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 6"So, who is it?" Daniel asked Jacob.

"Aphopis." he replied,

"Imopissible," Teal'c said simply. "Aphopis is dead." Teal'c looked over at Daniel, who then said, "Isn't he?" The two looked back at Jacob.
"I'm afraid not. Unless it was someone who looked like him, Aphopis is very much... alive." Jack and Sam were just starting to wake up. Jack attempted to get on his feet, "what's this I hear about Aphopis?" Jack asked the group.

Sam and Jack were now standing, "I belive I heard the he was alive, but I know that con't be true... becuase, we killed him!" stated, looking somewhat bewildered.
 5Daniel knelt down next to the unconcious man and checked him to see if he was ok. His eyes fluttered open and he half smiled at Daniel.

"What are you doing here?" Daniel asked helping him to sit up. Jacob took a deep breath and looked over to the unconcious body of his daughter. Seeing where he was looking Daniel helped him stand.

"She's fine" He said helping him over to them while Teal'c worked on the DHD. "She got Zatted when she went to help Jack. They should be coming to soon" He said looking back to Jacob. "So, what are you doing here?"

"I've been here about a week" Jacob said bending down next to Sam. "I was working as a spy, there is a new power among the Goa'uld and I was sent to find out what it was."

"Do you know what it is?" Daniel asked as Teal'c got the gate to work. It whooshed out and Jacob nodded.

"Yeah I found out, and you're not doing to like it" He said as Teal'c picked up sam and jack again.
 4A scroungy looking Jacob Carter stared at them, arm still outstreched, holding a Zat gun.
"Selmac!" shouted Jacob, who fell face forward in the dirt.
"Oh my God." Daniel excalimed as he ran towards the unconcious man.
 3Daniel took hold of his zat gun and glanced at Teal'c, who nodded slightly. They both turned suddenly and opened fire in a last ditch attempt against the Jaffa. Staff blasts came from behind them and they crouched lower, fearing a rock and a hard place situation.
The blasts went wide, however, and took out the last of the original troop of Jaffa.
The dust settled and Daniel cleaned his glasses before resettling them on his face. He gasped. "Jacob? That you?"
 2He looked behind him. Teal'c was desperately trying to keep the limp bodies of Jack and Sam, one over each shoulder.

"Teal'c! I need help, here!" Daniel yelled, ducking the staff-weapon blasts that whizzed over both their heads.

Teal'c hastily but carefully placed his unconscious team members on the ground beside the DHD, and began cover fire, while Daniel searched his mind frantically for any bit of information he'd heard Sam say in this type of situation. He came up empty.

"Move your hands away from the dialing device, Tau'ri!" came a Goa'uld voice.

Daniel's head snapped up, and his eyes closed in resignation.

"Damn," he swore under his breath, "What now?"
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 1With Jaffa in pursuit, Daniel hurriedly pressed the symbols on the DHD that would take them home. As he pressed the center of the DHD to activate the wormhole, sparks flew from the Stargate. The wormhole wouldn't engage.
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