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StateLake/River/Res.MonthTimeWater TempH2O Clarity (inches)Lure(s)StructureDepthWeatherAir Temp.Comments
NEW YORKlake georgeAUGUSTMid70'Scloudycray fishsand flats14ft.sunny84 
GEORGIAClark Hill - Grays CreekAUGUSTEvening80'S24Small Countdown & Broken Back Rebelbank(parallel to)2-3 FTOvercast and Stormy90'sCaught 4 small lgmouth - NONE ON HUMPS
GEORGIAClark Hill LakeAUGUSTEvening80'S24Med Rebel Broken Back bare bank(s)5 FtPartly Cloudy80'sCaught 2 - (1 - 1 3/4) - NONE ON HUMPS IN GRAYS CREEK
ILLINOISRawson Ponds #5AUGUSTFirst light80'S18wacky senko blackbrush (isolated piles)1-5'sunny cool623 short bass, lots of shad busting
FLORIDAlong lakeAPRILDawn80'S17most cranks and worms will workdocks (wooden)4ft. to 15ft.clear90'syou can get some big fish in this lake and bass are every where
ILLINOISRawson Ponds #5JULYMid80'S20black senkobrush2-4'hot humid80's2 small bass
ILLINOISRawson Ponds 1,2,3JULYEvening8312wacky senkosstructure (general)1-6'partl cloudy warm80's6 small bass
MISSISSIPPIBovina PondJULYEvening90'S9Venom Lures Sweet Dreambrush (deep)5-10ftHot100'sVery many bass slow jiggin the worm
ILLINOISBanner MarshJULYAM7924wacky senko, white weightless tubebank(parallel to)1-3'hot humid90's20 bass, 17" & 16" were biggest
ILLINOISBanner MarshJULYMost8424senko, white tube, spinnerbaitpoints(main lake)1-5'hot humid clear962 17 inchers, best 5=12.01 lbs.
ILLINOISlakeJULYDusk70'S16white jig w/ jig headdrop off(s)25'75 degrees w/ overcast70'scaught 3 laremouth bass over 4 pounds
ILLINOISRawson Ponds #5JULYPM70'S20live frog, wacky senkobank(parallel to)1-5'hot overcast80'stook less than a minute to get bit with the live bait rules
MARYLANDSalisbury pondJULYMid70'S24berkley bungee power hawg creek channel(drops)4'Sunny9034 spotted and largemouth all around 2-3lbs
NORTH CAROLINAprivateJULYMid60'S7silver/black rattle-trapchannel drops6-8'clear/humid80's8 fish, all 2 lbs. and up
TENNESSEEwatts barJULYAll Day80'S5big worms,dd22wood6-10sunny90'sgood
IDAHOLake OwyheeJULYFirst light70'S12Blue 4" Senko Wacky Rig, 1oz Jig Head Rootbear Spider Grubrocky point(s)1" to 4'Mild80's6.27 lb Large mouth. 21.35 lbs for 5 five fish
CONNECTICUTCHARLIE BROWN PONDJULYMid80'S6BROWN YAMAMOTOdeep water drop-off12 FTSUNNY90'sstate record 13 lb largemouth at only 11 yrs old
ILLINOISRawson PondsJULYEarly??stained from runoffwacky tiki stick, sweet potatoaquatic vegetation2-5'sunny warm70's2 small bass, water alittle cloudy, slow for everyone I talked to
MARYLANDLittle seneca lakeJULYAM70'S60wormboat docks15 ftcloudy60's 
TEXASLake forkJUNEFirst light84cleartopwaters, Night fishing is good on black spinnerbaits and 10'' black worms shallow grassshallowwarm??Lake is 1.04' low,
MICHIGANDetroit RiverJULYEarly????in line spinnersbridge area warm?? 
