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Message from : Kent Griffith on 6/17 2024, EMail: boxcancer98@gmail.com
Optimizing OMSA Performance Monitoring for Our Data Center

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently managing a Dell server setup in our data center and have been extensively using OMSA for monitoring and management. I've encountered a few challenges and am looking for some advice from the community on optimizing our setup.

    Issues Encountered:

    Performance Overheads: We've noticed that the server performance dips significantly when OMSA's monitoring services are active. Are there specific settings or configurations within OMSA that can help minimize this impact?

    Alert Configuration: Our team is finding the default alert settings a bit too verbose, leading to alert fatigue. How do others customize their alert configurations? Are there best practices for setting up thresholds for various hardware components?

    Remote Management: We have several remote servers, and using OMSA remotely has sometimes been unreliable. What are the recommended configurations or tools for ensuring stable remote access?

    Integration with Other Tools: We're considering integrating OMSA data with our existing monitoring solutions (like Nagios or Grafana). Has anyone done this successfully? Any tips or pitfalls to avoid?

    I'd appreciate any insights or experiences you could share regarding these topics. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Best regards,
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