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Serial NumberModelManufacture LocationYear MadeWeek MadeProduction OrderRAMROMROM HighROM LowInternal FDDFDD Model No.Logic BoardLogic Board Rev. (A, B, C...)Logic Board S/NLogic Board P/N (820-)Case BackCase FrontKeyboardMouseKeypadColorVoltageAnalogue Board (630-)Analogue Board P/N (8xx-)RFI Shroud P/NInsulator Shield P/NCRT P/NCondition3rd Party Upgrades (Please Describe)_________________________Description_________________________Frequency of UsePrimary UseSecondary UsePackagingLocation City, (Province/State)Location CountryDate ID
F5477CFM0001W512KF: Fremont, California, USA198547 512K (SIMMs or soldered only)64K  400K 128K/512K (630-0118)   512K128K/512KM0110M0100NonePMS 453120     Excellent (inside & out) Found on a kerbside. Recently returned to booting. Crisp picture, mouse functions well, floppy excellent. Keyboard dead!
Ideal use would be WP and Database inventory lookup while used in garage, where the small footprint seems ideal.
InfrequentOther (explain in Description)Software Development NoneMoorhead, MNUSAThursday, May 3,  
F61014BM0135HD20F: Fremont, California, USA1986101303        C60025177      PMS 453240     Yellowed (Good but yellowed) MFS formatted volume and MacServe MFS/HFS partitioned driveIntermittentGeneralOther (explain in Description) Los Angeles, CAUSAFriday, October 27,
c501023128K    512K (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K     128K128K/512KM0110M0100NonePMS 453240     Yellowed (Good but yellowed)  Infrequent  NonesussexukSaturday, October 27, 2007   
c62102k512K    512K (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K     512K128K/512KM0110M0100None 240     Yellowed (Good but yellowed)  Never   sussexukSaturday, October 27, 2007   
F41402XM0001128KF: Fremont, California, USA       400K                 Yellowed (Good but yellowed) Original 128k, with carrying case, in fully working condition. Bought at fleamarket some time in the 90's.Infrequent  NoneMontrealCanadaSunday, October 30,  
F4511F2M0001P512KF: Fremont, California, USA1984511668512K (SIMMs or soldered only) 512512800K 128K/512K (630-0118)   512K128K/512KM0110M0100M0120PMS 453240     Yellowed (Good but yellowed) My European Macintosh 512k "Fat Mac" was the 1668th Mac manufactured during the 51th week of 1984 in Fremont, California, USA. There is a "Macintosh 512K" Label on the front and on the back site of the computer. Only softly yellowed, good condition.InfrequentGamesGeneral NoneBerlinGermanySaturday, October 1, 2005 http://myoldmac.netMacOS
F4300SSM0001PMacintoshF: Fremont, California, USA198430910128K64K  400K 128K (630-0101)   Macintosh128K/512KM0110M0100M0120PMS 453240     Yellowed (Good but yellowed) My original Macintosh 1984 was the 910th Mac manufactured during the 30th week of 1984 in Fremont, California, USA. There is the "Macintosh" label on the back site, no label on the front, only the Apple rainbow logo.InfrequentGamesGeneral NoneBerlinGermanySaturday, November 10, 2007 www.myoldmac.netMacOS
C810014M0001APPlus 1MBCK: Cork, Ireland198810384MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MBMacintosh PlusM0110A PlatinumM0100 Platinum Platinum240     Excellent (inside & out) My European Macintosh Plus 1 MB was the 38th Mac manufactured during the 10th week of 1988 in Cork, Ireland. In great condition - not yellowed. It has one defect pixel.InfrequentGamesGeneral NoneBerlinGermanySunday, November 11, 2007 www.myoldmac.netMacOS
F60709M0001APlus 1MBF: Fremont, California, USA198673121MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   MacintoshMacintosh PlusM0110AM0100 PMS 453120     Yellowed (Good but yellowed) My Macintosh Plus was the 312th Mac manufactured during the 7th week of 1986 in Fremont, California, USA. It has an early PMS 453 (Beige) yellowed case.
Including original Keyboard and Mouse.
InfrequentGamesGeneral NoneBerlinGermanySaturday, January 24, 2004 www.myoldmac.netMacOS
F41836NM001128KF: Fremont, California, USA1984183694128K64K  400K 128K (630-0101)   128K128K/512KM0110M0100None 120     Excellent (inside & out)YesUpgraded to 512k by some clip-on device in 1985, FDD unchanged, originalInfrequentGeneralGeneral BothSan Diego, CaliforniaUSAMonday, November 12,  
F41836NM001128KF: Fremont, California, USA1984183694128K64K  400K 128K (630-0101)   128K128K/512KM0110M0100None 120     Excellent (inside & out)YesUpgraded to 512k by some clip-on device in 1985, FDD unchanged, originalInfrequentGeneralGeneral BothSan Diego, CaliforniaUSAMonday, November 12,  
F4370XYM0001PMacintoshF: Fremont, California, USA1984371086128K   400K 128K (630-0101)   Macintosh128K/512KM0110M0100M0120PMS 453240     Good (not yellowed) Also have working ext. 400K floppy drive MO130, Owners Manual 030-0687-B, and System disks, Guided Tour disk, MacPaint, MacDraw, MacWrite, MacProject with guide tape, WriteNow 1, plus miscellaneous games that get used the most. All fits in black carry bag with Apple logo. As well, I have a working Imagewriter 1 printer complete with tan carry bag and manuals. The 128K was recently serviced with a new flyback transformer and all caps replaced on power supply board, and now works as good as new.IntermittentGamesGeneral NoneRiverside, TasmaniaAustraliaSunday, April 25,  
8M0001APlus 1MB    1MB (SIMMs or soldered only)   800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MBMacintosh PlusM0110M0100NonePMS 453120     Excellent (inside & out)  Never  None USASunday, November 18, 2007  Quadraman
F6272KAM001APlus 1MBF: Fremont, California, USA   1MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MBMacintosh PlusM0110M0100NonePMS 453120     Excellent (inside & out)  Never  None USASunday, November 18, 2007  Quadraman
Serial missingPlus 1MB    1MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MB128K/512KM0110M0100NonePMS 453120     Excellent (inside & out) This machine is an earlier model upgraded to a Plus 1mb, which probably explains the missing serial number as a new case bucket was included with the upgrade kits. Never  None USASunday, November 18, 2007  Quadraman
F6207FFM0001ED512KeF: Fremont, California, USA1986207FF512K (SIMMs or soldered only)128K342-0341342-0342400KM0131128K/512K (630-0118) T60007425 512K128K/512KM0110AM0100NonePMS 453240 820-0107-C805-0584-01 825-4002-A ClintonYellowed (Good but yellowed)YesDove MacSnap 548E 680-1000 v.5.0 (1987) 2MB RAM card #10599
Dove MacSnap 680-5331 (nd) SCSI card #159960
Apple Hard Disk 20 M0135 825-1195-A #F6020U9M0135
Apple FDD A9M0106 #SS9510BT00J
IntermittentFloppy Disk ProductionGeneral NoneSydney, NSWAustraliaThursday, December 12, 2002  equill
F5385UHM0001WPlus 1MBF: Fremont, California, USA19853867494MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MB128K/512KM0110M0100 (IIc)NonePlatinum120     Yellowed (Good but yellowed) Mac 512K upgraded to Plus in 1987. Has 4MB RAM, external Quantum ProDrive LPS 80MB drive in 20SC case (modified by me), Apple CD300e external CD-ROM drive, and LaserWriter 16/600 PS connected to it. Software used includes MacWrite Pro, MacDraw II, and Print Shop. This machine is used to publish study guides for various courses.RegularGeneral NonePittsburgh, PAUnited States of AmericaTuesday, October 12, 2004   
F748140M0001APlus 1MBF: Fremont, California, USA19874812924MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   Plus 1MBMacintosh PlusM0110AM0100NonePMS 453120     Excellent (inside & out)  InfrequentGames NoneHouston, TexasUnited StatesSaturday, November 24,  
...                                    Wednesday, November 28, 2007   
...PlusSG or E: Singapore19892416574MB (SIMMs or soldered only)128K  800K Plus (630-4122)   PlusMacintosh PlusM0110AM0100M0120 120     Fair (dings/scratches) Used for some TCP/IP development, games, and as an mpd client. Not my original Mac plus; picked up for free from Tucson Newspapers around 1997. I use it a few times a month. I plan on replacing the caps in the next year.IntermittentSoftware DevelopmentGamesNoneTucson, AZUSASunday, May 1, 1997