LOUISIANABEDICO CREEKJUNEFirst light80'S20 aquatic vegetation2 TO 3 FTHOT90's 
ALABAMALake WeissJUNEAM702Live minnowboat docks13'partly cloudy80'sFish topwater @ night
WISCONSINHay RiverJUNEPM6211Nightcrawlersrocks4 ft.clear73lots of smallmouth ,few keepers
ARIZONA MAYPM??15 beds  41 
MISSOURIJames A. Reed Memorial ParkJUNEEvening70'S??6" black finesse wormshoreline cover3 to 4 feetclear80'snice largemouth bass
MINNESOTANorwayJUNEearly and late68gin clearwacky worms, spinnerbaits, white tubegrass (over top of)1-10'rainy cool60's30-40 bass, biggest 19.75"
NEW JERSEYdavis' mill dam JUNEFirst light80'S4senko 4&5" watermelon, baby bassbank(tight to)3-6'warm and sunny80's16- 12 to 14" in a six hour tourney
NORTH CAROLINAlake jamesJUNEEvening86clear docks (wooden)  84 
CALIFORNIAlake isabellaJUNETIME??dark tintmarinated chickendeep water (general)900 AIR 
KENTUCKYBarren River LakeJUNEEvening80'S29Buzz bait, Brush Hog (smoke and purple)wood3-4'overcast80'sTook some nice fish right before dark on the buzz bait and one on a crank bait. After dark we fished any wood we could find uasing the brush hogs and fished them real slow which produced keeper bass. Any cut backs with wood were good.
TEXASPat Mayse LakeJUNEPM80'Sclearcotton candy, 6 inch, Zoom lizard. Pop-R (bass pattern,'color')lilly pads2-4 ft.semi-cloudy90'si shot (while bowfishing) a 7 pound drum and a 8 and a half pound carp
NEW YORKartis lakeJUNEEvening50clearpopper,rubber wormbrushed points6 feetcool summer night70'si want to know how to join up for tourtaments on long island?
ILLINOISRawson Ponds #5JUNEPM70'S24wacky tiki stick green/silverbrush pile(s)3'hot sunny90's3 small bass
MICHIGANsomerset beachJUNEAll Day408yellow fuzzy luresbeach area19 feetsunny89i caught a 2 foot bass and it weighed in at about 3 pounds
MICHIGANpung lakeJUNEAll Day90'S10yellow fuzzy luresCHOOSE BEST DESCRIPTION6 feet90 degrees90'swhat would i catch
MICHIGANCharlevoixJUNEFirst light50'Sclearsoft plasicsbreakline4-10 feetmostly cloudy70's 
TEXASpat mayseMARCHMost70'Sdingydeep running cranks in blue/silver and pumpkin wormsCHOOSE BEST DESCRIPTION12-21 ft.mostly cloudy70'si caught 14 bass about 2 pounds each in brush, points and bottom transition
TEXASmy poolJUNEAll Day????white tube texas and whacky rigweeds2-8 ft.clear, very windy84i caught about 12 bass in 30 minutes, my best ever day of fishing
ILLINOISHennepin CanalJUNEAll Day7210wacky tiki-stick orange amd blackweed lines(outside)2'sunny then rain then sunny80's25+ bass, 5 over 14"
SOUTH CAROLINAgreenwoodAPRILMid60'Sslightly stainedwormsrocks6-10slightly overcast70'scaught several largemouth ,one 5-14/one6-12
TEXAS JUNEEvening6729 points12 80's 
ILLINOISHennepin CanalMAYFirst light60'S8plasticvarious types of covershallowovercast50'splenty of small bass
OHIO MAYAll Day60'S29 backs of coves  70's 
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYEvening60'S48big 1-minus and wacky tiki stixvegetation(scattered)5-10'cool breezy clear60's8 bass, weeds starting to increase
ILLINOISLake ThunderbirdMAYAM7048Craw tubeboat docks4-8'Sunny8013 fish in 2 hours. Only 1 under 14".
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYEvening60'Ssemi-clearwacky rigged tiki stick-copper watermelon, shallow running crankbait (wake)vegetation(scattered)5-10'warm sunny windy70's20 bass....all small
ILLINOISHennepin HopperMAYFirst light5736spinnerbaits, shallow running crankbaitsvegetation(scattered)1-3'warm partly cloudy60'sTwo of us got 25+ bass, couple close to 3 lbs., one nice pike
VIRGINIAOccaquan resavoirMAYPM60'S26Live frogsrocks5 feetovercast70'sa beautyful female full of eggs
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYFirst light60'Sclearing upTiki Stick, baby bass colorstumps(isolated)3-10'clear calm485 bass, largest 4+ lbs.
