad power worms grass5 - 9 feet Overcast80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", also try are working well over the deeper hydrilla beds later in the day
TEXASCANYON LAKEJULYEarly84gin clearpumpkin Devil's Tongues on drop shot rigs, green pumpkin Cut Tail worms on jig heads, and watermelon/chartreuse Whacky Sticks on wacky rigsdeep structure12 - 20 feetScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass to 6 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBUCHANANJULYMost83clearweighted watermelon/red Snap Back jerkbaits, 4” junebug Whacky Sticks, and on Photon Glow crankbaits ledge(s)8 - 14 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass to 7 pounds are fair, also try shady side of boat docks, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBROWNWOOD JULYMost84clearJunebug and red worms, spinnerbaits, chrome/blue back crankbaits shallow weeds10 – 15 feet & 5 - 10 feetPartly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
OHIOLAKE ERIE Central BasinJULYMost????Jigs tipped with shiners, tube jigs and crank baits shoreline (general)15 to 30 feet CLOUDY60'sbest smallmouth bass fishing has been around Ruggles Reef
TEXASSam RAYBURNJULYearly and late80'Sslightly stainedTexas-rig soft-plastic worms in red bug, red shad or sour grapehydrilla10-15 feet Scattered Clouds70'sguide report
TEXASSam RAYBURNJULYearly and late80'Sslightly stainedchuggers and stickbaits submerged vegetation3-6 feet Scattered Clouds70'sfair topwater action
FLORIDAStick MarshJULYTIME8824Senkoshydrilla (scattered)shallowCloudy and warm, calm winds90'sTotal fish to the boat: 38
TEXASLake ForkJULYEarly85clearwhite buzzbaits, carolina rigged baby lake fork creature or a zoom speed craw coves2-4 feetpost cold front 87boated around 10 fish but had one over 8lbs
FLORIDAStick MarshJULYMost8424Senkohydrillashallowclear90'sAll in all a slow morning with only 25 bass by 11:00
OREGONHYATTJULYearly and late????worms, small luresstumpsshallowsunshine80'slake remains good for rainbow trout and some bass
FLORIDALake KissimmeeJULYEarly????plastic craws (Gambler shadow blue glitter). Bass 5-7 pounds hitting Super Flukes, Zoom's Horny Toad and topwater plugs grass edge (outside)shallowSUNNY80'sfour bass over 9 pounds reported in tournaments the past two weeks
ALABAMALogan Martin JULYMost80'Sstained from runoffjigs, sport sticker jig heads with a finesse wormpiersshallowsunny70'slevel is full pool; bass fishing is slow due to recent rains
ALABAMAGuntersvilleJULYEarly86slightly stainedtopwater-buzz baits, sammy's, chugbugs and Pop-R's grass beds9 to 14 feet sunny70'sAt midday, find matted milfoil and use snag proof tournament frogs, Also find deep humps in 10 to 16 feet of water using prowler 10-inch worms and fat free shad
ILLINOISHennepin Hooper LakeJULYEvening80'S12spinnerbaits, rats, tubes, senkoweeds (over top of)1-5'warm breezy80's3 of us caught close to 150 bass...this place is incredible!!
