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StateLake/River/Res.MonthTimeWater TempH2O Clarity (inches)Lure(s)StructureDepthWeatherAir Temp.Comments
TEXASATHENS JUNEMost70'Sclearshad colored Norman Deep Little N crankbaits, Chug Bug topwaters school of minnows (baitfish)2 - 5 feetShowers 80's, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTYJUNEearly and late??stainedwatermelon/blue flake worms brush10-15 feetrain80'sBlack bass slow
TEXASSAM RAYBURNJUNEAM80'SclearPop-R's, shallow-diving crankbaits and worms grass (over top of)5-8 feet Rain 88good bass action at first light
KENTUCKYDALE HOLLOW LAKE JUNENight????spinnerbaits grass flatsshallowHaze70'sSmallmouth bass fair at night
ALABAMALake Purdy JUNEMost80'Sstainedcrawdad imitatorsrock pile(s)shallowHazy Sunshine80'sbass have moved to main lake
ALABAMALogan Martin JUNEAM83clearspinner and buzzbaitsshallow covershallowIntermittent Clouds80'smidday try natural blue finesse worms with spot sticker jigs
ALABAMALay Lake JUNEAM81clearspinnerbaitsgrassshallowPartly Sunny with Thunderstorms80'sfishing is slow due to hot weather
ALABAMAGuntersvilleJUNEAM80stainedsurface baits (surface demons, buzzbaits, Lucky Craft Sammy or Pop-R's). super ringers grasstop, 9 to 12 feet SUNNY70'salso try flipping a one ounce tightline jig
TENNESSEECheathamJUNEAM74??topwaterpointstopHazy Sunshine70'sEarly morning best bite
OHIOLake Milton JUNEMost????crank baits and tube-jigs deep structuredeepHaze70's18 to 22 inch smallmouth and largemouth bass are being caught
OHIOKokosing Lake JUNEMost????soft plastic baits, live bait, and small spinners shoreline covershallowhaze80'smay be moving to the drop-offs in the old creek channel
TEXASNACOGDOCHES JUNEMost80'Sstainedsoft plastics and jigs, Topwaters lilly padsshallowclear80'snormal level, Bass fishing has been fair to seven pounds
TEXASSAM RAYBURN JUNEDawn80'Scleartopwaters, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and deep diving crankbaits, Senkos and Flukesdeep pointdeepclouds80'salso try flooded buck brush
TEXASLake Fork JUNEearly and late80cleartopwatersgrass beds3-6 feet Clouds80'sLake Fork is at normal level
TEXASPALESTINE JUNEMost82stainedspinnerbaits and Texas rig wormsstructure (general)??Scattered Clouds80'slake is at normal level
TEXASRICHLAND CHAMBERS JUNEMost82clearCarolina-rigged worms pointsbottomMostly Cloudy70'sblack bass slow
TEXASCEDAR CREEK JUNEMid83clearCarolina rigs, plastics off-shore structurebottomClear80'soccasional topwater at first light
TEXASATHENSJUNEMid80'Sclearcranks and Texas rigs pointsshallowScattered Clouds80'sBass fishing has fair to five pounds
TEXASCONROEJUNEAM??stainedtopwater plugs or spinnerbaitsshallow covershallowovercast80'sLargemouth bass going into summer pattern
TEXASRAYBURNJUNEAM70'Sslightly stainedCarolina-rig flukes and lizardsgrass10-15 feetovercast80'slook for grass around around main-lake and secondary points
TEXASRAYBURNJUNEAM70'Sslightly stainedcrankbaits, slow-rolled spinnerbaits or soft-plastic wormsgrass line6-12 feetOvercast80'sproduced an 8.25-pounder
TEXASRAYBURNJUNEDawn70'Sslightly stainedtopwaters and spinnerbaits vegetation3-5 feetRain80's2 feet above normal pool
CALIFORNIAdon pedroJUNEPM60'S5top waterboat houses  80's 
NORTH CAROLINAFalls LakeJUNEAM78??topwater, c-rig and bandit crankbait(Shad)shoreline (general)5 to 7' Overcast60'sPartner and I only caught 6 bass, (
VERMONTLake ChamplainJUNEAM60??Senkoscover(general)2 to 3' Partly Cloudy50'sended up with 7, all 1.5lbs or less, (
NORTH CAROLINAHarris LakeJUNEMost??stainedSoft plastics - worm boat docks10 to 15' Clear70's3lb largemouth, (
TENNESSEEDale Hollow LakeJUNEMost76clearSpinnerbait structure (general)20 to 25' Clear60'sLargest caught for the night was 20", (
OKLAHOMASAHOMA lakeJUNEPM70'Smuddybrushhoglaydowns2 to 3' Clear, Light wind80'shooked a couple nice bass up in the main creek, (
UTAHFLAMING GORGE RESERVOIRJUNEMost55??jigs, grubs and crankbaits imitating crayfishrocky shoreline??Partly Cloudy70'sSmallmouth bass are becoming active
