Irish Birth Records from 1620
Irish Birth Records from 1620  

A collection of Parish and other birth records dating from 1620 up to 1900.

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NameBirth DateDOBBirth PlaceParents' Names
Edmond Morrissey06-Mar-676 Mar 1867Kilpatrick District, Tipperary, IrelandEdmond Morrissey, Margaret Triehy
Patrick Griffin16-Mar-6716 Mar 1867Shanagolden, Lim, IrelandGerald Griffin, Kate Trehy
Patrick Griffin16-Mar-6716 Mar 1867Limerick, IrelandGerald Griffin, Kate Trehy
Honora Holohan06-Apr-676 Apr 1867No 4 St. Michals, Lim, IrelandMartin Holohan, Mary Trehy
Honora Holohan06-Apr-676 Apr 1867Clare, IrelandMartin Holohan, Mary Trehy
Mary Trahey06-Apr-676 Apr 1867St Marys, Lim, IrelandThomas Trahey, Catherine Kennedy
Mary Trahey06-Apr-676 Apr 1867Clare, IrelandThomas Trahey, Catherine Kennedy
Patrick Trehy21-Apr-6721 Apr 1867Croom, Lim, IrelandMichael Trehy, Catherine Fitzgerald
Patrick Trehy21-Apr-6721 Apr 1867Cork, IrelandMichael Trehy, Catherine Fitzgerald
Mary Trehy05-May-675 May 1867No 4 St. Michals, Lim, IrelandJames Trehy, Bridget Kane
Mary Trehy05-May-675 May 1867Clare, IrelandJames Trehy, Bridget Kane
Kate Trihy11-Jun-6711 Jun 1867Dungarvan, Wat, IrelandDaniel Trihy, Mary Sullivan
Kate Trihy11-Jun-6711 Jun 1867Waterford, IrelandDaniel Trihy, Mary Sullivan
Thomas Mc Auliffe09-Jul-679 Jul 1867Limerick, IrelandJohn Mc Auliffe, Debora Trahy
Thomas Mc Auliffe09-Jul-679 Jul 1867Clarina, Lim, IrelandJohn Mc Auliffe, Debora Trahy
Mary Healy12-Aug-6712 Aug 1867Rathkeale, Lim, IrelandPatt Healy, Ellen Trehy
Mary Healy12-Aug-6712 Aug 1867Limerick, IrelandPatt Healy, Ellen Trehy
Mary Anne Corcoran13-Aug-6713 Aug 1867Limerick, IrelandPat Corcoran, Bridget Trahy
Mary Anne Corcoran13-Aug-6713 Aug 1867St Marys No 1, Lim, IrelandPat Corcoran, Bridget Trahy
Michael Houlihan06-Sep-676 Sep 1867Limerick, IrelandJames Houlihan, Caroline Treahy

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