CALIFORNIANew Melones Lake JULYNight81cleardark (blue or black) lures such as a spinnerbait, Dart-headed salt/pepper grubs or drop-shotted four-inch shad-colored or crawdad-colored worms, Spook or Pop-R in the early morning main lake points1 to 20 feet sunny80'sbass bite is fair, with plenty of two-pounders being caught, During the day, most bass are in five to 25 feet of water on main lake points, near structure, such as trees or brush, as well as near steep rock walls near the dam and upriver. If there is a mud line or shade, there will be bass hiding in it
CALIFORNIALake Camanche JULYEvening76clearPlastic lizards or worms in green or brown, Rattle-traps in silver and blue shoreline grassshallowsunny80'stry shorelines near dike No. 1 and the long point adjacent to Bamert (big Hat) island
COLORADOHale and Hopper Ponds JULYMost????minnows, worms, soft plastics, Rapalas, Shadraps and Rat-L-Trapscover(general)??clear80'sLargemouth bass up to 6 pounds being caught
COLORADOWatson Lake JULYMost????crankbaits, plastic worms, topwater plugs and spinner baitscover(general)variousPartly Cloudy70'sGood for smallmouth bass, Flyfishers have done well on smallies with popping bugs and hair-bodied poppers
COLORADOSmith Reservoir JULYMost????spinner baits and bottom-fished rubber worms. Dark colors bottom (general)bottomcloudy70'sfish slow
COLORADOMain Lake JULYMost????dark-colored Gulp Worm or Power Worm weeds3 feet Partly Cloudy80'sCooler weather brought largemouth bass close to shore
COLORADOChatfield Ponds JULYMost????leeches bottom (general)bottomPartly Cloudy80'ssmallmouth bass report
IOWABrushy Creek LakeJUNETIME????Jig and Pig and Zoom Brush Hogs, Spinnerbaitsmain lake points6-8 feet Sunny, no wind, bluebird skies74We fished a primary post spawn pattern, Big Bass for the event was 4.87. Second Big Bass was 4.59
IOWALake Okoboji MAYMost????Senko's dead sticking isolated structure15-20 Feet Clear to Partly Cloudy60'sAlternate pattern was isolated wood close to shore and sight fishing for early spawning largemouth
OKLAHOMATenkillerJULYAM88clearCrankbait Fast retrieve, cover(general)15 to 20' Clear70's3 lber., Full pool, "visit"
PENNSYLVANIASusquehanna RiverJULYPM??slightly stainedCrankbait - lipless structure (general)??Haze80'sCaught 7 smallies up to 15", "visit"
NORTH CAROLINAFalls LakeJULYAM87??Pop-R, c-rig with a floating worm on the endcover(general)1 to 2' Overcast70'sSlow retrieve, , "visit"
NORTH CAROLINAFalls lakeJULYAM87??pop-r, c-rig watermelon Zoom finesse worm points7 to 10' Mostly Cloudy80'sWater is down about 3 feet, "visit", 4 pounder
NORTH CAROLINAFalls LakeJULYAM85??jig, bandit crankbait structure (general)7 to 10' Mist, Overcast60'sCaught about 5 altogether. 3 keepers in all, "visit"
MINNESOTAEast Metro AreaJULYMost????large leeches cover(general)6 to 30 feetsunny80'sLargemouth bass are very active
MINNESOTALake MinnetonkaJULYMost????plastic wormsmilfoil (eurasian)deep edge of milfoilsunny80'sThe fish are in the weeds
TENNESSEEFORT LOUDOUN RESERVOIRJULYearly and late80'Sclearjigs with trailers, spinner-baits, Carolina-rigs, Texas-rigs, top-water plugs, rattle-traps, crank-baits, shad raps, and plasticsrip rapshallowOvercast70'sThe fish are moving up into the shallows to feed during the warmer weather, seen a lot of bass running the baitfish during the early morning and late evening hours, points of islands, humps, coves, rock bluffs, wooded areas, main channels, and rip-rap seem to work
TENNESSEEMELTON HILL JULYMost80clearflukes, shad resembling lures, crank baits, Carolina-rigs, spinner-baits, rattle traps, float-n-flies, and jigs with trailersshallow covesshallowOvercast70'sFishing has been fair,