OKLAHOMAWisterMAYMost69murkyplastic baits shoreline (general)3-5 ftMostly Cloudy80'sLargemouth bass good
OKLAHOMATexomaJUNEMost70clearcrankbaitscreek channel5-10 ftScattered Clouds80'sLargemouth bass good
OKLAHOMASardis LakeMAYMost67murkyplastic wormscover(general)4-10 ftOvercast60'sLargemouth bass are good
OKLAHOMARobert S. KerrJUNETIME70'Smurkyplastic baitsrip rap 8-10 ftScattered Clouds80'sLargemouth bass fair, also try old creek channels
OKLAHOMAKonawaJUNEMost86clearplastic wormsroad bed(s)10-12 ftClear80'sLargemouth bass good
OKLAHOMAKawJUNEMost78clearspinnerbaitsstructure (general)shallowclear80'sBass fair, try Beaver and Otter creeks
OKLAHOMABell CowJUNEMost71murkyplastic worms, crankbaits, rattletraps and June bugsbrushvariousClear80'sBass are hitting
OKLAHOMAWes WatkinsJUNEAM70clearassorted dark colored soft plastics, spinnerbaitscover(general)??Mostly Cloudy80'sLargemouth bass fair
OKLAHOMAArcadiaJUNETIME74murkyspinnerbaits, crankbaits and plastic worms brush pile(s)5-8 ft.Mostly Cloudy80'sLargemouth bass fair
MICHIGANSaginaw BayJUNEMost????spinner baits and plastic wormsmarina structureshallowclear60'sBass anglers have done
TEXASGREENBELTJUNEMost70'Sslightly stainedtopwater baitsmain lake pointsshallowCloudy80'salso try grass lines
TEXASLake ConroeJUNEMost??stainedcrankbaits or Carolina-rigged plastics drop off(s)9- to 12-footScattered Clouds80'sfair for black bass
TEXASLake LivingstonJUNEMost70'SclearTexas-rigged plastics and shallow-running crankbaits docksshallowMostly Cloudy80'sfair for black bass
ILLINOISLake ThunderBirdJUNEAM7112senko, spinnerbaitdocks1-4'overcast, calm60'scaught 6 small bass
VIRGINIAPotomac River JUNEMost????Bigmouth buzzbaits, the cicada's colors in black and orange skirt colors. Tiny Torpedoes and Pop R's in dark colors, Case Magic Sticks and Mizmo tubes grass bedsshallowcloudy70'stry Piscataway Creek and Bryan's Cove
VIRGINIALake AnnaJUNEAll????Zoom Super Flukes and Yamamoto Senkosgrass bedsshallowcloudy70'sbass are showing post-spawn patterns
TEXASSam RayburnJUNEAM70'Sslightly stainedspinnerbaits and swimming baitsgrass edge3- to 8-foot Rain80'sgood for black bass early
NEW YORKRedfield ReservoirJUNEMost????3/8 ounce BlBl Stanley Jig tipped with a small BlBl sparkled pork chunk, Pop-R, chartreuse flippin tube bushesshallowSunny, Warm, Slight Breeze, Quite Clear SkyAIR3 Fish caught 4 lbs 9 ounces
NEW YORKSandy PondJUNEMost????Firetiger colored Bomber 6A crankbait, Norman Deep Little N in Silver/Black Patternweed lines7-11 foot Windy, Rainy, Very dark70's7 Fish Caught, Culled One 11 lbs 7 ounces, Winner - 17 lbs 4 ounces
ALABAMAWeiss Lake MAYMost80'SstainedCarolina Rig, worms or lizardspointsbottomScattered Clouds70'sFishing slow, also try drop offs
IOWAThree MileMAYTIME46clearspinnerbaitspoints(wind blown)5' or less Clear50'sCaught over 40 bass biggest was 4 lbs, (
WISCONSINLake GenevaMAYMost??clearchartreuse 3 1/2" tubesea wall(s)10'cool, moderately windy65caught two Largemouth Bass 1-13 and 2-1, (
VIRGINIApotomac riverMAYMost65semi-clearcrankbaitsgrass5'Mostly Cloudy50'scaught 19 bass, (
WISCONSINLake NoquebayJUNEMost50stainedStickbaits flats??Clear50'scaught 18 Lg mouth 15"-21" most near the 15" range, (
NORTH CAROLINAFalls lakeMAYAM67semi-cleartopwaterstructure (general)topOvercast60's13 bass, (
SOUTH CAROLINALake WylieMAYTIME72semi-clearpumpkinseed trick worm, buzz bait, spinner bait, and a pearl fluke shoreline (general)shallowOvercast50'sout of Big Allison landing, tough fishing
CALIFORNIADeltaMAYMost62stainedsenkos, jigdocksshallowPartly Cloudy60's12-15 bass (8 "keepers") with largest 5 going about 13 lbs, (
ARKANSASBull ShoalsMAYMid67semi-clearsmall jig and trailer, fluke, Spinnerbaittree tops??Clear70's10.25 LBs won the event, (
WISCONSINbrook parkJUNEPM60'S20wormsbrush (planted)12incheswarm sunny70's 
MINNESOTALake Le Homme Dieu JUNEMost????Plastics and spinnerbaits shallow covershallowMostly Sunny75Numbers of bass in the 2- to 4-pound class
