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Message from : xiaohei xiaohei on 10/7 2023, EMail: leadingcoating1@gmail.com
Industrial kiln energy-saving technology

    In industrial production, the heat generated by fuel combustion is used, or electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, so as to purchase thermal equipment used in various processing techniques such as smelting, heating, drying, sintering, cracking and distillation of workpieces or materials. It is called an industrial furnace. Industrial kilns are mainly composed of furnace lining, furnace frame, heating device (such as combustion device, electric heating element), preheater, furnace front pipe, smoke exhaust system, furnace machinery and other parts.Vacuum Heat Treatment for Gear Manufacturing At present, industrial furnace metal is widely used in all walks of life in the economy, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food and ceramics. It has many varieties, high energy consumption and great influence.Application example of vacuum heat treatment technology in mold It is a key equipment for industrial heating. The development of its heating technology and the adoption of high-efficiency energy-saving technology have a great impact on improving product quality, reducing production costs, rationally utilizing energy, improving working conditions, and realizing civilized production.Powder Metallurgy Gear Manufacturing Process There are many types of industrial kilns, and they need to meet different application backgrounds and production process requirements in different industries. Industrial kilns should generally meet the following requirements:Vacuum Furnaces Leaks and Detection Techniques (1) The furnace temperature and atmosphere are easy to control, ensuring that the quality of thermally processed products meets process requirements; (2) The furnace productivity is high; (3) High thermal efficiency and low energy consumption per unit product;
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