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The database below describes and prices different traits and powers for characters. If you would like a power not listed, ask an admin for a price on the Chat board! The table below shows the different search options. Click on a power to view a description of it.

Please note familiars are limited to 3 powers/traits each. The number of powers/traits a fairy can have is unlimited.

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NameTypeDescriptionDoubloons ($)Coins
Can Breathe UnderwaterPhysical SelfDoes what it says on the tin.20001
Divine EquilibriumPhysical SelfAbility to prevent a divine character from using their divinity if they are in the immediate vicinity. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.50003
Divine MimicryPhysical SelfAbility to “absorb”/use divinity if a divine character is in the immediate vicinity. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.100005
Density ManipulationPhysical SelfThe ability to manipulate the molecular density of oneself, to enable oneself to pass through other objects (low density) or become solid as a rock (high density).20001
Echo LocationPhysical SelfAbility to navigate by listening to the echos off objects, like whales.18001
Enhanced DurabilityPhysical SelfLike "super toughness"; the ability to physically cope with more than the average person. These characters are harder to hurt/kill.20001
EquilibriumPhysical SelfAbility to temporarily render other characters' powers useless if they are in the immediate vicinity. Doesn’t include divine characters. 50003
Eternal YouthPhysical SelfYour character will appear to age to a certain point and then maintain an appearance of youthfulness. Does not include immortality.20001
EvasionPhysical SelfAbility to avoid linear attacks such as bullets or lasers by swiftly repositioning themselves from the path of the attack. From “Matrix”.20001
EvolutionPhysical SelfUncontrollable ability to adapt to one's environment in times of desperation, particularly to prevent death/harm to oneself.20001
Forcefield GenerationPhysical SelfAbility to generate invisible shields which provide physical protection to the self. Does not include Mind Blocking (mental protection). Character cannot control shields (i.e., use them to push things away/move things)20001
ImmortalityPhysical SelfInability to die. Does not include healing powers, eternal youth or super health.20001
InvisibilityPhysical SelfThe ability to become completely invisible.20001
Laser EyesPhysical SelfAbility to shoot lasers from the eyes. From "X-Men".20001
Night VisionPhysical SelfAbility to see in the dark.20001
Perfect RecallPhysical SelfThe ability remember everything said or occured to your character.18001
PhasingPhysical SelfWeaker form of density manipulation. Ability to lower one’s own molecular density in order to be able to pass through other objects. 15001
PhotosynthesisPhysical SelfAbility to photosynthesise (create energy through the intake of carbon dioxide, sunlight and water), rendering the need to breathe unnecessary.20001
Power EnhancementPhysical SelfAbility to enhance other characters' powers if they are in the immediate vicinity.30002
Power MimicryPhysical SelfAbility to temporarily "absorb"/control other characters' powers if they are in the immediate vicinity. From "Heroes". Doesn’t include divine characters. 60003
RadarPhysical SelfAbility to navigate using radar.18001
Reptilian RegenerationPhysical SelfAbility to regrow lost body parts, e.g. limbs. 20001
RegenerationPhysical Self Ability to change every cell in one's own body to form an entirely new person (usually at the point of death, to save oneself from death). Each purchase enables 1 regeneration. From "Doctor Who"2000 per regeneration1 per regeneration
Shapeshifting (ordinary animal)Physical SelfAbility to transform at will into a specific animal, e.g. dog. 20001
Shapeshifting (mythical/extinct animal)Physical SelfAbility to transform at will into a specific mythical/extinct animal, e.g. dragon. 3000 - 7000 depending on animal2 - 5 depending on animal
Sound MimicryPhysical SelfAbility to mimic any sound which can be heard. 18001
Super BreathPhysical SelfAbility to blow hurricanes. From "Big Bad Wolf"18001
Super HealthPhysical SelfWill be unaffected by disease or illness.15001
Super HearingPhysical SelfEnhanced sense of hearing 20001
Super SightPhysical SelfEnhanced ability to see - can see further and more clearly than average.20001
Super SmellPhysical SelfEnhanced sense of smell 20001
Super SpeedPhysical SelfEnhanced physical speed20001
Super StrengthPhysical SelfEnhanced physical strength20001
WallcrawlingPhysical SelfAbility to climb vertical surfaces. From "Spiderman"18001
Affinity (animal/plants)PsychicAbility to communicate with an understand plants or a specific species of animal.20001
Age ManipulationPsychicAbility to control the age of living organisms. 50003
Age Manipulation (self)PsychicWeaker form of age manipulation. Ability to control own age. 20001
Astral ProjectionPsychicAbility to project the soul a short distance from the body; a controlled out of body experience. Does not include possession.20001
ClairvoyancePsychicAn unconceivable and uncontrollable ability to know things without being told, particularly regarding present or future events (for similar, see precognition).18001
Death SensingPsychicAbility to sense when someone is about to die. 20001
Disease TransferralPsychicAbility to transfer illnesses from one living being to another. 18001
Dream ManipulationPsychicThe ability create, destroy, hide or manipulate another's dreams.20001
Dream WalkerPsychicWeaker form of dream manipulation. Ability to enter others’ dreams. 15001
Ecological EmpathyPsychicPsychic sensitivity to nature enabling one to sense the general well-being and conditions of one's immediate environment.18001
Emotional ManipulationPsychicAbility to sense and control another’s emotions. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.60003
Emotional SuggestionPsychicWeaker form of emotional manipulation. Ability to sense emotions and sway it in another direction/enhance it. 20001
(Emotion) Touch/VibesPsychicWeaker form of emotional manipulation. Ability to inspire a specific feeling in others (e.g. envy, love) through transmitting vibes or touching them (your choice which).20001
EmpathyPsychicAbility to physically feel other character's emotions.20001
GeniePsychicAbility to grant others' wishes (within reason). Admin permission needed to obtain this power.100005
HealingPsychicThe ability to heal your own or other characters' physical wounds. Has a slower effect on disease/illness and no effect on psychological/genetic disorders or defects.20001

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