ILLINOISLake of Egypt JUNEAM????buzz baits, Texas and Carolina-rigged plastic wormsgrass beds5-10 feet Clear70'salso try fishing the stumps and trees
ILLINOISHennepin WetlandsJUNEPM??stained from runoffSpinnerbaitsditch (deep)0-5'sunny, clear70's3 of us caught over 100 bass, 2 lb. average...awesome
TENNESSEEKentucky LakeJUNEMost70'S??tubes, Senkosdrop off(s)??Cloudy70'slargemouth spawning
TEXASLake Fork MAYMid80'SclearPop Rs drop shots and Carolina rig Flukes and centipedes deep structure8-25 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sanglers have been taking some quality bass
TEXASTOLEDO BEND MAYMost83clearCrankbaits and Carolina rigs pepper grassdeepOvercast70'sThe lake is about a foot low, Bass fishing has been fair
TEXASSAM RAYBURN MAYMost80'SstainedSenkos and wacky worms worked buck brush(flooded)6-8 feet Overcast80'sGood numbers of quality fish
TEXASATHENSMAYMost82clearTexas rig plastics and topwaterscover(general)shallowOvercast80'sBass fishing has been good
TEXASARROWHEAD JUNEMost76clearing upspinnerbaitsrocksshallowPartly Cloudy90'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTAD JUNEMost73clearwatermelon/red and pumpkinseed Carolina-rigged soft plastics, topwaters, and spinnerbaits grassshallowClear90'sBlack bass to 4 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
NEW YORKChamplainMAYAM??clearZoom Fat Alberts Grubs and Bang spray on 1/8 jig heads and 6lb testtrees6-12 feet Clear60'sProbably caught 35-40 bass, (
NEW HAMPSHIRELake WinnipesaukeeMAYPM54clearArtificial deep water (close to)10'deepScattered Clouds70'sboated 20+ Smallmouth, mostly 2-3lbs. , (
IOWAThree Mile MAYMost53clear1/2oz spinner bait wind blown bank5' or less Mist60'sCaught over 30 bass with biggest being 3.8 lbs. , (
CALIFORNIADeltaMAYMost68stainedsenkos, jigs, grubs, spinnerbaits, crank baits, and buzzbaits.shoreline (general)variousSunny50's30 fish for the day, best five went 14 lbs, (
NORTH CAROLINAHarris LakeMAYAM76clearfloating worms, Txas rigs and small crankbaitscover(general)??Cloudy80'sup with 7 bass, (
ALABAMALake Eufaula MAYMost????crank baits, spinner baits, finesse or top water plugsledge(s)variousPartly Cloudy80'sthere is plenty of cover
MISSOURITable Rock MAYMost70'S??crankbaits, spinnerbaits, splitshot rigs, lizards and finesse worms in green & brownsbacks of coves10 - 15 ftMist50'spost-spawn fish are moving to the points
INDIANALake Lemon MAYAM????Spinnerbaits, jerkbaitsweed lines(inside) 5-15 feetclear70's5 Bass -- Avg weight: 1.5 lbs
CALIFORNIADeltaMAYAM64stainedArtificial structure (general)??Sunny Clear60'sweighed in just over 4.5 lbs and my 4+ was actually a 5.67 and 2+ was 2.99 for a total of 8.66, (
NEW YORKChazy RiverMAYAM57muddyjig n pig. 1/2 oz Arkie with Zoom chunk and anisoil spray. 20 lb fireline, spinnerbaits, few more on Roguescover(general)variousSunny Strong windsAIRCaught about 40-50 quality largemouth, (
TEXASLAKE CONROEMAYAM??stainedwatermelon/red flake worms drop off(s)6-14 feet Mostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass were fair
ALABAMALay LakeMAYAM78clear3/16 spotstickers, netbait watermelon red and zoom gourd green finesse worms, pink trick worms, green pumpkin lizard and black frogboat houses6 to 10 feet Slight breeze, cloudy early70's8 fish with a mix of LM and spots
FLORIDALake WashingtonMAYAM??stainedtop water, jerk worms and a Tiny Torpedoweed lines(outside)1.5 feet Sunny Calm 70'sCaught 9 keeper (14") bass, "visit"
GEORGIALake LanierMAYMost74semi-cleartexas rigged Zoom worms in limetreusecoves(mouths)20 ft. Sunny Clear 70's2 spots and 2 LM, Biggest was 2lb, "visit"
TEXASToledo Bend MAYMost72clear, buzz baits, spinner baits and finesse plasticspepper grassshallowCloudy80'sHeavy rains the last couple of weeks
