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Welcome to the Axis Squad Page, where we recognise the achievements of Axis squads.

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TagSquad_nameCODate CreationLogo
300BIA300 batallon de ingenieros de asaltoWampire13-May-2006 
32ndThe 32nd Armored InfantryWM7130-Sep-2001 
361beo361st BeobachterPraevus87-Sep-2008 
3dlmTroisième Division Légère MotoriséeManagu5-Jun-2001 
3FJR3rd Fallschirmjager RegimentKnotking13-Jan-2007
3PzG3rd PanzergruppePeepers3-Jul-2001 
404thSG404th Sniper GroupWrath0411-Sep-2004 
44th44th Eisenmanner AbteilungSchulz11-Sep-2004 
4th_fgEagle Squadrons/4th Fighter GroupManhi5-Jun-2001 
503-abt503-Panzer abteilugenNoda5031-Jan-2005
503rdtig503rd Tiger BattalionHummel2114-Nov-2008 
505thPZHeavy Tank Battalion 505Gunner442-Sep-2004
5thgb5th Gebirgsjaeger divGarz11-Aug-2006 
644thWB644th Wild Boar DivisionCse64417-Jun-2001 
69thbr69th Combined Arms BrigadeSlidew5-Jan-2006 
74flak74th Flak BattalionApbarog27-Aug-2006 
75th75th GuardsColdwind9-Nov-2007 
7ID7.Infanterie DivisionJurgass9-Jul-2001

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