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Part text, part numbers, this is a database in which YOU become the hero!

In this database there are 362 entries.

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Puffin Book No.Book TitleCover FormatDragon Back Cover "X Million Copies Sold!"Printing ImpressionBarcode IndicatorISBN #Price ()No. of Regular Gamebooks in ListYear of Impression (If Known)NotesGamebook Data From
20Sword of the SamuraiGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil1311911010-14-032087-33.9947  adalsgaard
21Trial of ChampionsAdventure Gamebook Banner 1900000-14-032039-31.95201986*Print History: 1986 (1st)Gallicus
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon85900000-14-032039-31.95251987*Print History: 1986 (1st); 1986 (3x); 1987Swainson
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon107900000-14-032039-32.25331988*Print History: 1986 (1st); 1986 (3x); 1987 (2x); 1988Gallicus
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon No Number108900000-14-032039-32.5033  Gallicus
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon Number Spine Only109909010-14-032039-33.5041  Gallicus/Nedueb
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil1211911010-14-032039-33.9949  adalsgaard
21Trial of ChampionsGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil1412912010-14-032039-33.9957 FF51 titled incorrectly on listadalsgaard
22Robot CommandoAdventure Gamebook Banner 1900000-14-032152-71.95211986*Banner and # in black
*Print History: 1986 (1st)
22Robot CommandoGolden Dragon84900000-14-032152-71.95271987*Print History: 1986 (1st); 1986 (2x); 1987Gallicus
22Robot CommandoGolden Dragon Number Spine Only107907010-14-032152-73.5041 *Price replacement stickerGallicus
22Robot CommandoGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil129909010-14-032152-73.9947  Gallicus
23Masks of MayhemAdventure Gamebook Banner 1900000-14-032154-31.95221986*No Puffin Logo on back cover
*Print History: 1986 (1st)
23Masks of MayhemGolden Dragon83900000-14-032154-31.95261987*Print History: 1986 (1st); 1986; 1987Gallicus*
23Masks of MayhemGolden Dragon84900000-14-032154-32.25301988 Gallicus
23Masks of MayhemGolden Dragon105900000-14-032154-32.2535  xceque
23Masks of MayhemGolden Dragon Number Spine Only106906010-14-032154-3 43  Gallicus
23Masks of MayhemGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil127907010-14-032154-33.9946  adalsgaard
24Creature of HavocAdventure Gamebook Banner 1900000-14-032040-71.95231986*Print History: 1986 (1st)Gallicus
24Creature of HavocGolden Dragon83900000-14-032040-72.25271987*Used in the "Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox - Green"Gallicus/Nedueb
24Creature of HavocGolden Dragon No Number106906010-14-032040-72.9939  Gallicus
24Creature of HavocGolden Dragon Number Spine Only108908010-14-032040-73.5044  Gallicus
24Creature of HavocGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil128909010-14-032040-73.9947 *Printing Impression incorrectGallicus
24Creature of HavocGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil1310910010-14-032040-73.9953  adalsgaard
25Beneath Nightmare CastleGolden Dragon81900000-14-032238-81.95241987*Print History: 1987 (1st)Gallicus
25Beneath Nightmare CastleGolden Dragon82900000-14-032238-81.95271987*Used in the "Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox - Green"Nedueb
25Beneath Nightmare CastleGolden Dragon83900000-14-032238-82.25301988 Gallicus*
25Beneath Nightmare CastleGolden Dragon104900000-14-032238-82.25331988*Print History: 1987 (1st); 1987; 1988 (2x)Gallicus*
25Beneath Nightmare CastleGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil106906010-14-032238-83.5044  adalsgaard
26Crypt of the SorcererGolden Dragon81900000-14-032155-11.9501987*No gamebook list
*Print History: 1987 (1st)
26Crypt of the SorcererGolden Dragon83900000-14-032155-12.2501988*No gamebook list
*Print History: 1987 (1st); 1987; 1988
26Crypt of the SorcererGolden Dragon Number Spine Only105905010-14-032155-12.9938  Gallicus*
26Crypt of the SorcererGolden Dragon Number Spine Only106906010-14-032155-1 43  Gallicus
26Crypt of the SorcererGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil138908010-14-032155-13.9951 *FF51 titled incorrectly on listadalsgaard
27Star StriderGolden Dragon81900000-14-032265-51.95261987*Used in the "Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebox - Green"
*Print History: 1987 (1st)
27Star StriderGolden Dragon No Number104900000-14-032265-52.5038 *Gamebook list unnumberedSwainson
27Star StriderGolden Dragon Number Spine Only105905010-14-032265-53.5041  adalsgaard
27Star StriderGolden Dragon No Number106906010-14-032265-5 44  Gallicus
28Phantoms of FearGolden Dragon81900000-14-032411-92.25271987*Print History: 1987 (1st)Gallicus
28Phantoms of FearGolden Dragon Number Spine Only104904010-14-032411-92.9941 *Originally came with Puffin price sticker (price unknown). Price beneath: 2.99
*Dedication appears on copyright page
28Phantoms of FearGolden Dragon Number Spine Only105905010-14-032411-9 43  Gallicus
28Phantoms of FearGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil136906010-14-032411-93.9947 *Dedication appears on copyright pageadalsgaard
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon81900000-14-032378-31.95281987*Print History: 1987 (1st)Gallicus
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon No Number103900000-14-032378-32.2536 *Gamebook list unnumberedxceque
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon No Number104900000-14-032378-32.5038  adalsgaard
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon Number Spine Only105905010-4-032378-33.5041 *Price sticker on backSwainson
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon Number Spine Only106906010-14-032378-3 43  Gallicus
29Midnight RogueGolden Dragon No Bronze-Foil127907010-14-032378-33.9943  adalsgaard
30Chasms of MaliceGolden Dragon81900000-14-032475-52.25291987*No Puffin Logo on spine
*Print History: 1987 (1st)
30Chasms of MaliceGolden Dragon No Number103900000-14-032475-52.5037 *No Puffin Logo on spine
*Gamebook list unnumbered
*FF37 titled incorrectly on list

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