MEXICOLake El Salto MARCHMost76??1. Kinami Flashes & Yamamoto Senkos 5”, 6” & 7” –Watermelon, Black & Blue, Green pumpkin, Pumpkin Seed, White / Chartreuse. 2. 8” Lizards - Watermelon, Watermelon with blue flake, Black with Blue tail, Blue flake, Green pumpkin.3. Storm Wild Eye Swim Shad 5”-6” – Pearl White, White w/ Chartreuse top, Shad, Golden Mullet. (5” have been working the best)drop off(s)deepwarm80'sLargest bass caught: 11 pounds,The lake is also starting to drop which should increase the fishing from great to fantastic, "visit"
MEXICOLake El Salto MAYMost84??Gene Lerew “Whodaddy” & Zoom “Brush hog” 6” – Watermelon, Black with Blue, Red Shad, June bug. 8” Lizards & 10” worms - Watermelon, Red Shad, Black with Blue tail, Motor Oil, June bug and Green pumpkin.Spinner bait 3/4 oz. to 1-1/4 oz. – White, White / black sparkles, Shad with Silver Colorado blades.flats (structure on)wariouswarm82Largest bass caught: 13 LBS., "visit"
MISSOURITruman LakeMARCHMost43muddyRouge jerk baitsshoreline (general)??Rain40'swe are seeing a few good fish caught, "visit"
MISSOURITruman LakeAPRILMost61stainedTubes and Chompers, spinner baits shallow covershallowClear70's "visit"
MISSOURITruman LakeAPRILMost65clearing upTubes ,crawdad crankbaits , Rattle Traps ,spinner baits, Senkospoints(wind blown)variousClear60'sbass are putting on the weight getting ready for spawn, water is still stained but cleaning up, "visit"
MISSOURITruman LakeMAYMost72clearing upSpinner baits, jigs, and Senkosstructure (general)??Scattered Clouds80'sBass: Still a bit slow with the rains we had, "visit"
MISSOURITable RockAPRILMost60'Scleartube baits, Texas rigged brush hogs, or Team Supreme or Eakins jigs, colors will depend on water claritybuck brush3'to 8' Clear60'sFish are trying to spawn all over the lake, "visit" Fish should be able to be caught flipping the buck brush, willow trees and submerged bushes
MISSOURITable RockMAYMost60'S??split shot and Carolina rigs with 4" worms, lizards & baby brush hogs. Also try 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. football jigs with twin tailed Chompers. The best colors have been green pumpkin/watermelon redgravel point(s)5'-20' Clear70'sPost spawn Kentucky's are moving out on the gravel points-main lake and secondary and pockets, "visit"
KENTUCKYRough River LakeMAYMost78stainedplastics (worms & brush hogs) and topwater lurescover(general)top, shallowMostly Cloudy70'sBass: Fair / good, 2 ft over summer pool, "visit"
KENTUCKYRough River LakeMAYMost78stainedcrankbaits,soft plastics, top water, spinnerbaitsstructure (general)top, shallowLight Rain60'sBass: Fair, 5 ft over summer pool, "visit"
FLORIDAStick Marsh & Farm 13 MAYAM????wild shiners, buzzbaits, Rattling Chug Bugs and "Sammy Knock Offs". Mid day bass are being caught on Flukes, Rattle Traps, and Texas rigged worms. cover(general)top, shallowMostly Cloudy80'sThe water level is dropping, "visit"
FLORIDAStick Marsh & Farm 13 MAYTIME????Rattle Trap, Rattling Chug Bug. They will also eat wild shiners, Rattle Traps, Sammy lures, Long A's and an occasional spinnerbait.hydrilla (edges)shallowScattered Clouds80'sSIXTEEN pound bass, "visit"
FLORIDALake OkeechobeeMAYPM80'Sclearflip a plastic crawdad, soft-plastic jerkbaits and Senkos, Leverage Spinnerbait, un-weighted Senko or Zoom Fluke vegetationdeeper water Clear80'sBass Fishing is fair over most of the lake, "visit"
VIRGINIAKerr / Buggs Island LakeMAYDusk70'Sslightly stainedPlastic and Crankbaitstructure (general)12' - 18' Clear70'sLarge Mouth Bass Improving
ALABAMAWheeler LakeMAYAM70'S12Texas-rigged plastic worms, soft plastic jerkbaitsweed beds??mostly cloudy80'sA few smallmouth bass are being caught
TEXASFayette County MAYAM????Carolina-rigged plastics humps15- to 20-foot Pt. Sunny90'sLive waterdogs were good for larger bass to 8 pounds
TEXASFayette County MAYDawn????Topwater plugs and buzzbaits, Soft-plastic jerk baits grass edge1- to 3-foot & 3- to 8-foot Pt. Sunny90'sgood for black bass
