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    Message from Pulson229 on 3/30 2010, 09:58 +00:00


      Interesting post dude....discussion are always helpful in one way or the other. Thanks for giving out information. It’s really nice and mean full.


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    Message from Tully on 4/15 2010, 12:38 +10:00


      Our organusation currently has a database with only one user login. This allows the person to modify and add data. We want to create another login so that visitors can access the database without being able to adjust the database. Is this possible?
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    Message from xfce on 4/15 2010, 09:38 +00:00

    Re: Users

      Go to Administration

      -> choose your database
      -> klick management
      -> search for: "For a more differentiated protection you need a user database.Select an existing user database:" and/or "...or create a new user database:"
      -> try out

      und lese hier:
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