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Ercana Pellet Database


How to calculate average First look at your first number before dropping any pellets. lets say your first number is 1456 and your last number is 2675. Take 2675 - 1456 this gives you your total. 2675-1456=1219. Now take the total and divide it by 5. 2675/5=243.8. average for these sample pellets are 243.8. This would be entered into the database.


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Burner 1 (T/W/H):30/30/30
Burner 2 (T/W/H):30/30/30
Burner 3 (T/W/H):30/30/30
Burner 4 (T/W/H):30/30/30
avg Points:968

This calculator is for the average of 5 pellets.


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