TEXASTRAVISMAYMost74clearChug Bugs, grubs, and red shad worms structure (general)8 - 22 feetMostly Cloudy85Black bass to 4 pounds are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASTEXOMAMAYMost72clearspinnerbaits, Bomber 6A crankbaits, Riverside Crawbugs, and lizardsshallow covershallowScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are fair to good , "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASSAM RAYBURN MAYMost75clearwatermelon/red soft plastics and topwaters bushes(submerged)5 – 12 feet Clear 70'sBlack bass are good but small, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASRICHLAND-CHAMBERS MAYMost75stainedCarolina-rigged watermelon worms and Exude 6.5in. Super Lizards in watermelon seed and chartreuse/pumpkin main lake pointsbottomMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASMEREDITHMAYMost71slightly stainedspinnerbaits, topwaters, and jigsrocksshallowClear80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASMEDINA MAYMost73clearwhite or watermelon/crème YUM Houdini shad and smoke silver flake 5in. YUM Dinger soft plastic jerkbaits creeks(back of)shallowOvercast78Black bass to 6.5 pounds are excellent, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLBJ MAYMost77stained¼oz. white/chartreuse Terminator spinnerbaits, 3” plastic swimbaits, and parrot crankbaitsweed clumps5 - 10 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASJOE POOL MAYMost60'Soff-colortopwaters, soft plastics, and small shallow running crankbaitsstructure (general)shallowMostly Cloudy70'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASHUBBARD CREEK MAYMost78slightly stainedshad-colored spinnerbaits and crankbaits, dark soft plastics grassshallowsPartly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASHOUSTON COUNTY MAYMost73clearruby red/metal flake and black/silver with blue flake soft plastics, and natural Sink-Os shoreline (general)4 – 6 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass to 8 pounds are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASGREENBELT MAYMost70slightly stainedwatermelon soft plastics and jigs, white spinnerbaits, topwaters grass lineshallowClear80'sBlack bass are good, Smallmouth bass are fair , "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLAKE FORKMAYMost75slightly stainedwhite Lockhart 1/4 and 3/8oz. spinnerbaits, chrome/blue or chartreuse Bandit crankbaits, and watermelon/red or green pumpkin wacky-rigged trick worms, Watermelon seed flukes hydrilla (edges)??Scattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are fair to good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." also try lily pads and flooded grass around the shoreline. The bass are beginning to make their summer move out to main lake points, humps, and road-beds
TEXASFALCON MAYMost86clearspinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits covesshallowMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good but small, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
MISSOURITable Rock LakeMARCHMost????crawdad colored crank baits, purple back chartreuse sided Lucky Craft jerk bait creeks0-5 ft.Clear60'sI got to cull through 14 keepers that day, "visit"
GEORGIALAKE ALLATOONA MAYMost72clear½ oz Boogerman buzz baitshoreline (general)shallowMostly Cloudy60'sLAKE ALLATOONA IS AT FULL POOL, "visit"
GEORGIALAKE ALLATOONAMAYDawn81clearRebel Pop-Rs, Sammy 100 or a ½ oz Boogerman buzz bait, gold #11 Rapala, Spanky's 3/8 oz. Green Pumpkin jig with a Zoom Super Chunk trailer in Root beer green pepperbrush2 to 10 feet. Scattered Clouds80'sLargemouth bass fishing is great, "visit"
