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The database below describes and prices different traits and powers for characters. If you would like a power not listed, ask an admin for a price on the Chat board! The table below shows the different search options. Click on a power to view a description of it.

Please note familiars are limited to 3 powers/traits each. The number of powers/traits a fairy can have is unlimited.

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NameTypeDescriptionDoubloons ($)Coins
Tactile MimicryPsychicLimited form of Power Mimicry. Able to take on the abilities of others when touching them. Does not include divine characters.45003
Mind StaticPsychicThe ability to create static noise in the mind as a weak form of mind blocking. Makes it difficult for others to read your mind.15001
LullabyPsychicWeaker form of Sleep Manipulation. The ability to induce sleep in others.18001
ElasticityPhysical SelfFrom "The Incredibles". The ability to streeeetch your body far.20001
Shadow AnimationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to create living shadows which can move on their own accord.20001
Turtle ProjectionPsychicThe ability to project turtles which are usually illusions, but can become solid when the user touches them.20001
Extended BreathPhysical SelfThe ability to hold one's breath for an unnaturally long length of time.15001
Divine Virus ManipulationPhysical EnvironmentThe ability to generate, control and disperse divine virus.80004
NavigationPsychicThe ability to always orient oneself so that you know where you are and can't get lost.20001
Retractable ClawsMagic TraitClaws (of any type) which can retract into the body.20001
360 Degree VisionMagic TraitThe ability to see at 360 degrees, all around the body.20001
Growable ScalesMagic TraitScales which can grow or shrink at the owner's will.20001
Made of (substance) (repressible)Magic TraitYour character is fully or partially composed of a substance, e.g. fire/metal, but can change into a normal form at will.20001
Poisonous SkinTraitSkin secretes poison when broken.15001
Semi-RoboticTraitPartially robotic, e.g. a robot arm/leg. 18001
Pointed EarsTraitPointed ears like an elf from a fairytale.5001
Venomous SalivaTraitThe ability to spit venom, like a snake.18001
Guard HairsTraitHairs (anywhere you like on the body) which are hollow, trapping heat. This trait is found naturally in arctic mammals like reindeer and polar bears and helps keep your character warm in cold weather.15001
Animated HairTraitHair which moves of its own accord (like a shampoo advert) but can't pick anything up.10001
Prehensile HairMagic TraitHair which can act like an extra limb and has the ability to pick things up.20001
Changing MarkTraitA permanent mark/tattoo which changes shape/form/place on the body and/or moves.10001
Glows (circumstance related)TraitYour character glows at a specific time, e.g. in the dark/when wet/when in love. This is uncontrollable. Can be limited to a body part.10001
Glows (at will)Magic TraitYour character can cause all or part of their body to glow at will.18001
Wet HairTraitYour character's hair is always wet, no matter what they do!5001
Psychic LockerPsychicThe ability to store inanimate objects in a "psychic space" which can be accessed at any time. Cannot store living things or anything which is too heavy to lift.20001
Psychic WeaponryPsychicThe ability to generate psychic weapons which can be operated telekinetically. Can only produce "real" weapons which have natural abilities; no magic weapons.20001
Shadow TravelPsychicThe ability to teleport through shadows; to disappear into one shadow and appear instantly in another.20001
Power SensingPsychicThe ability to sense which powers other characters have.2,0001
Water HealingPsychicWeaker form of healing. Ability to heal self or others using water.15001
(Element) WeaponElementalThe ability to create a weapon made purely of a single element, e.g. a water pike or a fire sword. Characters can create different types of useable weapons with this power but only from the given element.20001
Flame ImmunityPhysical SelfImmunity to fire. Will never be burnt.20001
(Element) ConstructElementalThe ability to create "living" creatures made entirely of a single element, e.g. a water mouse or a fire horse.20001
Flammable BloodMagic TraitCharacter's blood is flammable, like petrol.20001
Fake DeathPhysical SelfAbility to appear completely dead for a limited amount of time (no heartbeat, breathing etc).20001
Sentience Transferal (animal)Physical EnvironmentAbility to make a specific type of animal more intelligent/sentient while around them. This enables the animal to perform more advanced tasks or errands.20001
HospicePsychicAbility to ease the process of dying for another person/animal.20001
Pain SuppressionPsychicAbility to suppress pain in self or others for a limited amount of time. This won't heal the injury, just remove or reduce the pain experienced.18001
Corpse MindPsychicAbility to temporarily possess the mind of a deceased person/animal to relive the last moments of their life.20001
Psychic ResistancePsychicAbility to resist psychic attacks, such as hypnosis or possession. Please note this is resistance not blocking, so it makes it harder for a psychic attacker to penetrate the mind, not impossible.20001
Super EquilibriumPhysical SelfAbility to maintain perfect balance at all times.20001
VampirismPhysical SelfAbility to gain sustenance and self-rejuvenate through imbibing blood.20001
Blood MemoryPsychicAbility to access others' memories by ingesting their blood.20001
Reverse Blood MemoryPsychicOthers will be able to access your memories by ingesting your blood.20001
EarthshakerPhysical EnvironmentAbility to shake the earth at will.20001
Phoenix PhysiologyPhysical SelfCharacter can take on aspects of a phoenix. This includes shapeshifting into a phoenix, healing tears and the ability to rebirth, although this can go wrong.80004
Super EndurancePhysical SelfEnhanced endurance and stamina.20001
Nightmare IllusionsPsychicAbility to sense another person's worst fear and manifest into an illusion of their worst fear.20001
Air WalkerElementalAbility to walk on air without needing to use wings. Not quite the same as flying without wings; character would need to make a walking/running motion as they would on land.12001
Sex SwapPhysical SelfThe ability to change one's biological sex to male, female or intersex at will.20001
Luck ManipulationPsychicThe ability to affect probability or luck, for example in a game of cards.20001

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