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Write an open source web based editor.

Stop! We do NOT want to write a web based WEB editor, where you can edit a web page without knowing HTML - we want to write a real (programmer's) editor located on a web page in your browser...

Take a look on the snapshot to the right: Imagine you can click into this web page and edit the code with all the features you know from your favorite local text editor.

Well, why don't you try it? ,-))


Wanted features for htmledit:
  • Fast & Small
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Tab, Indent/Deindent
  • Tags & Commands List with Integrated Help
  • Set and Jump To Marks
  • CSS Tool
  • Folding
  • ...


  • Christoph Bergmann
  • Dennis Schwiderski
  • Andreas Jurenda
  • ...
more to come ;-))

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