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Playerless Characters
If a player no longer wants a character, they can opt to make that character "playerless" by posting on the updates board. This means that the player relinquishes all rights to that character and offers it up stipulation-free to other players. Anyone can take a character listed as "playerless" in the Player field and do whatever they like with it. To find playerless characters, search "playerless" in the Player field. Claim playerless characters on the updates board. You can make up any information not listed in the database (e.g. personality, history, appearance).

Adoptable Characters
Adoptable characters are ones which anyone can adopt, with a few conditions attached. To find adoptable characters, simply search "adoptable" in the Player field. If you see a character you like, contact the person whose name is in brackets after "adoptable".

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Hair Colour:Dark brown (BBRr)
Eye Colour:Brown (BBgg)
Skin Tone:Type III
Wings:White albatross
Children:1. Ewan (x Twinge)
2. Stellemaria (x Rhosalyn)
Familiar:Elle (female newfoundland dog)
Level:Points:X:3000 Medicus, "The Carpenter"
Level Abilities:
  • Fully developed wings
  • Can change hair and eye colour to any colour
  • Can alter skin colour to any natural colour and remove scars from own body
  • Can alter hair length
  • Can alter body proportions, add/remove fat, alter height (min 3ft, max 8ft)
  • Can entice wild animals close enough to touch
  • Can grow a second heart, increasing natural lifespan to thousands of years
  • Can survive strangulation and the stopping of one heart
  • Can be killed but not die of old age
  • Weak Eternal Youth/slowed ageing
  • Can regenerate up to 12 times
  • Can go into a healing coma if severely injured
  • Telepathy
  • Sees time in a non-linear fashion, enabling them to see what was or could be
  • Advanced Time Manipulation: can travel back and forth in time but not cross own timeline
  • Familiars can travel any distance
  • Familiars can grow wings
  • Familiar has the same powers as their fairy
  • Ren:Wooden horse
    Physical or Neuro-Diversity:-
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Time Manipulation
  • Mind Blocking
  • Persuasion
  • Electrical Manipulation
  • Weak Memory Manipulation
  • Psychic Weaponry
  • Traits:-
    Assigned Items:
  • Aventurine Gem
  • Pets:-

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