Es sind nur soviel Informationen nötig wie sie preisgeben wollen. Bitte beachten: man kann die Daten nach dem Absenden nicht mehr ändern. Sollten Sie einen Fehler gemacht haben, nehmen Sie bitte (in englischer Sprache) Kontakt zum Administrator auf. Sollten Sie Ihren Macintosh verkaufen, bitten Sie den Käufer die neuen Daten an den Administrator zu senden um die Datenbank aktuell zu halten. Hierfür ist die Seriennummer des Macintosh zu übermitteln, zusammen mit den neunen Daten.

Diese Datenbank wird hoffentlich ein verlässliches Forschungsinstrument für Benutzer klassischer Macintosh Computer. Hier ein paar Tipps zum Eintragen der Daten: Die Seriennummer ist die einzige geforderte Eingabe, der Rest ist freiwillig. Sie finden die Seriennummer auf einem Aufkleber auf dem Gehäuseunterteil, neben dem Kontastknopf). Geben Sie diese Seriennummer in den Decoder bei ein und lesen die spezifischen Informationen zu Ihrem Macintosh aus. Ihr Macintosh wird in der Datenbank mit der Seriennummer gelistet, egal wie er ggf. erweitert wurde. Bitte beachten Sie das die Datenbank nur folgende Modelle aufnimmt: Macintosh & Macintosh 128K (M0001), Macintosh 512K (M0001W), Macintosh 512Ke (M0001E), Macintosh Plus (M0001A), und weitere Endungen (P, D, etc.) und Apple Disk Drives die für den M0001, deren Herstellungsinformationen auch über den Decoder ausgelesen werden können. Diese beinhaltet die Hard Disk 20 (M0135), das 400K External Drive (M0130) und das 800K External Drive (M0131)

Bitte tragen Sie alle Computer und Harddrives ein die Sie in Ihrer Sammlung haben. Für RAM tragen Sie bitte den fest verlöteten RAM ein der nicht aus dem Rechner zu entfernen ist. Im Falle des MacPlus ist der gesammte RAM in Modulbauweise, tragen Sie hier den aktuellen RAM Wert ein. Bitte vergessen Sie nicht die "Dritthersteller" box NUR zu benutzen wenn es sich nicht um ein original Apple Computer Upgrade handelt (von 128K-512K-512Ke-Plus 1MB-2MB-2.5MB-4MB. Wenn Sie an der Gestaltung der Datenbank Einfluß nehmen wollen, registrieren Sie sich bitte bei diesem Forumbeitrag:, this one:!topic/vintage-macs/hGFksL2e1us , or contact the M0001 Registry administrator directly:.

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