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYEvening60'S24bruised orange Tiki Stixvegetation(scattered)5-10'cool cloudy60's5 small bass, tough lake when the water is calm, saw a few bass on beds, bluegill fishermen catching some good fish
ILLINOISHennepin CanalMAYFirst light628quad spinnerbait, white swimmimg jigaquatic vegetation1-3'warm cloudy60's13 bass, largest was 16 inches, only 2 keepers
CALIFORNIAdeltaMAYAll Day67slightly stainedspinnerbait white/ sweet beavers watermelonbank(tight to)5windy70's30+ fish in boat mostly 2-3# best 5 14.2#
ALABAMABig Creek LakeMAYAM60'S12Rubber wormbottom (general)10 to 12 feetsun70's9 good Bass all over 2 lb
PENNSYLVANIApondsMAYMid60'SINCHESspinners frogsartificial habitat3 feetsunny70's 
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYDusk??24Stanley double colorado spinnerbait, bruised orange Tiki Stixvegetation(scattered)5-10'cool overcast50's13 bass most were deep, none over 13 inches
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYFirst light??24wacky rigged wave tiki stix shad coloredvegetation(scattered)3-8'cold windy mostly cloudy40's5 small bass, slow bite, did see some decent bass up shallow
ARKANSASkingsriverMAYAll Day6638pumkin salt craw with orange clawsbig boulders2 to 3 ftsunny and windy80'sthis lure on a stand-up jighead they would in-hale it caught around 25 fish from 8 in . to 16 all day long
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYFirst light60'S24wacky rigged tiki stick-copper watermelonvegetation1-8'cool overcast50's15 small bass. Largest 3.5 lbs. Blue gills are stealing my baits!!!
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYPM60'S24wacky rigged pumpkin senkocreek channel2-8'cool overcast50's5 small bass, fish were way off the bank
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYPM??20wacky rigged Wave Tiki Stick, baby bass colorvegetation(scattered)1-8'windy cool overcast, temps dropped 20 degrees 3 hours prior to fishing5815 small bass in 2 hours, the baby bass swirl color is hot, had trouble getting hits on other colors
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYEvening??20Wave worm rigged wacky stylevegetation1-5'sunny clear warm70's13 small bass, experimenting with wacky rig,
ILLINOISLake ThunderbirdMAYMid65clearFlukebeds1-4'ClEAR70's6 FISH INCLUDING A 3.5#, 4.7# AND 5.2#
ILLINOISFish n' FunMAYFirst light60'S24wacky senkobank(parallel to)1-2'cloudy warm60's4 small bass, blue gills are on beds
TEXASLake PalestineMAYAll Day6312Texas rigged plastics in watermelonsbreakline3-8 feetPartly Cloudy76 
MISSISSIPPISmithvilleAPRILFirst light60'S14T'rigged Plastics/Spinnerbaitsaquatic vegetation2-10Bad cold frount. Wind 10-20mph60'sMost fish caught on Chartruse/white spinnerbaits and t'rigged plastic "Winning weight 12lbs"
ILLINOISBannermarshMAYMost5812spinnerbaitswood & grassshallowwindy coolAIRpartner and I caugt 5 bass over 12 inches, biggest was 17.5
ILLINOISBass Club LakesAPRILAM5618Chartruce beedle spinneraquatic vegetation24"Windy and Snowing30'sThe weather was horrable but caught 8 bass over 2 lbs.
SOUTH AFRICAcradoc/damsAPRILMid30'S15flies/yelowbluff walls1.5-3msunny10'stried red and black flies/yellow 1 through
WISCONSINMississippi RiverMAYAM62semi-clearRooster Tailbridge area8feet 2inchesClear75 
MARYLANDpond in western mdAPRILDusk5930berkley power hawgbrush pile(s)5 feetsunny with wind in the 5-10 mph7012 bass the largest was about 4 lbs
NEW YORKNanicoke LakeSEPTEMBEREvening??6J-9 Repalabeaver hut4-5 feetWarm high 60s no wind60'scaught 4 fish large fish 6lbs 24.5 inches along with 20 inch and two 18 inchers
OTHERNanicoke LakeAPRILEvening??6j-9 repalabank(parallel to)5 feetsunny warm66caught 24.5 inch 6 pound bass
NORTH CAROLINALake BrandtAPRILEvening60'S6Yum Craw Bug Carolina riggedpoints10'overcast70's1@4.5lbs; 2@2-2.5lbs
TENNESSEEOld Hickory LakeAPRILPM60'S4Watermelllon Redbank(tight to)4feet on bank droped to 25 ftcloudy70'sCaught A few small bass The Bits were like small brim Good luck
ILLINOISLake ThunderBirdAPRILFirst light58gin clearspinnerbait, swimming jig, tubedocks1-3'overcast turning sunny60'stwo of us caught 5 small keepers
ILLINOISRawson PondsAPRILPM50'S121/2 oz. double willow white/chart. retrived just below the surfacebrush pile(s)3'cool 60's2 small bass
NORTH CAROLINABelews LakeAPRILAll Day659white & chartreuse spinnerbait silver tandem coves15ftsunny80's1@ 2lbs 1@ 1lbs 1@ 1/2 lbs
GEORGIAClark HillAPRILPM6518Fat Fire Tiger w/Sparklebank(parallel to)5-10 FeetCoudy to Clear75Caught 4 - 2lbs to 5lbs
ILLINOISLake LongbowAPRILMid5315Culprit 4" Plastic (Brown and Gold)bank(parallel to)24"Clear, Breezy646lb largemouth 22 and a half inches that was caught. The only one that day.
