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Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
MICHINDOH Pulling Association

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
 2005 Rules
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General Rules

Michindoh classes are:
6,000# Street Stock 4x4 (50% pay back)
6,200# Super Stock 2wd (points class)
6,200# Altered Stock 4x4 (points class)
7,500# Diesel Street Stock (50% pay back)
10,000# Pro Farm Tractors (points class)

Other classes will be offered if event allows.

Classes will have a random pulling order from event to event.

Drivers in all classes must be entered before the start of the pull.

Late entries for pro classes & altered: If not registered ˝ hour before posted start time, you will be fined $10.00 for late entry fee.

If you cannot be to the pull on time, you may pre-enter by contacting someone who can be there on time.

If you break before class starts, your money will be refunded.

NO Refunds after class starts.

The driver who is on the entry form must be the driver in the vehicle.

If a substitute is required, you must notify track officials before the vehicle is pulled up to the sled.

Drivers that make a full pull must be the drivers in the pull off. NO substitution will be allowed or the pull will be disqualified.

Only the official operating the pump and the owner of the vehicle being pumped will be allowed near the vehicle while being pumped.

As soon as the sled returns and the track equipment is cleared from the track, or the start line official calls you. The driver will have ONE MINUTE to hook to the sled and tighten the chain. After this time, the pull will be forfeited.

The total weight of pulling vehicle includes driver.

Drivers meeting -takes precedence over all written rules.

Cubic inch has no tolerance on tear down.

All drivers are required to wear helmets & jackets with a SFI rating of 3-2A-1, except street class.

If running alcohol, must wear helmet, nomex head sock, flame retardant suit, gloves, and shoes.

All pulling vehicles running alcohol fuel must have a flame identifier and have an “A” on three spots of the truck. A’s –two have to be 03” & on each side of the dog house. The 3rd has to be 4” and be put on the right side of the windshield. They must be either fluorescent orange or fluorescent green.

Board of directors has precedence over all rules.

Sealed Engine Rules: POINT CLASSES ONLY!
Trucks will be pumped prior to first pull or at first pull.

Motors will be sealed with a wire seal. If a person needs to break the seal for any reason, they will need to be re-pumped before next pull.

Any one needing to be pumped will need to get a hold of president, vice president.

Loss of anything off the vehicle (i.e.: weights, parts, etc.) while it is in motion, Except in case of breakage in the drive – line until red flag is waved.

Loss of safety equipment or failure of safety equipment to function.

Excessive loss of liquid or steady stream.

Illegal fuel and use of Nitrous Oxide.

Any part of your vehicle out of bounds from start to finish while under the green flag.

Unsafe operation of any vehicle in pits or on track (i.e.: no hole shots, excessive speed, etc.).

INTOXICATION of any driver or pit crew member or any smell of alcohol on a driver’s breathe.

Illegal equipment.

Leaving starting line under red flag.

Unsportsmanship like conduct.

No reverse in vehicle.

All pulling vehicles must have reverse lights (white light) & neutral start switches. It should be mounted near hitch. This is mandatory for all classes except street stock.


Protest & Tear Down Rules:
You may protest (if you are a yearly member) to have any vehicle pumped the night of a pull by presenting $50.00 to a track official. If the vehicle is found to be illegal, the person being protested must pay the $50.00.

You may also protest to have a vehicle torn down. The person protesting must bring $300.00 cash to a track official. The protest will be discussed. If the vehicle in question is to be torn down, it will have the option to do it at the track or at the nearest suitable location. If the vehicle in question is legal, IT will keep the $300.00 cash.

Any vehicle found illegal or refuses to be protested or teched, will be barred from competition for one year and one pull unless they are willing to pay a reinstatement fee of $300.00 to the Michindoh pulling club.

Any money & points to date won the day of the protest will be refunded. If the vehicle in question refuses to refund winnings, the amount of those winnings will be added to the reinstatement fee.

Tech officials have the right to have a valve cover pulled on any vehicle they feel may be in violation of any rules without a protest fee.

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association

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