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 10Meanwile back at the stargate Teal'c cam frome behind the tree he was conseling himself with. looking around he seas only the black scars left by the staff wepons and spent shells from jacks wepon ever thing els that would inform somone of a battle has been removed. he walked over to the know usless DHD "we are not going enwary" he says to hiumself and turned to follow the jaffa that captured his frinds
 9"Silence!" Shouted the angry guard. Jack winced at the blow and looked around at his companions. Carter stared straight ahead, a glazed look in her eyes. There was still no sine of Teal'c and Daniel, as usual, lay motionless on the floor beside Carter.
"You are of Tauri from Earth. I have heard of you and was looking forward to our meeting." Stated a smirking Pan.
"Well it's good to know that you'r wanted isn't it." Another blow from the Jaffa came down on Jack's skull.
 8Before Jack could ascertain Carter's status. The Jaffa scooped up Daniel and shoved them onto a ring platform.

Carter was quiet as usual in these situations, but something nagged at Jack's mind. He didn't want to consider why Carter kept bumping into his back as they walked down the corridors lined with the familar gaudy gold motif of the Goa'uld.

"OK, time to meet the Goa'uld of the week." Jack snorted as they entered the throne room.

"Kneel before your god."

This time Jack out foxed them, he counted backward
and just before the staff hit his knee he slid to the ground, which sent the Jaffa behind him sprawling like a batter who missed the ball big time. Jack smirked, but kept his eyes trained on the Goa'uld before him.

"I am Pan." the grating voice began

"As in forest god? I knew I hated the trees on this planet!" The insulted Jaffa did not miss this time and Jack fell forward from the blow.
 7"Hey, watch it! I'm sensitive!" Jack exclaimed at his captors as they roughly pulled him to his feet, tying his wrists tightly together behind his back.

They marched him over to his companions. O'Neill quickly surveyed their situation; Sam had flash burns across her face from the smoking DHD...Daniel wasn't moving. Damn.

At least Teal'c eluded capture, he mused ruefully.
 6She winced as the cicuitry sparked around her fingers. Daniel leaned
over her shoulder. "Sam?"

"Give me a minute, this isn't something I can fix with a gum wrapper."

"That's too bad," Daniel remarked glibbly, then yelped as a blast
just missed his shoulder. He looked over at Jack and Teal'c, then
back at the approaching Jaffa. "Uh, should we try this again later?"

"And do what? Call a time-out because we have no firm escape plan?"

"I was hoping *this* was the firm escape plan."

Sam gave a cutting laugh. "I'm learning not to trust these things."

"Now would be a good time, Carter!"

"Almost there sir. . ." she heard a yell and found herself flat on
the ground, staring up at a smoking DHD. Daniel wasn't moving. She
started to crawl over to him, but stopped as she found herself nose
to point with a staff weapon.
 5It was one thing to have to work on a project with a deadline staring you in the face, it was another when the pressure was coming in the form of laser fire and smoke curling up in your general vicinity. Sam swore again, this time louder when she realized that the circurity that enabled the DHD to link up with the gate corridnates had been jammed. It would have to be taken out and realigned. Sam risked a quick glance over her shoulder, and realized that her window of opportunity was getting smaller by the second. 'I can do this.' she thought to herself.
 4"Give us a minute, Sir," Carter told him. She turned to Daniel. "Daniel! Take that panel off the bottom part, let me get at the controls!" She was sweating, wondering at any minute if a staff blast would take one of them out. She could hear the Colonel swearing under his breath, aware that he and Teal'c had taken up defensive positions between the DHD and the Jaffa pursuing them. Sounds of running feet and shouts were growing closer. Sam knew she had to hurry.
 3Sam hurried over to Daniel. "There must be something wrong with the DHD. Try again.." Daniel punched the address in again, but still it would not work. O'Neill could hardly believe it. "Carter, can you fix it?"
 2"For crying out loud, Daniel, get the damn thing to working" shouted Jack, checking out his precious M-90. His baby had been hit by a passing shot and jack O'Neill wasn't an happy bunny.
 1With Jaffa in pursuit, Daniel hurriedly pressed the symbols on the DHD that would take them home. As he pressed the center of the DHD to activate the wormhole, sparks flew from the Stargate. The wormhole wouldn't engage.
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