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Message from : aliceperry on 1/27 2023, EMail: aliceperryus@gmail.com
Procedure of laser cataract surgery

    To remove a cataract from the eye, laser cataract surgery is used. The condition known as a cataract occurs when the eye's lens becomes clouded. As the fibres and proteins begin to degrade, the eye's lens becomes hazy. The outcome is blurry vision for the cataract sufferer. The hazy lens is cut into tiny pieces using a laser during laser cataract surgery, and the pieces are then removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens.
    How laser cataract surgery is is done?
    • The ophthalmologist first determines the presence of a cataract, examines it, and tracks its development. The next step is for him or her to suggest laser cataract surgery, if it's necessary at this point.
    • Before the procedure, you are given eye drops to numb your eye and local anaesthetic to relax you so that you won't feel any discomfort during the procedure.
    • In order to separate the hazy lens into smaller pieces during laser cataract surgery, a tiny probe containing ultrasonic energy is placed into the small incision that has been made on the surface of the eye. The other probe is then inserted to suction out the lens once the first probe has been removed.
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