INDIANAkontzAPRILMid50'S24rattle trap KD tubeshoreline cover5 feet AIR 
ILLINOISPowertonAPRILMost70'S16spinnerbait, black grub, poes crankbaitrip rap1-10'sunny warm60'spartner and I caught around 10 small smallmouth
OTHERMinnamurra .riverAPRILEarlyDEGREES F.20squidgee fishbackwater area12 feetfine warm20'sfishing slow but all fish of good size
MISSOURISmithville LakeAPRILEarly50'S??chartrouse buss batechunk rocktopwindy70's2 bass between 8 and 10 am. Left at Noon.
TEXASSam RayburnAPRILMid62INCHESminnowbridge pilings21 feetbeautiful7510.2 pound black bass, caught on ultra light pole with 4 pound line
ILLINOIS APRILAll Day40'S?? grass line  60's 
NORTH CAROLINALake WylieAPRILMost60'S6tex/rig worms/ red shad- crankbaits/chart-blue backvarious types of cover4-8ftpartly cloudy with showers and windy50'scaught 6 bass total 12.5 lbs with biggest 3.2. Most were caught off banks because of real muddy water in mostly 4/8 ft
ALABAMALay LakeMARCHMid654Rattle trapbacks of coves1 bird skies75Back of creeks with rocky banks. Fish very shallow and hit as soon as rattle trap hit the water
VIRGINIAbrieryAPRILMid497rattle trapbrush tops1 to 3 ftcloudy50'sslow bits but nice fish
LOUISIANAcaddo lakeAPRILFirst light50'S24spinner baitsaquatic vegetation7 feets65 fAIR 
ILLINOISPowertonMARCHAM60'S12spinnerbait, Manns 1-minus, grubrip rap1-5'cool windy60's10 smallies, 16 incher was biggest
MASSACHUSETTSDug pondJUNEPM60'S6topwater pop bait and slugo warmflooded bushes3'-15'sunny 80's5 bass =5Ibs,3Ibs2,2Ibs2
MARYLANDHarford GlenJUNEEarly60'S36Gary Yamamoto Pumpkin Seed Wormbar(s)2-3 feetsunny70'sWhole Lotta Bass
OKLAHOMAskytokeJANUARYEarly60'S17spinerbaitsbig boulders120right after it rains70's 
ALABAMAalaska lakeJANUARYMost5117lizardsbull rushes213hot70'sgo bass
UTAHutah riverAUGUSTAll Day70'S7slugsfunnel area60 AIR 
HAWAIIHawallJANUARYAM100'S3snalebonnets1000hot109fun for fishing
MISSOURIwinsor crossingMARCHPM52??lizardsarrowheads10nice52fun for swimming
CALIFORNIA MARCHFirst light53INCHEStopwaterbluff points1-35ft.rain522day drive home if you work for calaveras cement or redding police dept you will win tournament you dont even need a fishing rod check stats on last 10yrs. all divisions beg to bassmasters have i thing in common calaveras cement & redding poli8ce dept.employees. calaveras has a large private portion of lake for employees only so before you fish a circuit for a whole year find out where TOC is if shasta fill out employment apllication to calaveras cement
ARKANSASStorm Creek LakeMARCHEvening50'S6White/chartruse tandem spinnerbaits w/gold willow and yellow/black rattle trapwood (submerged)3-6'partly cloudy to sunny60'sMost fish are on points on wood or on the secondary points going into coves
ILLINOISRawson PondsMARCHPM40'S24red rattle trapbank(parallel to)4'cloudy cool47one 14 incher, first of the year
ALABAMAwheelerMARCHMid60'S12jigsbackwater area6 ftclear60's 
MAINEbrier lakeOCTOBERAll Day5525grubs spinnerbaits senkospoints(main lake)12 feet 24sunny cool60'sgood day fifty plus fish
TEXASDevils's riverMARCHPM6484rubber "tube bait"river ledge3'clear, breezy out of north70's1 @ 5 pounds
CALIFORNIAJenkenson Lake/Sly ParkMARCHMid40'S??jigs, crank baitsbacks of coves4-5ftsunny70's1@2.5lbs 3@4 lbs
MISSOURIBismark Lake, southeastern missouriJUNEEvening70'S24small black bussbait / black or junebug color rubber wormshallow weeds1to 4 feetpartly cloudy hot80'sThere has been days when I have caught 20to30 bass this way half of which were over 18 inches. I have caught bass upward of 7lbs on a good day, the lake was shocked by the missouri department of conservation in 2003and there were two bass larger than the current missouri state record of 13lb14oz, thats why I fish this lake so much.
