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1960-2015 Penpal and Mail Order Publications
- worldwide club directory of died and current papers

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YearClub / MagazineCountry, codeHomepage
1995Dart Mail INYF49- 
1995Dreams and Fiery Glance LTYA50- 
1995Early Bird Marketing GBYA116- 
1995Etablissement Manasse CIYG19- 
1995Euromarkt Magazine Int値 - DecBEYM176- 
1995FB Bulletin
1995Friendslinks Worldwide GHYH249+ 
1995Fun Mail INYM60- 
1995GITP IDYE68+ 
1995Global Penfriends HUYL45- 
1995Global Penpal Service AUYB303- 
1995Global Village USYM124- 
1995Good Friends 、 1LKYC343+ 
1995Gulf Stamp Collectors Club QAXE146+ 
1995Hello Friends Club INYF58- 
1995Info from India INYH260- 
1995InfoBank International 、 25INYJ101- 
1995Instituto Internacional De Matrimonios COYE262- 
1995Inter Mail Contact , AugDEYG103+ 
1995Intermail Contact
1995International Friendship Magazine 、 JunUSYG81- 
1995International Jain Friends 、 10INYM65+ 
1995International Youth Club
1995Intimate Pal
1995Int値 Penfriendship PKYG218- 
1995Int値 Postcard Exchange USYH96- 
1995Irish Phonecard Int値 IEYA114- 
1995Lightning Advertiser MUYD167- 
1995Lilit Marriage Agency Co Ltd RUYJ63- 
1995Lone Star Hobby Mailer
1995Lovely Message
1995Loving Alternatives 、 1USYC4+ 
1995M's Pals / Ads Club JPYE40- 
1995Mail Order India International 、 3INYK367+ 
1995Mail Order News 、 JunINYE27+ 
1995Marriage agency BYYH23- 
1995Meher Mail Order Bulletin 、 6INZC149+ 
1995Mindanao Correspondence
1995MLM opportunities MTYD137- 
1995Monthly Ad USYL83- 
1995Network Internat値 Trade Communications 、 1MUYL156+ 
1995New Friends 1BDYC79+ 
1995One World Magazine
1995Open Forum 、 9GRYJ330+ 
1995Overseas AUYH91- 
1995Overseas MOB Market Observer INYE224+ 
1995Pak Girls
1995Palinks Club NGYF221- 
1995Palinks Magazine
1995Penfriendship DecBRYM131- 
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942 entries in all:  1  51  101  151  201  251  301  351  401  451  >> 

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