Titannica "Fighting Fantasy" Gamebook Database
Titannica "Fighting Fantasy" Gamebook Database  

Part text, part numbers, this is a database in which YOU become the hero!

In this database there are 362 entries.

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Puffin Book No.Book TitleCover FormatDragon Back Cover "X Million Copies Sold!"Printing ImpressionBarcode IndicatorISBN #Price ()No. of Regular Gamebooks in ListYear of Impression (If Known)NotesGamebook Data From
54Legend of ZagorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil131901010-14-036566-43.99531993*FF51 titled incorrectly on listGallicus/Nedueb
54Legend of ZagorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil132902010-14-036566-43.9953 *FF51 titled incorrectly on listadalsgaard
54Legend of ZagorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil134904010-14-036566-43.9953 *FF51 titled incorrectly on listNedueb
54Legend of ZagorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil145905010-14-036566-43.9957 *FF51 title listed incorrectlySwainson
55DeathmoorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil131901010-14-036496-X3.99541994*FF51 titled incorrectly on listGallicus/Nedueb
55DeathmoorGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil142902010-14-036496-X3.9957 *FF51 titled incorrectly on listPaltogue
56Knights of DoomGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil141901010-14-036978-33.99551994 Gallicus/Nedueb
56Knights of DoomGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil143903010-14-036978-34.9959 *FF51 titled incorrectly on listPaltogue
57MagehunterGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil141901010-14-037013-73.99561995*FF51 titled incorrectly on listGallicus/Nedueb
58Revenge of the VampireGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil141901010-14-037245-83.99571995*"Presents" title not jet-black
*FF51 titled incorrectly on list
59Curse of the MummyGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil141901010-14-037553-83.99581995"Presents" title not jet-blackGallicus
59Curse of the MummyGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil141901020-14-037553-84.99581995*"Presents" title not jet-black
*Barcode covered by replacement sticker

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