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The database below describes and prices different traits and powers for characters. If you would like a power not listed, ask an admin for a price on the Chat board! The table below shows the different search options. Click on a power to view a description of it.

Please note familiars are limited to 3 powers/traits each. The number of powers/traits a fairy can have is unlimited.

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NameTypeDescriptionDoubloons ($)Coins
ScalesTraitA patch of scales or total scale coverage for your character. 15001
ShellTraitA shell for your character to retreat into.15001
SpinesTraitSpines or spikes down the spine. 15001
TailTraitA tail for your character, e.g. monkey. 15001
Unnatural EyesTraitAn unnatural eye colour for your character (e.g. pink, rainbow). 5001
Unnatural HairTraitAn unnatural hair colour for your character (e.g. pink, rainbow).5001
Unnatural SkinTraitAn unnatural skin colour for your character (e.g. green). 5001
Webbed Feet/HandsTraitTo aid with swimming. 15001
Mathematician [b]Baby StatWhen calculating your baby's points, the subtotal will be divided by 5 instead of 10.12001
Privileged Chooser [b]Baby StatChoose name, gender, appearance and multiples each time you breed.30002
Super Femininity [b]Baby StatIncreases your chance of producing a female baby from 1:2 to 3:4.10001
Super Fertility [b]Baby StatIncreases chances of multiples by 5 ratio points.12001
Ultra Fertility [b]Baby StatIncreases chance of multiples by half. 20001
Super Masculinity [b]Baby StatIncreases your chance of producing a male baby from 1:2 to 3:4.10001
Super Powers [b]Baby StatIncreases your baby's chance of inheriting powers by half.12001
Super Traits [b]Baby StatIncreases your baby's chance of inheriting traits by half.12001
Bone SummoningPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to sense the presence of bones if they are nearby and summon them. Cannot generate or manipulate the bones.20001
Bone AnimationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to animate bones to imitate life. 20001
Reverse ImmortalityPhysical EnvironmentOthers are unable to die when in the vicinity of your character.20001
PsychometryPsychicThe ability to discover facts about a person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.20001
Water VisionPhysical SelfThe ability to see clearly through/under water. 20001
Cloud ConjuringPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to create (but not manipulate) clouds.15001
Solar EnhancementPhysical SelfAll other abilities and powers are enhanced when sunlight touches your character.20001
Lunar EnhancementPhysical SelfAll other abilities and powers are enhanced when moonlight touches your character.20001
Ancient LinguistPsychicThe ability to read, write, speak and understand the ancient language without needing to study/learn it.12001
PathfinderPsychicThe ability to find a path which will take you where you need to go.20001
Insect GenerationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to generate (but not control) insects.18001
Metal AnimationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to generate, control and destroy a limited number of living creatures made from clay.20001
Empathic GuardPsychicThe ability to protect oneself from empathic attacks (like mind blocking for empathy). 20001
Painter (colour)Physical EnvironmentThe ability to touch things and turn them a certain colour.18001
Were-(Animal)Physical SelfAn uncontrollable form of shapeshifting whereby your character is forcibly turned into a specific animal at the full moon.15001
Self-DetonationPhysical SelfThe ability to blow oneself up, like a bomb. The character is resurrected afterwards but severely weakened for a period of time.20001
TrackingPhysical SelfThe ability to find a path which will take you to a person, animal or object you are looking for.20001
Enhanced AgilityPhysical SelfLike "super agility" - your character is unnaturally agile.20001
Gold ManipulationPhysical EnvironmentWeaker form of Metal Manipulation. The ability to generate, control and disperse gold.15001
Divinity SensingPsychicThe ability to sense the presence of divine beings.20001
Shadow BanishmentPhysical EnvironmentWeaker form of Shadow Manipulation. The ability to disperse/banish shadows, but not control them or light.15001
Wish SensingPsychicThe ability to sense others' wishes and desires.20001
Heat InvulnerabilityPhysical SelfThe ability to withstand high temperatures.15001
Gravity ManipulationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to change how gravity interacts with a person/object. Cannot affect the gravitational pull of the whole planet.20001
Remote Evil SensingPsychicThe ability to sense evildoings or evil intentions from a distance.20001
Super JumpingPhysical SelfThe ability to jump great lengths/heights from a standstill.18001
Size Manipulation (self)Physical SelfThe ability to shrink or grow yourself at will.20001
Size ManipulationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to shrink or grow other people, animals or objects at will.50003
Magical TransferencePhysical EnvironmentThe ability to imbue objects with a magic of their own in order to transfigure them into something else. This is an uncontrollable power by nature as the objects may become anything.30002
Part-Shifting (animal)Physical SelfThe ability to shapeshift part-way into a form, while retaining characteristics of your fairy form. E.g., part-shifting into a lion would allow your character to have a lion tail/eyes/etc, or retain fairy eyes in lion form. Maintaining a part-shifted form is very tiring and cannot be done for a great length of time.3,000 (2,500$ if you already have full shifting into the same animal)2
Shadow Clone JutsuPsychicThe ability to summon a clone of yourself made of shadow. These clones are not solid but can deliver messages.20001
Snow ManipulationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to generate, control and destroy snow.15001
Tactile ProjectionPsychicThe ability to project a tactile (touch) feeling onto others without physically touching them.20001
Tactile InductionPsychicThe ability to project thoughts/feelings/images telepathically onto another person while touching them.20001

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