Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
MICHINDOH Pulling Association

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
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About MICHINDOH Pulling Association

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Michindoh was originally formed as Tri-State Pullers. Tri- States main class at the time was the two-wheel drive class, although there was a small following of pro-stock four wheel drive trucks. In 1995, the Tri-State Pullers renamed the club to Michindoh, which is the abbreviation for Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Since 1995, Michindoh has seen much growth and changes. In the first couple of years, the schedule had five tto six pulls. Now Michindoh has grown to almost 20 pulls for the 2004 pulling season. This growth is possible because of the strong group of members that are also pulling competitors.

Membership Fees:

All drivers must pay a yearly $30.00 Michindoh membership fee and each pulling vehicle a $30.00 yearly fee. Everyone except the street class will pay a yearly membership. Every vehicle will pay an additional $5.00 for administration fees per event, except street class. Only those who have paid their membership fee in full will have the right to vote on rules. Make checks payable to: Michindoh Pulling Association

Mail to: Tim Hoffman, 6901 N 450 W Decatur, IN 46733

Track Preparation:

A Michindoh safety tech or officer will be in charge of track preparation and maintenance. All event personnel will be under their supervision. Failure of event personnel to comply will mean cancellation of the event. This rule has been added to provide better pulling tracks.

Points Rules:

Points will be awarded in the 6200lb. Super Stock 2wd, 6200lb. Pr Stock 4wd, 10,000lb. Farm Tractors, & 6200 lb. Altered. It is voluntary if you want to be in the point fund. There will only be one point system. The owner of each pro vehicle will be required to sell $100.00 of advertisement or $100.00 contribution to be in the point fund, except for the altered owners. They (altered) will have to pay a membership fee. All revenues will go into one point fund. If you are participating in the Points, you will receive a point check at the end of the season. There will be NO points paid for the Open Class. Points are paid out by a dollar value, per point to anyone participating in the points fund. Contributions and adds are due by April 1. 2004.

2005 MICHINDOH Pulling Association Officers:
President:   Tim Hoffman
V-President:  Mike Green, John Gilbert, Rich Hamilton
Treasure:  Tim Hoffman
Board of Directors Brent Secrest - Chairman
Micah Borne
Bill Mowery
Secretary:  Tammy Oliver

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association

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