Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
MICHINDOH Pulling Association

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association
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Street Stock 4x4

General Rules:

1. Trucks must be licensed and street legal.
2. No pulling trucks to be adapted to street trucks.
3. No hood modifications.
4. Tires must be DOT approved for highway use.
12.50x33 inches, maximum tire size. No cut tires.
5. Stock one ton driveline or less, u-joint, driveshaft, rear end, etc.
6. You may block the frame.
7. No special bumpers, snowplow hookups or brush guards.
8. The decisions of the pulling officials are final.
9. Trucks must have reverse light of some sort.
10. 50% pay back.
11. Driveshaft loops and scatter blanket required if engine is modified in anyway.
12. Any unsafe manner of driving (on or off track) will be disqualified.
13. Top 3 placing trucks wil be teched after pull. Any truck in violation will be DQed and not allowed to pull until corrected.


1. Weights can be added in bed of truck only.


1. Hitches to be no more than 22in. off of ground and 8in. back from frame rail.
2. Clevis Style hooking device only. It must be a twist horizontal type.
3. You must use the factory bumper or a hitch as follows: Reese, Shelton, etc. The hitches must bolt on in the factory position, and have not modifications whatsoever. If you need to make a drop or lower the hitch point, it must be done with the insert.
4. Hitches must be tight and have no movement in any direction.


1. Maximum 472 cubic inch. Only factory equipped trucks over this rule will be permitted.
2. Single four-barrel carburetor. Single fuel inlet. No duel feed carbs. 750 CFM max.
3. No fuel injection unless factory equipped.
4. Cast iron block and heads must be used. No aluminum blocks or heads. All and heads must have OEM part number. No Merlin or Dart parts!!!
5. Aluminum intakes are allowed.
6. Headers are allowed. ALl exhaust must run through the muffler and be at least to the rear axle.
7. Factory ignition only. No magentos spark amplifiers, etc. (exp. Msd hifire mallory).
8. No electric water pumps or fans. They be belt driven unless factory equipped.
9. 94 octane gas or less. No racing fuel, alcohol, LP, nitrous oxide, or fuel additives.
10. No fuel cells or added gas tanks.
11. Stock fuel pump. No after market fuel pumps, mechanical or electric.
12. Engines must be able to pull 15 inches of vacuum at 800 rpms.
13. All drive lines in factory location.
14. No vacuum pumps of any sort are allowed.

Michindoh Pulling Association
Michindoh Pulling Association

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