TENNESSEEWATAUGA RESERVOIRJULYNight83clearcrankbaits, jigs, or spoons, with a few hitting tubessecondary pointsclose to deep waterHaze60'sBass fishing continues to be slow during the days
WEST VIRGINIAbluestoneJULYearly and late??cloudyrapalas, tiny torpedoes and shuggoesweed bedstopmist50'slake is at summer pool, also try downed timber, rocky drops
TEXASConroeJULYearly and late????Carolina-rig plastic worms (June bug, purple) deep structure15-25 feet Partly Cloudy70'sLargemouth bass fishing has been slow, 5.42-pounder
CALIFORNIAShasta Lake JULYearly and late????dart-heading plastic worms, jigs or spinnerbaits deep structure35'Clear90'sbass fishing has been fair to good
WEST VIRGINIACHEAT LAKE JULYMost82??wormrip rap??Partly Cloudy80'stop lakes for bass fishing tournament success for the past five years
WEST VIRGINIATYGARTJULYMost85clearcrankbaits or tube jigs shoreline cover10 to 20 feet Mist60'sWakes from boats will result in muddy water along the shoreline that lets fish move closer to shore. Fishing the mud line can sometimes be very productive. The heads of coves will warm faster than the main lake so bass and sunfish will be more active in these areas, tailwater temperature is 69 degrees
WEST VIRGINIASUTTONJULYMost??cloudyplastic baits and crankbaitscover(general)10-20-feet Haze70'sLake is at summer pool, Fishing is good
WEST VIRGINIAEAST LYNNJULYMost??cleardark-colored soft plasticsstructure (general)10-15-feet Haze80'sLargemouth and spotted bass are abundant, Lake is at summer pool
WEST VIRGINIABURNSVILLEJULYMost??cloudyplastic baits and crankbaitscover(general)10-15-feet Haze60'sLake is at summer pool, Fishing is good
WEST VIRGINIABLUESTONEJULYearly and late??cloudyrapalas, tiny torpedoes and sluggoes weed bedstopMist50'sLake is at summer pool, also try downed timber, rocky drops
TENNESSEEBOONE RESERVOIRJULYAM80'Sclearpumpkin color tubes, Crankbaits, jigs, and spoons bluff walls??Scattered Clouds80'sBass fishing has been fair
TENNESSEENORRIS LAKEJULYDawn82clearSmall pig'n jigs, Bass Assassins or Flukes when shallow, plastic jerkbaits, un-weighted, Carolina-rigged small plastic lizards, "Do-nothing worms," Slider worms, 1/4-oz. (or smaller) pig'n jigs. rocky area30-feet Haze70'sSMALLMOUTH BASS-Moderate at night or dawn; slow during daylight hours
TENNESSEENORRIS LAKEJULYEarly82clearPlastic worms or lizards, Carolina-rigged, Smaller-sized worms or lizards (4 to 6-inch, maximum) are best. gravel??Haze70'sLARGEMOUTH & SPOTTED BASS-fair
TEXASSAM RAYBURNJULYEarly88slightly stainedtopwaters or spinnerbaits grass edge (outside)shallowMostly Cloudy80'sDaytime bite fair on worms
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTY JULYMost88clearJune bug or watermelon worms shoreline structure8-12 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass steady to 9 pounds
TENNESSEEDale HollowJULYMost85??jig deep structure15-17 feet Scattered Clouds90'sBass fair
TENNESSEEOld HickoryJULYMost79??crankbaits or topwater or black/blue jigs cover(general)??Scattered Clouds80'sBass still fair, cover on the river
TENNESSEECordell HullJULYearly and late75??buzzbaitsstructure (general)shallow areashaze80'sa few good bass being caught
TENNESSEECenter HillJULYearly and late85??topwater, Carolina-rigged worms or spinnerbaitscover(general)??Haze80'sBass continue to show improvement