MISSOURIBig RiverAPRILEvening50'S30Shad Rap / yum wooly hawgtail pumkin seedcurrent seam1- 4 feetHigh water, warm days after a large rain70'sFish low water bridges, on the exit side the bass will move as far up to the bridge as possible,or you can fish the main river,if so fish on the down stream side of bolders or wood structure. Ive caught a lot of 3to4 lb smallmouths this way and a few 5 lb largemouths.
MINNESOTAAndrew LakeJULYMid90'S3jaw breakercat tails3hot100'slots of big carp, great carp structure.
NORTH CAROLINALake WylieMARCHMost50'S12crankbait/jerkbait/spinnerbaitpoints(main lake)3-6partly cloudy/showers and windy50'scaught 6 - total weight 13.58/biggest 4.14
ILLINOISFox RiverFEBURARYMid40'S8Live Minnowchannel breaks3 ft- or lesspartly sunny40'sfish was about 2.5 pounds and very colorfull nice smallmouth early in the year
COLORADO MARCHearly and late40'S4Rooster Tailsbare bank(s)15coolAIR 
ILLINOISlake michiganAPRILAM40'Ssemi-clear rocky area  50's 
TENNESSEEnormandyFEBURARYMid50'S9#5 shad rapbank(parallel to)2'to6'sunny wind out of the west60'sfishing wind swept bank
NORTH CAROLINABelews LakeFEBURARYAll Day60'S8watermelon pig&jig, pnut btr jelly brush hogblow downs5-8 ft.sunny 40's1@5pds.,1@3.6pds., 3@2-2.5pds., 4@1-1.75pds.
NORTH CAROLINApondMARCHFirst light??INCHESallbare bank(s)  60 
NORTH CAROLINAbelews lakeFEBURARYearly and late6771 pig&jig- water, 1 split-shot brsh hog, 1 c-rig brsh hogblow downs4-5 ftclear and cold40's2@2-2.5lbs., 1@4-4.25
WISCONSINElcart LakeJULYMid70'SINCHESbanjo minnow worms minnowsboat docks7 feetsunny warm70'snice bass
FLORIDAbackyard pondOCTOBERTIMEDEGREES F.INCHESbanjo minnow creature sluggobottom (general)2 1/2 to 4 feetsunny warm80'si caught a lot of big bass in these normal ponds
NORTH CAROLINAlake wylieJANUARYMid51127 inch flip tail carolina rig grapeboat docks6overcast, windy60'sone 4 lb, one 2 lb
NORTH CAROLINAlake wylieFEBURARYPM5112rapala shad rappoints(main lake)10clear60's6.5 lb
TENNESSEEnickajackJANUARYAM40'S??2'' grubeddy12''clear and cool 30's8.2 lb. smallmouth catch of a life time
GEORGIAStrom ThurmondFEBURARYPM5036Med Countdown - shad colorbacks of coves2ftClear60Several hits - only one 2lb in boat
GEORGIAStrom ThurmondFEBURARYDawn4820Fire Tiger Deep Diverpoints10Clear30's7lb striper
WISCONSINlake superiorDECEMBERFirst light3296Spinercanal mouth5 feetsnow10's 
NORTH CAROLINAHycoJANUARYEarly60'S10pig/jig..TXlizardsdocks1 to 6 feetcold,32 mostly cloudy30'sunder docks and laydowns around docks...chartruse the tails for a green pumpkin or watermellon red 5 inch lizard
GEORGIAStrom Thurmond LakeFEBURARYAM40'S12Wite Berkley Powerbait Jig with pork trailerditch (deep)12 feetovercast40'sFished very slow. Had a couple big bites and couldn't get the hook set. Put a 3 smaller fish in the boat.
