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Club / Magazine:Mail Trader
Address:George O. Dillon, PO Box 1302, Springfield. Illinois 62705, USA
Country, code:US
Description:Mail Trader was one of the leading magazines for Mail Order dealers in the 60's, established already in 1929 !!! When Di'Wan Company bought the publishing rights they changed the 6x9 magazine into 8x11 web offset printed magazine, 23.000-up copies per issue.
I was working in the local daily newspaper in 1969 and tried join the syndicated web offset printing and publishing co-operation system. Read Geo's reply to me, it is above... The syndicated magazines were Mail Trade, National Mail Advertiser, Opportunities Advertiser, Mail Order Opportunities, International Advertiser and Internationale PAX.
It's a pity that the syndicate died within very short time, I'd join similar syndicate at once now in 2008 !!!!

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Raimo Kaarna

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