TEXASCOLETO CREEK MAYMost77murkysoft plastics and flukesshoreline cover8 feetPartly Cloudy70'sBlack bass to 5 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCHOKE CANYON MAYMost75stainedjigs and creature baits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits hydrilla beds??Mostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass to 9 pounds are excellent, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASCANYON LAKE MAYDawn75clearwhite 7/16 oz. Terminator tungsten spinnerbaits 3” plastic swimbaits, and Snap Back Albino Shad jerkbaits standing timber4 - 6 foot Mostly Cloudy85Black bass are very good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBUCHANAN MAYMost74clearsmoke red Snap Back tubes, shad colored Wiggle Warts, and pumpkin/chartreuse Senkosbuck brush(flooded)6 - 12 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASBROWNWOOD MAYMost75stainedjunebug and dark worms, perch colored crankbaits and light colored flukes docks4 - 8 feetOvercast80'sBlack bass to 4 pounds are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASATHENSMAYMost70clearsmall firetiger crankbaits, Carolina-rigged pumpkinseed french fries, and spinnerbaitsshoreline cover??Scattered Clouds78Black bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASARROWHEAD MAYMost75clearing upcrankbaits and spinnerbaitsrocky areashallowMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASAMISTAD MAYMost71clearwatermelon seed and watermelon/red soft plastics, flukes, topwaters, and spinnerbaitsgrass14 - 18 feetOvercast70'sBlack bass to 6 pounds are fair , "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
ILLINOISLake ThunderBirdMAYAM6924black senko. double colorado spinnerbait (white), manns 1-minusshoreline structure1-4'overcast then turning clear50's17 bass, largest 2.5 lbs
CALIFORNIALake PerrisMAYMost70'S24Senkos/TD Minnow/Cranksgrass beds8-15Partly Cloudy70's20 fish 1-2lb./Grass-TD Minnow---East end-Senkos in the brush
TEXASToledo Bend MAYMost70'S??top water baits, buzz baits, spinner baits and finesse plastics, crank baits and Carolina or Texas rigged plasticssecondary points8 to 12 ftMostly Cloudy70'sHeavy rains the last couple of weeks
TEXASCanyon Lake MAYMost75clearspinnerbaits, buzzbait , Hula Grubs buck brush(flooded)shallowScattered Clouds80'sSmallmouth also biting
MISSOURITable Rock Lake MAYMost75??spinner baits Carolina rigspoints5'-25'Clear80'sWater level is geetting back to normal
OHIOHoover ReservoirMAYMost????spinner baits, Jig & Pig and jerk baitsshoreline covervariousOvercast70'sHoover is an excellent lake to catch nice largemouth bass due to reduced fishing pressure
MISSOURISmithvilleMAYMost60'Sclearplastic lizards & tube baits spawning areashallowMostly Cloudy80'slargemouth bass fair
MISSOURITrumanMAYMost68dingycrankbaitsstructure (general)??Partly Cloudy80'sblack bass good
MISSOURILake of the Ozarks MAYMost71dingyChompers & floating wormsbacks of covesshallow Partly Cloudy80'sblack bass good
MISSOURILake of the Ozarks MAYTIME74dingyspinnerbaits, crankbaits, Power worms & Wormscover(general)??Partly Cloudy80'sblack bass fair, white bass slow
ALABAMAWeiss Lake MAYDawn70'Sclearbuzzbaits, minnow baitsboat housestop, shallowScattered Clouds80'slargemouth still on beds
ALABAMALake Martin MAYAM70'Sclearcrankbaitsshoreline (general)??Scattered Clouds80'salso try top water
GEORGIALake HartwellMAYAM74semi-clearshallow cranks (silver and black), backs of covesshallowOvercast60'slanded two dinks, , (
IOWAThree MileMAYAll60clearspinnerbaitwind blown covesshallowOvercast60'sover 30 bass , (
CALIFORNIACamancheMAYMost70cleardarter head, clear with silver flake Senko rocksshallowClear, light wind70'sPre-fished for a club tournament, (
CALIFORNIALake ComancheMAYMost72semi-cleardropshot rig, splitshot rig shoreline (general)??Clear60's12 lbs and big fish 5.24 , (
ILLINOISChain O' LakesMAYMid55semi-clearShallow cranks stumpsShallowMostly Cloudy50'sHorseshoe Channel. , (
NORTH CAROLINALake TilleryMAYMost75semi-clear6" pumpkinseed zoom worm - red curly tailgrass line??Overcast strong windAIRcaught 2 fish, (
NEW YORKLake ChamplainMAYMost50semi-cleargrubs, black jig n pig wooddeepPartly Cloudy 40'sTotal fish =20 with a 4.9 largemouth and several 3 lbers. , (
VERMONTLake ChamplainMAYAM46semi-clearspinnerbaits and Carolina rigriver channel??Light Rain, Wind was strong and weather very cold 30'sFished in Malletts Bay and Lamoille River, (
NORTH CAROLINAFalls LakeMAYAM69stainedtopwatershoreline (general)topOvercast50's11 bass, 5 of them over 16 inches. 3 of the fish were over 4 lbs and the biggest was just over 5 lbs. , (
