Character Database
Character Database
Characters are never deleted from the database on Shaman. This is a full record of every character since we first opened in 2009. Only part of the information is shown in the main view; to see more information, click the character's name.

playerless characters
If a player no longer wants a character, they can opt to make that character "playerless" by posting on the updates board. This means that the player relinquishes all rights to that character and offers it up stipulation-free to other players. Anyone can take a character listed as "playerless" in the Player field and do whatever they like with it.

If you want to offer up your character to others but have rules/stipulations about what they can do with it, do not make it playerless. Ask on the chat board instead if anyone wants to play it.

To find playerless characters, search "playerless" in the Player field. Claim playerless characters on the updates board. You can make up any information not listed in the database (e.g. personality, history, appearance).

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RivenFGnar (male wildebeest)AliveCali
TindraFAsha (female West Indian Manatee)AliveCali
ElowenFRafe (male caliga fish)AliveAspelta
VossMLowan (male scarlet macaw)AliveFennic
MorgonmSybel (female barn owl)aliveDema
FinchMDaya (female velociraptor)AliveMerlin
MordecaiMEzara (female great cormorant)AliveAspelta
GrimnirMNjal (male tiger x polar bear)AliveFennic
LincolnMDusk (male tiger quoll)AliveFennic
TiahleighFDawn (female albino tiger quoll)AliveFennic

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