GEORGIAStrom ThurmondFEBURARYDawn50'S6Huskey Jerk - White Jig w/ trailerditch (deep)12Cloudy40's 
KANSASCoffee CountyJANUARYMost60'S24Rattle Trap- chrome/blueopen water10'Cloudy, NE 5-10mph, wind chill -310's31 Wipers, 9 Walleye, 1 Crappie - EXCELLENT day!!
HAWAIIlake wilsonJANUARYMid????poppers blow downs  80'si have been catching some nice bass and tucs for a while now average tuc about 4 pounds average bass about 2 pounds
ALABAMAwedoweeMAYAM70'S5texs rigged wormsbacks of covesshallowclear80'sneeded timber to hold the fish
ALABAMALake EufaulaMARCHMid6118Crankbaits- Carolina Righydrilla (submerged)8-10 Ft.Sunny65Good fishing- You have to fish Slow!!!!!!!!
FLORIDAtalquinJANUARYPM60'SINCHESrattletrappoints(main lake)3 to 6sunny70'swater warm,feeding on bait,big fish 11.4lbs
NORTH CAROLINAbelews lakeJANUARYMid60'S4green pumpkin wormbank(tight to)1-2semi cloudy675 lb off bank small keeper off laydown
SOUTH AFRICArusdewinterMAYEarly??8Zara spookaquatic vegetation6'sunnyAIRgood fishing throught morning but slowed as day went on
ALABAMAlake jordanJANUARYPM50INCHESinline spinner silver bladepoints6partly cloudy70'sspotted bass all afternoon
KANSASCoffee CountDECEMBERMost60'S20Senkorip rap0'-7'Sunny, SW10-1530'sslow fishing
FLORIDAchokoloskeeDECEMBERDawn70'S10jigmud flats34snow76sucks sucks
TEXASLake RayburnDECEMBERMost63stainedUnweighted soft plastics and floating/diving thin minnows grassshallowSunny70'sBlack bass were fair to good, The lake continued to rise and fish were moving into new water
TEXASHouston County ReservoirDECEMBERMost61stainedTexas-rigged soft plastics drop off(s)12- to 15-foot Pt. Sunny70'sBlack bass were fair
ILLINOISFish n Fun-McNabbDECEMBERMid40'S10red diamond shadchunk rock2-6'cold windy355 small bass, water cloudy from runoff,
TEXASATHENSDECEMBERMost56stained jigs brush (submerged)10-15 feet calm50'snormal pool. Black bass are slow -
TEXASARROWHEAD DECEMBERMost57murkycrankbaits and spinnerbaits rocky areashallowMist50'sBlack bass are slow-
FLORIDAdeep creekDECEMBERMid44gin clear blow downs  ?? 
TEXASwalter e longDECEMBERAll Day60'S?? aquatic vegetation  50 
ILLINOISFish n Fun-McNabbNOVEMBERMid40'S8Red super spot rattling baitchunk rock8'cold, partly sunny381 small bass, water getting dirty from runoff
ILLINOISFish n Fun-McNabbNOVEMBERMid40'SstainedRed super spot rattling baitcreek channel5-10 feetsunny, some clouds, cool45Another good day....36 bass, was getting most bites near points next to the channel
GEORGIAlake dowAUGUSTearly and late??5spinnerbaits,livebait,spoons,and pumkin seed lizardsbeds3 1/2 to 7 ft deep is goodnormal70'stry in the beds and in crevices it should be the best damn fishin ever
ILLINOISFish n Fun-McNabbNOVEMBERMid40'SstainedRed super spot rattling baitcreek channel5-10 feetwindy, cold, overcast40'sWOW. what a day......54 bass ranging from 11-14 inches. They were setting near the creek channel in grass. I was bank fishing and had to throw out near the channel to get bit. I stood in one spot and caught 9. This is a common pattern for this lake when it gets cold. Will be back tomarrow..11-20-04
KENTUCKYKentucky LakeNOVEMBERAMDEGREES F.36Rattle Trapbacks of coves2 feetcloudy, overcast60's 
KENTUCKYfarm pondNOVEMBERMid524spinnerbaitaquatic vegetation12 inchessunny55water was real muddy
ILLINOISFish n Fun-McNabbNOVEMBEREvening40'S12picasso quad spinnerbait, white/chartruesechunk rock1-4'sunny cool50's5 small bass, were quite agressive though