INDIANAmurphy lakeMAYAM57stainedrattle trap and spinner bait weeds??Overcast, rain off and on 40's2 fish early, winds made it tough all day , (
ILLINOISFish N' FunMAYDusk70'S24weightless 4' white tubegrass (over top of)0-2'clear cool685 short bass
OHIOLake ErieMAYMost51clearSoft plastics - tube Watermelonrocks??Sunny AIRFinished the tournament with 17 lb, 2 ozs and the 1st Place Spot, (
GEORGIALake Hartwell/Tugaloo RiverMAYAM72semi-clearchartreuse/pepper Kinami grub with an 1/8oz yellow jig headstumps8 feet mist, Clear50's2.5lb. largemouth, (
ALABAMALake EufaulaMAYAM??semi-clearspinnerbait, dark brush hog lilly pads8-10 feet Scattered Clouds70'snice 4-5 lber, (
CALIFORNIADeltaMAYMost66stainedsenkos and spinnerbait island(s)shallowMostly Cloudy60'stotal 15 fish to 3 lbs. (7 "keepers") largest 5 under 10 lbs, (
ALABAMALake EufaulaMAYPM??clearBerkeley bungee worms, topwatercoves12-20 feet Partly Cloudy 70'sone at 4 lbs. the other two at 2-2.5 lbs. , (
NORTH CAROLINAFalls lakeMAYAM74stainedtopwaters, texas rig & C-rigshoreline (general)bottomClear70'sjust over 30 bass with 10 keepers, (
NEW JERSEYProspertown LakeMAYAM??clearspinnerbaitsshoreline (general)??Bright, sunny,windy and hot70'sCaught 7 largemouth all 11-13" , (
FLORIDASTICK MARSH MAYMost????topwater jerk bait, Dip-Stik soft jerk bait cover(general)shallowpartly cloudy70's13 lb. monster
TEXASAMISTADMAYMost71clearwatermelon seed and watermelon/red soft plastics, flukes, topwaters, and spinnerbaits grass14-18 feetCloudy90'sBlack bass to 6 pounds are fair
TEXASRAYBURNMAYMost70'Sslightly stainedTopwaters and small crankbaits grass edge (inside)5 to 10 feet cloudy80'slake level is dropping
TEXASCONROEMAYMost80'S??soft-plastic baits, Gourd green, watermelon seed and plum brush15 feet partly cloudy80's9.49-pounder
TEXASCONROEMAYMost80'S??Texas-rig plastic worm cover(general)8'Pt. Sunny80'sLargemouth bass fishing has been spotty
MINNESOTALake Minnetonka JULYMost????heavy jigs or texas rigged worms or tubes, Manns minus one crankbaits weed lines(outside)12-20 feetScattered Clouds80'sAlso spend time in the milfoil pitching heavy jigs
TEXASTOLEDO BENDMAYMost70'Sstainedwacky worms grass edge (outside)shallowScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass slow overall
NEW YORKChazy RiverMAYMost49stainedjigs, spinnerbaitstrees??Partly Cloudy strong wind50'sBoated about 50-60 fish total, (
NORTH CAROLINAFalls LakeMAYAM74stainedtopwaterdeep water (close to)topClear80'sCaught 11 bass, (
VERMONTLake ChamplainMAYAM46semi-clearjig n pig, Carolina rigriver channelbottomMostly Cloudy40'sBass were in the 2 to 3 # range, (
NEW YORKLake ChamplainMAYMost48stainedgrubs, jerkbaits, and diving crankbaitseddy5 and 15 feet, Overcast Scattered Clouds40'sonly boated about 6 smallies, (
NEW YORKLake Champlain, Chazy RiverMAYMost52cleargrubs, tubes, and roguesmain lake??sunny65Caught 59 fish, (
IOWALake PanoramaMAYAll68muddypig and jig backs of coves1 to 2' Partly Cloudy60'slargest going 6.5 lbs, (
VERMONTLake ChamplainMAYAM51stainedwhite, chartruese spinnerbaits weeds3 ft.Mostly Cloudy60'swe caught just over 20 bass, mostly largemouth, with 6 smallmouth., (
NEW YORKLake ChamplainMAYMost53semi-clearjerkbaits, green tubesflats10-15 feet Scattered Clouds60'sGot a couple over 4 lbs, (
VERMONTLake ChamplainMAYMost55clearblk/silver w/ orange rogueflats10-12 feet Sunny70'sBoated a nice 4.2 lber , (, boated about 25 fish
NEW HAMPSHIRELake WinnipesaukeeMAYAll65semi-clearbedding baitsshoal10-12' Sunny80'sBoated approx. 60 for the day, (
VIRGINIALAKE ANNAMAYAM74??topwater lures, plastics in pumpkin and watermelon colors spawning areashallowovercast60'sFish are smacking buzzbaits
VIRGINIAPOTOMACMAYTIME????Berkley Power Hawgs, Senkos, and Pulse Wormswood & grassshallowOvercast60'ssome of the best fishing all year with bass to 6 pounds being caught, The last two hours of the outgoing tide and the first hour or so of the incoming have been most productive.
