Irish Birth Records from 1620
Irish Birth Records from 1620  

A collection of Parish and other birth records dating from 1620 up to 1900.

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NameBirth DateDOBBirth PlaceParents' Names
John Morrissy18-Jan-6518 Jan 1865Kilpatrick District, Tipperary, IrelandEdmond Morrissy, Margt. Treahy
John Mullowny24-Jan-6524 Jan 1865Castlemartyr District, Cork, IrelandMichael Mullowny, Ellen Trahy
Bridget Trehy04-Feb-654 Feb 1865Askeaton, Limerick, IrelandJohn Trehy, Bridget Neville
Bridget Treahey24-Mar-6524 Mar 1865Marys, Limerick, Limerick, IrelandThomas Treahey, Catherine Kennedy
Ellen Trehy30-Mar-6530 Mar 1865Croom, Limerick, IrelandJames Trehy, Catherine Connell
Thomas Trehy03-Jun-653 Jun 1865Clogheen, Tipp, IrelandMargaret Trehy
Thomas Trehy03-Jun-653 Jun 1865Clogheen, Tipperary, IrelandMargaret Trehy
Ellen Molony16-Jun-6516 Jun 1865Pallaskenry, Limerick, IrelandDavid Molony, Ellen Trehy
Catherine Trihey06-Aug-656 Aug 1865Tipperary, Tipperary, IrelandJohn Trihey, Catherine Darmody
Michael Trehy15-Aug-6515 Aug 1865Shanagolden, Limerick, IrelandMichael Trehy, Bridget Enright
Ellen Hyde11-Sep-6511 Sep 1865Kilmeadan, Waterford, IrelandWilliam Hyde, Mary Trehy
Ann Toohey03-Oct-653 Oct 1865Newport, Tipperary, IrelandDaniel Toohey, Mary Trehey
William Trighey01-Nov-651 Nov 1865Youghal District, Cork, IrelandJohn Trighey, Johanna Oneil
David Mcauliffe02-Dec-652 Dec 1865Clarina, Limerick, IrelandJohn Mcauliffe, Deborah Trahy
Patrick Trihy12-Jan-6612 Jan 1866Waterford, IrelandMichael Trihy, Mary Diaine Trihy
John Mcgrath13-Jan-6613 Jan 1866Fethard, Tipperary, IrelandPatrick Mcgrath, Mary Trehy
Margaret Mccarthy31-Jan-6631 Jan 1866Tipperary, Tipperary, IrelandJeremiah Mccarthy, Margaret Trihey
Michael Mccarthy31-Jan-6631 Jan 1866Tipperary, Tipperary, IrelandJeremiah Mccarthy, Margaret Trihey
Patrick Trehy11-Feb-6611 Feb 1866Bruff, Limerick, IrelandJeremiah Trehy, Mary Carroll
Patrick Trahey12-Feb-6612 Feb 1866Limerick, Limerick, IrelandTom Trahey, Catherine Kennedy

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