TEXASLBJ NOVEMBERMost70stainedwatermelon/red Snap Back jerkbaits, green bug Photon crankbaits, and green/pumpkin plastic stick baits rip rap4 - 8 feetMostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass are very good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLake FORK NOVEMBERearly and late67clearsplit shot finesse june bug worms, Carolina rigged june bug lizards off main lake points. grass line4-7 feet The deeper bite, in 8-16 feetClear50'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASDUNLAP/MCQUEENEY NOVEMBERearly and late73murkywhite buzzbaits, black and blue fleck7.5" soft plastic wormslilly pads3 - 10 feetMist50'sBlack bass to 5 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCHOKE CANYON NOVEMBERMost71stainedZoom Magnum watermelon chartreuse lizards, YUM watermelon Zellamander lizards with chartreuse tails, and YUM dark watermelon Wooly Hawgtails with chartreuse tails creeks(back of)1 - 5 feetMostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass to 5 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCANYON LAKE NOVEMBERMost70clearĽoz. Rat-L-Traps, white Terminator buzzbaits, and pumpkin/chartreuse stick baits feeder creek(s)3 - 8 foot Fog50'sBlack bass are good, flats and in feeder creeks,"Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCADDO SEPTEMBERMost60'Sstainedbuzzbaits and flukes points8-10 feet Mostly Cloudy60'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBUCHANAN SEPTEMBERMost70'Sclearwhite/chartreuse tungsten spinnerbaits, Ľoz. Bleeding Shad Rat-L-Traps, and watermelon/red Senkos points3 - 8 feetMostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBOB SANDLIN NOVEMBEREarly60'Sstainedshad pattern crankbaits and Texas rigged worms standing timber??Clear50'sBlack bass are good, Black/blue jigs pitched around standing timber on creek ledges are producing larger bass., "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASATHENS NOVEMBEREarly60'Sstainedspinnerbaits and soft plastics brush4-6 feet Scattered Clouds50'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASARROWHEAD NOVEMBERMost65muddyshallow running crankbaits and big jigs rocky areashallowMostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTAD NOVEMBEREarly73cleartopwater, heavy jigs and Carolina and Texas rigged soft plasticsstructure (general)25 - 30 feetClear60'sBlack bass to 8.5 pounds are good , "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
CALIFORNIALaguna Niguel LakeNOVEMBEREarlyDEGREES F.29rattle traps and rubber wormscleaner water3 to 5 feetcloudy65 
SOUTH CAROLINALake WatereeNOVEMBERAM60'S6 bridge/tresel foggy then mostly sunny70'scaught 7 largemouth and 1striper
ILLINOISFish n' Fun McNabbOCTOBEREvening40'S12quad spinnerbait, white/chartruesedying weeds1-3'sunny60's7 bass, all in less than 2 foot of water 12-14 inchers
NORTH CAROLINALake WylieOCTOBERPM60'Sslightly stainedcrank baitrip rap2 - 8 ftcloudy with mist60's4 bass with biggest 2.5lbs
NORTH CAROLINAchatugeNOVEMBERTIME6013 bottom (general)  65 
ILLINOISLakeOCTOBEREvening506Beetle Spinbank(tight to)15ftRainy45 
ILLINOISIllinois River MarseillesOCTOBERAll Day50'S10quad spinnerbaitcreek mouth5'bitter cold30's1 fish, took 4lb+ to win tournament
ILLINOISFish n' Fun McNabbOCTOBERMid50'S24Picasso Quad spinnerbait, chart/whtgrass (over top of)1-6'cold, windy overcast489 bass between 10 and 14 inches, they were shallow
CANADAcochichingJULYAll Day75semi-clearjigsdeep water drop-off12clear78 
NEW YORKChadwick LackOCTOBEREvening50'S21Crank baitweed beds3-6 feetPartly cloudy69Boated 30 largemouth
ALABAMAEufaulaSEPTEMBERAM70'S4Crank Baitledge(s)6 to 8 ftclear 70's 
IOWASugemaSEPTEMBERAll Day7012white senko, stanley spinnerbait, 1-minus-bigwood & grassshallowsunny70's2 day paper tournament, 10 bass weighed 17+ lbs., winner had 20 lbs.
