Non-Player Characters
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non-player characters
These characters are admin-created and can be used by anyone. You cannot roleplay as these characters specifically, but you can use them in your posts (for example, one of them might attack your character) and in plots and you can powerplay them.

All fairy characters can be adopted at any time, if you want to play them permanently! Once adopted, the character will be set at Level I: 0 points. To adopt one, simply post on updates! If you have a character you want to give up as an NPC, post on updates too. Be warned; once you give up a character as an NPC, anyone can use it however they like!

If you would like to use an NPC fairy as a parent for a character when breeding, please speak to an admin. You may have to pay a fee in doubloons.

(*) Indicates that this name has been or can be used by real characters.

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Hanna BrowningstoneFairyTeacher (lawyer)F
Cesare TrimboliFairyTeacher (musician)M
Halle FossenFairyTeacher (blacksmith)F
Oxana MikhailovnaFairyTeacher (fashion designer/tailor)F
Theodore GreysonFairyTeacher (carpenter)M
Thomas ClarkeFairyTeacher (scribe)M
Dr Ajit GuptaFairyTeacher (doctor)M
Right Paw Missing Two ToesRatInformerM
Versya RaleighFairyTeacher (politician)F
Major Norris LakerFairyRetired teacher (soldier)M
Lyra KellFairyTeacher (pioneer)F
George BodminFairyTeacher (builder)M
Jaime AlanFairyTeacher (chef)F
Jennifer LearyFairyTeacher (farmer)F
PlethubisAncient CreatureVillainM
Tarquin (*)FairyYoung CourtierM
Albert (*)FairyYoung CourtierM
Lawrence (*)FairyYoung CourtierM

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