TEXASTRAVIS JULYMost83clearred worms, white topwaters, and chartreuse Radar 10 crankbaitsstructure (general)8 - 25 feetScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass to 3 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASTOLEDO BEND JULYTIME87slightly staineddeep-running crankbaits, black/blue heavy jig and craw comboschannel ledge12 - 20 feetClear80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", try south end of the lake
TEXASMEDINA JULYEarly88clearYUM Zellemanders and dark watermelon Wooly Hawgtails, white buzzbaits and ¼oz. Pop-R’s, brush pile(s)15 - 25 feetScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass to 4 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLBJ JULYNight84stained¼oz. blue/chartreuse titanium spinnerbaits, black Photon glow crankbaits, and black buzzbaitsbreakline??Partly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLAKE O' THE PINESJULYMost86clearPop R’s, spinnerbaits, and motor oil wormspoints5 – 6 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", also try in coves
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTY JULYTIME88clearwatermelon red worms and junebug centipedessunken island10 feetClear80'sBlack bass to 9 pounds are very good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASFAIRFIELD JULYMid80'SclearCarolina-rigged watermelon lizards and plum Baby Brush Hogs, Bass Assassins, flukes, and Pop R's, grass edge5 - 9 feet Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", concentrating on the midsection of the lake
TEXASCOLETO CREEK JULYTIME91-95slightly stainedsoft plastic worms structure (general)6 feetLight Rain80'sBlack bass to 3 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCHOKE CANYON JULYMost89clearwatermelon/chartreuse or junebug Magnum 8in. Zoom lizards and smoke colored 7in. Texas-rigged YUM Zellemanderscreek channel(edges)15 - 30 feetMist90'sBlack bass to 9 pounds are excellent, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCANYON LAKE JULYFirst light84gin clearwacky-rigged Scoundrel worms, weighted Albino Shad Snap Back jerkbaits, and pumpkin/chartreuse 5” finesse worms breakline4 - 10 foot Scattered Clouds70'sBlack bass are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBUCHANAN JULYTIME83clearCarolina-rigged watermelon/red Snap Back jerkbaits, Glow Cisco crankbaits, and slow-rolling 3/8oz. Silver Shad Terminator spinnerbaits humps (off shore)in 8 - 15 feet Mist70'sBlack bass are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBROWNWOOD JULYMost85clearjunebug worms brush pile(s)10 – 15 feetPartly Cloudy80'sBlack bass to 3 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTAD JULYEarly82clearwatermelonseed and watermelon/red heavy jigs and soft plastics, and on topwaterscover(general)variousOvercast70'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASTOLEDO BENDJULYEarly87slightly stainedtopwaters or spinnerbaits, watermelon seed Carolina-rigged worms grass edge8-12 feet Clear80'sBlack bass fair to 6 pounds
TEXASSAM RAYBURNJULYEarly88slightly stainedsmall popping topwaters pondweedshallowClear80'sOnce the sun gets up, bite switches to soft plastics fished along edges of the grass
MICHIGANLong LakeJULYMost????spinners, crank baits, minnows, crawlers, tubes and top water jigs. rocky area??cloudy70'ssmallmouth bass fishing has been steady
MICHIGANLake St. ClairJULYMost????green tube jigs structure (general)6 to 8 feet Partly cloudy70'stry between 8 Mile and 13 Mile roads
ILLINOISRend Lake JULYMost80'S??Buzz baits, Jitterbugs and dark-colored jig and pig rip rap??sunny80'sThe lake is still a foot over pool, also try submerged roadbeds, beaver piles and grassy areas of Sandusky bay