IOWASugemaSEPTEMBERAll Day7012senko, spinnerbait, 10 inch wormwood1-10'sunny70'sprefished for tournament, caught about 15 bass
NEW YORKchaumontbaySEPTEMBERDusk70'S20jigclay bank (steep)20/35party cloudy77 
MICHIGANtubbs lakeSEPTEMBERNight66clearbuzz baitbackwater area3ft to 6ftclear50'scauth 8 bass one over5 pounds
TEXASLake ForkSEPTEMBERearly and late80'Sslightly stainedtopwater plugs and spinnerbaits drop off(s)shallowScattered Clouds73Black bass were fair to good, Deeper fish off points were taking Carolina-rigged plastics and crankbaits
TEXASBROWNWOOD SEPTEMBERMost76stainedroot beer/orange double tail Hula grubs and junebug wormsdocks10 - 15 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass to 5.5 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." also try spinnerbaits among shallow weeds
TEXASATHENS SEPTEMBERMid80'Scleartopwater Chug Bugs and Tiny Torpedoes, white tandem spinnerbaits, medium diving crankbaits brush pile(s)4 - 8 feet, 6 - 8 feet Scattered Clouds80'salso try around hydrilla, Black bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASARROWHEAD SEPTEMBERMost80'Sstainedshallow running crankbaits and big jigs rocky area5’ to 10’ Partly Cloudy90'sBlack bass are slow, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTAD SEPTEMBERMost80clearheavy jigs, worms grass25 – 30 feet 5 – 7 feetOvercast80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
ILLINOISbig bendJULYDawn70'S8zara spookpoints(main lake)10 70's 
WISCONSINMoose LakeSEPTEMBEREarly70'S24Johnsons silver minnowcabbage5 ftPartly Cloudy70'sBass and Northern love the Johnson's Silver Minnow with the addition of a pork tail (frog colored)
NORTH CAROLINAwylieMAYPM70'S10jig 4"worm crank baitdeep water drop-off2'-15clear70's20 bass 2lb to 4lbs
NORTH CAROLINALake NormanSEPTEMBERAM80'S?? main lake structure50'cloudy80's 
TENNESSEEOld HickorySEPTEMBEREvening70'S??Blue/Black Jig / Black Spinner baitbank(parallel to)3-5 'clear70's4 fish, 2 16". nice night out
TEXASLake ConroeSEPTEMBERFirst light??slightly stainedwatermelon/red or tequila sunrise worms brush pile(s)8-12 feet Cloudy82Scattered black bass at first light , brushed points
TEXASFayette CountySEPTEMBERearly and late????small spinnerbaits or jerkbaits grass edge4-6 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sBass fair to 3 pounds
TEXASSam Rayburn SEPTEMBEREarly82stainedspinnerbaits or topwaters grassy pointsshallowMostly Cloudy80'sgood numbers of bass to 2 pounds, Also still some bites through the day on worms fished just outside the grass
TEXASLake LivingstonSEPTEMBERMost84clearspinnerbaits, small crankbaits and Texas-rigged plastics drop off(s)4- to 8-foot Cloudy90'sBlack bass were fair, brushy drop-offs in creeks and coves
TEXASLake ForkSEPTEMBERearly and late80'Sslightly stainedbuzzbaits and topwater plugs grass edgeshallowCloudy90'sBlack bass remained fair
TEXASLake ConroeSEPTEMBERMost80'S??shallow-running crankbaits. Carolina-rigged plastics brush pile(s)3 to 8 foot, 8 to 15 foot Cloudy90'simproved black bass fishing in shallows
MICHIGANCommerce LakeAUGUSTNight6836Live Baitdocks (wooden)5.3 ft.Cloudy68I Caught a 4 pounder and a 3 ft. long pike
ILLINOISLake of Egypt SEPTEMBERearly and late????topwater baits weedsshallowPartly cloudy70'sBass action has also been good, Soft plastics and jigs are the preferred baits at midday
ILLINOISDevils Kitchen SEPTEMBERMost????plastic worms and lizards weed beds10 feet Partly cloudy70'sBass action has picked up, An 8.2-pound bass was checked in during the past week
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTYSEPTEMBERTIME85clearblack/blue and black neon soft plastic wormsgrass beds8-9 feetOvercast70'sBlack bass to 8 pounds are very good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.", also try in coves near the dam

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