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Welcome to the Axis Squad Page, where we recognise the achievements of Axis squads.

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TagSquad_nameCODate CreationLogo
11mid11th Marine-Infanterie-DivisionKenki25-Jul-2008 
138th138th Fighting HellfishKbuzz10126-Sep-2008
15DAK15 Division Afrika KorpsTele1530-May-2006
16id16th Infanterie DivisionTiger1611-Apr-2005
1775rdf1775th Rapid Deployment ForceMattwitt24-Aug-2004
1lb1st Lithuanian Brigade "Iron Wolves"Hondo1725-Dec-2002
1PD1. Panzerdivisiontomate814-Jan-2009 
1stdps1st Defense Patrol SquadronScum15-Dec-2004 
1stFJ1st Fallschirmjäger RegimentRaftrey24-Jun-2001 
1sthpr1st Hunyadi Panzer RegimentHupihun27-Oct-2003 
1stjager1st GebirgsjägerCoopes12-Nov-2006
1stRecon ( Disbanded )1st Reconnaissance FallschrimjagerLostkill31-May-2009 
1strg1st Reich's GuardEnforcer23-Dec-2006 
2325inf82nd ABN White FalconsTomripp9-Jun-2001 
24pb24th Panzer BrigadeMeryk9-Sep-2005
2mid2. Marine-Infanterie-DivisionSleegerCeased 
2pzd2nd panzer-divisionNastygas21-Oct-2007 

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