Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
MICHINDOH Pulling Association

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
 2005 Rules
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Altered Stock 4x4

No hood modifications.

Tires must be D.O.T. approved for highway use and uncut.

Weight rack permitted, for weights only, no more than 24" in front of the frame rails.
Protest rules in effect.
The decisions of the pulling officials are final.

Must have exhaust system behind cab.

Mandatory kill switches.

Trucks must have a full body, no flat beds or inner beds removed. (street altered, NOT pro stock.)

No hanging Weights,except on front weight bar.

No loose weights in cab.

Maximum hitch height is 26 inches,40''from center of rear end.

You must use a steel plate hook point with a minimum 31/2” hole.

Pivot point of hitch cannot be forward of center of rear axle. It must be below top of frame rails, and hook point must be 8” behind frame rail or body.

Hitches must be tight and have no movement in any direction.

Maximum 514 cubic inch limit.

Single four-barrel carburetor is allowed.

No predator, dominators, king demons (or their equivalents), turbos, or superchargers.

No fuel injection unless factory equipped.

Cast iron block and heads only,Aluminum intake allowed.

No pressurized fuels or alcohol.

Front of engine block cannot extend more than 10 inches in front of the center of the front axle.

Front axle must be in stock location.
Maximum wheel base 134 inches center to center.
Stock one ton or less drive- line.

May block frame solid. MUST HAVE u- joint covers and drive shaft loops on front and rear shaft.

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association

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