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The database below describes and prices different traits and powers for characters. If you would like a power not listed, ask an admin for a price on the Chat board! The table below shows the different search options. Click on a power to view a description of it.

Please note familiars are limited to 3 powers/traits each. The number of powers/traits a fairy can have is unlimited.

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NameTypeDescriptionDoubloons ($)Coins
HypnosisPsychicAbility to hypnotise others into doing your bidding. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.70004
IllusionismPsychicAbility to create illusions of the eye and ear. Illusions have no physical form.20001
LevitationPsychicWeaker form of telekinesis. Ability to make objects levitate in the air. 12001
Lie DetectionPsychicAbility to detect lies. 20001
Light HealingPsychicWeaker form of healing. Ability to heal self or others using light.15001
MediumshipPsychicThe ability to hear the voices of the dead.20001
Memory ManipulationPsychicAbility to create, destroy, hide or manipulate another's memories. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.50003
Mind BlockingPsychicThe ability to block the mind so that telepaths cannot read it.20001
Mind Reading (animal/person)PsychicWeaker form of telepathy. The ability to read the mind of one specific animal or person. 12001
MultilingualPsychicAbility to communicate and understand all human languages, but not animal. 18001
Objects' PastPsychicAbility to see an object's past by touching it.20001
Otherworld TeleportationPsychicAbility to teleport to nearby planets. 50003
PersuasionPsychicWeaker form of hypnosis. Makes your character more persuasive. 20001
PolylingualPsychicAbility to speak any language, including animal languages20001
PossessionPsychicAbility to transport your soul into another character's body, and thus control their actions. Admin permission needed to obtain this power.70004
Possession (animal/person) PsychicWeaker/specific form of possession. Ability to possess (see Possession) a particular person or species of animal.20001
Possession (weak)PsychicAbility to transport your soul into another's body but with limited force, so that you may look through their eyes but not control their actions.20001
PrecognitionPsychicA largely uncontrollable and unreliable power which gives your character brief flashes/feelings of the future. Often related to emotions, e.g. character will feel sad before it starts to rain (for similar, see clairvoyance). 20001
Reverse EmpathyPsychicCan cause others to feel your emotions.20001
Reverse TelepathyPsychicCan give others the power of telepathy temporarily.20001
Reverse TeleportationPsychicCan teleport others. 20001
ScryingPsychicThe ability to look onto a shiny surface and see a place/person you have seen before. From "Eragon".20001
Sexual MagnetismPsychicYour character will be more sexually attractive to others.15001
Sight (emotion/intention)PsychicThe ability to see a particular emotion, feeling or intention in another person.20001
Siren's SongPsychicWeaker form of hypnosis. Mildly hypnotic singing voice. 20001
Sleep ManipulationPsychicAbility to induce sleep in self/others, force wakefulness, remove the need to sleep or make self/others tired. 20001
Soul SightPsychicThe ability to see another person's soul. Usually defined by colour. Invented by Pixie.20001
TelekinesisPsychicThe ability to move objects purely with the power of the mind.20001
TelepathyPsychicThe ability to see into the minds of others and to communicate with them purely through the mind.20001
TeleportationPsychicAbility to disappear and instantly reappear anywhere on the same planet.20001
Time ManipulationPsychicThe ability to pause, accelerate or decelerate the passage of time. Cannot go back/forwards in time or look into the past/future.20001
Truth SightPsychicThe ability to see the truth of something; the inability to be fooled by illusions. Invented by Thorn.20001
Wound Transferal PsychicThe ability to transfer physical wounds from one living being to another. 18001
ZoolingualPsychicWeaker form of polylingual. Able to communicate with any animals. 18001
GillsMagic TraitGives your character the ability to breathe underwater.20001
Removable TraitMagic TraitAny trait which can be removed or regained under specific environmental conditions or at will, e.g. can grow a mer-tail when touching water or can grow claws at will. 20001
Seasonal BloodMagic TraitAbility to regulate one's own blood temperature. Incorporates invulnerability to cold/heat. Invented by Squirt20001
AntennaeTraitSome antennae for your character. 15001
AntlersTraitA pair of antlers for your character.15001
ClawsTraitClaws instead of fingernails for your character. 15001
(Animal) EarsTraitEars resembling a different animal, e.g. fox. Does not give the abilities of that animal (e.g. enhanced hearing), appearance only.15001
(Animal) EyesTraitEyes resembling a different animal, e.g. cat. Does not give the abilities of that animal (e.g. night vision), appearance only.15001
Extra WingsTraitAn additional pair of wings. 15001
FangsTraitFangs for your character.15001
FeathersTraitA patch of feathers or have your character covered.15001
FinsTraitFins for your character.15001
FurTraitPatches or total fur for your characters.15001
Horn(s)Trait1-3 horns for your character.15001
Made of (substance)TraitYour character is made of another substance, e.g. earth, sand, glass. 18001
Mark / Natural TattooTraitA natural mark or tattoo shape on your character’s skin. 5001

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