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playerless characters
If a player no longer wants a character, they can opt to make that character "playerless" by posting on the updates board. This means that the player relinquishes all rights to that character and offers it up stipulation-free to other players. Anyone can take a character listed as "playerless" in the Player field and do whatever they like with it.

If you want to offer up your character to others but have rules/stipulations about what they can do with it, do not make it playerless. Ask on the chat board instead if anyone wants to play it.

To find playerless characters, search "playerless" in the Player field. Claim playerless characters on the updates board. You can make up any information not listed in the database (e.g. personality, history, appearance).

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Heritage:Adonis x Aura
Hair Colour:Dirty Blonde (bbRR)
Eye Colour:Brown (BbGg)
Skin Tone:Medium (type iii)
Wings:Sacred Ibis
Familiar:Morveren (female vaporeon; hyper beam)
Level:Points:X:3030 Orbis
Ren:Silver Medallion with Moon Insignia
Physical or Neuro-Diversity:
  • Carrier for Soul Sight
  • Brittle Bone Disease Type I
  • Scratch-like Birthmark
  • Autism
  • Powers:
  • Polylingual
  • Water Manipulation
  • Water Temperature Manipulation
  • Water Vision
  • Water Construct
  • Can Breathe Underwater
  • Ship Control
  • Upgraded Ice Manipulation: can create ice which doesn't melt
  • Dry Ice Manipulation
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Electrical Manipulation
  • Lunar Enhancement
  • Lunar Manipulation
  • Affinity (wolves)
  • Shapeshifting (wolf)
  • Werewolf: supersized
  • Traits:
  • Changing Mark: star-shaped, connected with Aura (glows when she's listening; fades when she's dying)
  • Coins:-
    Assigned Items:
  • Replica Divine Pendant (Aura)
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Sailing Boat: The Akhet
  • Large Ship: The Ibis
  • Two-Way Mirror: Tristan has the other half
  • Poppins Bag: in the form of a rucksack
  • Everlasting Candle
  • Magic Quill
  • Prayer Ring (Aura)
  • Amazonite Gem
  • Moonstone
  • Gold Dalmatian Locket: can store living beings in its protective gem
  • Pets:
  • Buddhist Pet: male, "Toby", currently in the form of a Musk Ox
  • Unicorn: female, "Eris", palomino
  • Littlest Ghost: male dog, "Salem"
  • Arion Horse: female, "Calypso", made of water
  • Sassy Festive Snake: male Mexican Black King, "Zorro"
  • Divinity-Infused Rat: male, "Scurry", fawn, meticulously cleans up after you
  • Status:Alive

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