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Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
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Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
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10,000# Hot Farm Tractors

Maximum 540 cubic inch limit.

Will allow water injection, single nozzle injection. Driver must be able to drink the water!!!

Factory after cooler allowed. AGRICULTURE USE ONLY.

Turbos limited to 3''inlet,31/2''outlet,no waste gates.Wheel must rotate in the bore,

No additional openings in compressor housing outside the 3''opening.MWE groove is allowed to be open.

Must have a 2.75''ID(+or- .005),restrictor plate,
no taper allowed,round opening 3/4''thick(+or-.005).Maximum of 1/16''radius in bore opening.

Restrictor must be screwed and sealed(o-rings or
gasket sealer)to the front face of the compressor

Inlet pipe must be the same size diameter for the
entire length .

No spacer plate behind or in front of restrictor

Maximum of 6'' from the front of the restrictor
plate to the face of the compressor wheel.

Factory cast iron cylinder head and block, no aluminum or deck plates.

Diesel fuel only, no additives or pressurized fuels.

Adopt NTPA guidelines for fuel. 4.9
Stock appearing manifolds (intake & exhaust).

Hitch height is maximum of 20”.

Must be within 18” to 30” behind the center of the rear axle.

Must be ridged with no movement in all directions.

No more than 1 ” difference between hitch mounting point and hitching point.

Hook hole is required to be a minimum of 3 ” ID (allow ample room for person hooking the chain).

Open Only: flexible hitch - 22” to 16”.

Tires & Wheels:
Maximum tire size 20.8/38.

Cut tires are allowed.

Front tires must track rear tires.

Kill switches mandatory.

Must have fire extinguisher.

Must have willy-bars.

Must have clutch blanket or shield installed 270 degrees 3/8 inch thick, and 12 inches wide.

Seat belts required.

Roll over protection will be mandatory in the 2004 season.

Must have a steel flywheel and clutch assembly.

Tractor must be in stock appearance, hoods, grills, & fenders, (except injection pump & after-cooler).

Factory placement of front weights.

Must have stock frame rails.

Must have internal brakes.


Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association

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