NEW MEXICOElephant ButteMAYTIME????tubes, lizards, senkos, jigs and jerk baits backs of covesshallowClear70'sBlack bass fishing is fair, Largemouth bass are active in their spawning areas
KANSASLA CYGNEMAYMost72clearcrankbaits, spinnerbaits warm water discharge??Clear70'sblack bass good
KANSASGLEN ELDERMAYMost67clearRoad Runners, Rooster Tails causeway (along)??Clear78bass very good
MISSOURITABLE ROCKMAYMost70'SclearCarolina rigs with olive-colored plastic worms main lake points15 feet Scattered Clouds80'sblack bass poor to fair
MISSOURIJAMES A. REEDMAYMost70clearjig and pig, crankbaits brush??Clear85largemouth bass good
MISSOURITRUMANMAYMost68murkycrankbaits, spinnerbaitsrocky shorelinesteep banksPartly Cloudy80'sblack bass good
MISSOURILAKE OF THE OZARKSMAYMost68clearjigs, Carolina rigs with plastic lizards structure (general)10 feet Clear80'sblack bass good
MISSOURIBULL SHOALSMAYMost68clearbuzzbaits and spinnerbaits brushtop, shallowIntermittent Clouds80'sblack bass fair to good
MISSOURISMITHVILLEMAYMost69stainedjigs, spinnerbaits shallow structureshallowIntermittent Clouds80'sblack bass fair
KENTUCKYBARREN RIVER LAKE MAYMost????topwater plugs, buzzbaits and shad-imitating plastics spawning area6-10 feet Partly Cloudy80'sHybrid striped bass excellent
ILLINOISCedar Lake MAYMost????Crank baits, spinner baits and jerk baits shallow cover6-8 feet overcast70'sBass have been spotty, although a couple of five-pounders have been caught
ILLINOISRend Lake MAYMost70'Sclearspinner baits, shallow-diving crank baits and a dark-colored jig and pigrip rapshallowOvercast70'salso try submerged roadbeds, creek dropoffs and beaver piles
TEXASToledo Bend MAYAM70'Sstainedorange/black Rogues submerged grassshallowPt. Sunny80'salso try on jigging spoons worked over deep breaks
ILLINOISLake ThunderBirdMAYMost71stainedwhite/chartruese spinnerbait, shad colored tube, docks1-6'hard rain, overcast70's5 14 inchers, lots of shorts, rain-thunder-lightning
HAWAIILake Wilson, HonoluluMAYAll8048chartruse Road Runnersbeds1 to 2 feetpatrly sunny85Peacock bass still on beds. Some very aggressive, others just swim away. Seeing a lot more free swimming fish.
CALIFORNIANew Melones LakeMAYMost70'SclearCarolina-rigged tiny green pumpkin or watermelon Zoom Tiny Brush Hogs, Drop-shottted Keeper 4-inch shad-colored worms, spook or Pop-R, White Speed Traps, and white or white-and-chartreuse spinnerbaitsmain lake points5 to 25 feet clear60'sThirty-fish days are not uncommon
CALIFORNIALake CamancheMAYMid????Camanche Jack's leaches in purples and brownsrocky point(s)15 to 25 feet clear60'sfull moon will encourage the bass to eat
ALABAMALay LakeMAYAM7612swimming a jigcreeksshallow+Mostly Cloudy70'sBest five 16lbs
NEW JERSEYShepherd LakeMAYTIME6648Senkosstructure (general)shallowLight Rain60's2 Largemouth Bass ( 14 and 16 inches )
TEXASTOLEDO BEND MAYMost70'SstainedCarolina-rigged Super Flukes topwaters and shad pattern shallow-running crankbaits junebug or watermelon Texas-rigged worms flooded brush10 - 15 feetMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASSAM RAYBURN MAYMost74slightly stainedsmall shad-colored topwatersbushes3 – 6 feetOvercast70'sBlack bass are fair, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept." also try jerkbaits, Senkos, and Super Flukes around flooded hay grass in 5 – 8 feet
TEXASMARTIN CREEK MAYMost70'Sclearon Pop R’s, baby Torpedoes, chrome Rat-L-Traps, and Carolina-rigged blue fleck wormsstructure (general)top to bottomScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLEWISVILLE MAYAM70'Sclearchrome Rat-L-Traps. Chartreuse buzzbaitspointsshallowScattered Clouds80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."
TEXASLBJ MAYAM73cloudywhite/chartreuse Terminator buzzbaits, watermelon/red Scoundrel worms on wacky rigs, and watermelon/red Snap Back jerkbaits shoreline covershallowMostly Cloudy80'sBlack bass are good, "Fishing Data courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept."

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