ILLINOISLake of Egypt JULYMost????jigs, soft plastics and spinner baitspointsshallowhot humid80'sBass are still active
TEXASGIBBONS CREEKJULYearly and late????buzzbaitslilly padstopSunny90'sbass catches have been very light
ILLINOISIllinois River-HennepinJULYAM8010spinnerbait chart/wht.laydownsshallowclear sunny60'sCaught 2 smallies and 1 largemouth
ALABAMALake Purdy JULYNight80'SclearDeep diving crankbaits such as the Bill Norman Deep Little "N" ,Plastic worms and bitsy bug jigs effectivebrush pile(s)deepsunny90'sfull pool, Night fishing is good
ALABAMAWeiss Lake JULYTIME91-95gin clearblue and grape lizards and wormscover(general)??Mostly Sunny90'sbass doing good
ALABAMASmith Lake JULYEarly80'Sclearzoora spooks rocky shorelineshallowsunny90'sLargemouth are fair in early morning around docks
ALABAMALogan Martin JULYearly and late80'Sclearjigs and wormspiersshallow Mostly Sunny90'slevel is 8 inches below full pool
ALABAMALay Lake JULYTIME89clearjigs, spinnerbaitsboat housesdeephaze70'sbass have been in deeper water, try primarily when they are pulling water
ALABAMAGuntersvilleJULYEarly83staineddemon buzz baits and Pop-R's, snag proof casting frog in brown, flip a 1-ounce tight line jig in black and blue with green pumpkin trailer, 10-inch yum worms or 10-inch ribbon tails in red bug and green pumpkin grass linevariousHAZE70'sAfter the sun is high, fish a snag proof casting frog in brown
OKLAHOMATexomaJULYMost82clearcrankbaitsstructure (general)5-10 ftClear80'sLargemouth bass good
OKLAHOMASardis LakeJULYEarly74clearspinnerbaitsweed beds3-8 ftClear80'sLargemouth bass good
OKLAHOMARobert S. KerrJULYMost78murkyplastic baits rip rap8-10 ftClear90'sLargemouth bass being caught
OKLAHOMAPine CreekJULYMost77cleartop waters and crankbaits points5'Clear90'sLargemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMAKonawaJULYTIME91-95cleartopwaterscover(general)5-10 ftClear90'sLargemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMAChandlerJULYMost78cleartopwater baits, white crankbaits, rattletraps and plastic wormsbank(parallel to)??Scattered Clouds80'sBass are hitting
OKLAHOMABell CowJULYTIME80clearcrankbaits, large minnows and plastics brush pile(s)8-10 ftHaze80'sLargemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMABell CowJULYTIME78clearplastic worms, white crankbaits, rattletraps brush??Clear80'sBass are hitting
OKLAHOMAThunderbirdJULYEarly??cleartopwater baits and plastic wormscovesshallowClear70'slake level normal
TEXASLake Falcon JULYEvening80'Sclearsmall crawdad crankbaits in 5A and 6A Bomber series, small pearl Bandits and white 2A/3A Bombers. The ¼ Oz roundhead, Jo-Baby Spinnerbait with nickel double willows and a white lumaflex skirt backs of covesshallowClear90's20 bass over 14" with the majority weighing three-to-five pounds
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTYJULYFirst light????Texas-rigged soft plastics lilly pads2 to 5-foot Clear80'sBlack bass were good, fish in the 8- to 9-pound class were caught recently
ILLINOISShabbona LakeJULYMost????Senkos or plastic wormsweed linesshallowsunny warm80'sBass are decent , also try in the weeds and lily pads with rats or frogs
ILLINOISfarm pondJULYearly and late80'S??Minus-ones or other shallow-running crankbaits, live bait, plastic worms or Senkos weeds (over top of)shallowhot90'salso try near weed lines
TEXASRayburnJULYMost80'Sslightly stainedTexas-rig, 6- to 8-inch "trick" worm in red bug or plum/applehydrilla beds10 to 14 feet Sunny90'shydrilla beds near channels or other steep drop-offs,The lake level has dropped about a foot in the past week, The falling water level appears to have triggered bass to move from fairly shallow areas to deeper water
