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    Message from Lindsay on 6/28 2010, 01:01 -06:00

    How do I display the datatbase?

      I know I am supposed to use <*do action=all*> (without the asterisks of course), but i put it on the html part and it's not working. What is the exact code I am supposed to use?

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    Message from Keiron on 7/25 2010, 12:19 +00:00
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    Searching Text Area Fields


      I want to be able to search for any text string in either a long text field or a text area. Is this possible? At the moment I just seem to be able to search on the first word in the field of a long text field.

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    Message from Claus on 7/26 2010, 19:54 +01:00

    Re: Searching Text Area Fields

      I think, fullsearch works in fre baseportal,too.

      index is free programming and you must write a script for using it.


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