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTYJULYearly and late88clearTexas-rigged soft plastics and small crankbaitspoints8-12-foot sunny80'salso try near the pump station
MISSOURILake of the Ozarks JULYMost83clearspinnerbaits and plastic wormscover(general)??Clear80'sLake of the Ozarks (Glaize)
TEXASTOLEDO BENDJULYearly and late81stainedwormsgrass edge6-10 feet hot, muggy conditions 90'sBass action spotty, few fish to 2 pounds
TEXASCHOKE CANYONJULYMost89stainedwatermelon/chartreuse tail or junebug 8" Zoom lizards and 7" YUM Zellemanders bushes15-25 feetclear80'sBlack bass to 9 pounds are very good
TEXASAMISTADJULYEarly81clearwatermelon seed and watermelon/red heavy jigs and soft plastics, and on topwaters cover(general)shallowClear80'sBlack bass are fair
TEXASHUBBARD CREEKJULYMost85slightly stainedshad-colored crankbaits and poppers, red soft plastics reedsshallowSunny90'sBlack bass are good
TEXASALAN HENRYJULYMost79slightly stainedshad-colored soft plastics and white spinnerbaits timber??Mostly Sunny90'sBlack bass are good
KENTUCKYYatesville LakeJULYMid80INCHESbrown berkley wormtimber15partly cloudy79 
MINNESOTAAnnaJULYAM7224ripplin redfin (perch colored), red-eye spinnerbaitdeep weeds1-10'overcast60's7 bass, 4 keepers
MINNESOTANorwayJULYAM72stained1-minus, spinnerbaitssubmerged vegetation2-8'overcast60's2 keepers, 4 lber., tough day
MINNESOTANorwayJULYPM70'Sstainedfiretiger and white spinnerbaitssubmerged vegetation1-5'sunny70's10 keepers
MINNESOTAJohnson LakeJULYAM6924tubes, 1-minus, spinnerbaitcat tails2-5'sunny60's4 keepers
MINNESOTAAnnaJULYAM70'S24spinnerbaitslilly pads1-10'post cold front60's7 keeper bass
MINNESOTAAnnaJULYAM70'S24chartruese spinnerbaitsreeds1-10'rainy60's10+ bass, a few pike
MINNESOTANorwayJULYPM73algae bloomspinnerbait, jerkbait (ripplin redfin)submerged vegetation1-4'overcast70's12 bass
ILLINOISPool 13JULYMost70'S6Stanley spinnerbait w/ double colorado bladesroots1-3"Sunny70'sWon club tournament with 5 bass 10+ lbs. in Savanna Slough
WEST VIRGINIA JULYMid80'S17rebel crawdadgrass beds4good80's 
ALABAMAGuntersvilleJULYAll Day70'S10StrikeKing 3X Centipede (Watermelon) Texas riggedgrass edge7-10'Warm very little wind80'sPulled the centipedes through the grass. fish would take it as it banged off the stems
ARKANSASdiamond valley resortJULYEvening56clearallboat houses  AIR 
NORTH DAKOTACass LakeJULYMost????spinnerbaitscover(general)??HAZE50'slargemouth bass report
TEXASCONROEJULYMost??stainedCarolina-rig plastic worms or deep-diving crankbaits brush8-15 feet Scattered Clouds, calm70'sbass fishing has been slow
KENTUCKYCEDAR CREEK LAKE JULYearly and late????topwaterrocky shoreline30 feet, various depths Cloudy80'slargemouth good, with some quality fish reported
KENTUCKYLAKE BARKLEY JULYearly and late80'S??topwaterdrop off(s)10-20 feetMostly Cloudy80'sSmallmouth fair/good. Largemouth good, also try creek mouths and along main points
TEXASToledo BendJULYearly and late80'Sstainedtopwaters early, tequila sunrise or motor oil/red wormsstructure (general)12-14 feet Scattered Clouds90'sfair numbers of bass
ALABAMALake Purdy JULYNight80'Sclearfinesse worms with jigheads, Carolina rigs hump (deep)deepClouds70'sfull pool, also try points
ALABAMASmith Lake JULYMost80muddyjigs and drop bladesdeep structure20 to 35 feet clear80'sSpots are running deep
ALABAMAWeiss Lake JULYEarly84clearbuzz bait, flipping jigs rocks??Clear80'salso try docks

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