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Database of political consultants



To avoid spam and abuses, we decided to not disclose addresses, phone/fax/mobile numbers and email addresses of people listed here. However, you will be asked to submit them and they will be kept in our database in case of need.

Anyone who wants to contact a specific person who's listed here, must send us an email containing the request and the purpose of it. We will send contact data only if we consider it exists a legitimate interest (e.g. professional/academic contacts, candidates who want to hire a political a.s.o.). In some cases, we will request the specific permission of the owner to do this. Although it's a complicate process, we want to maintain a fair balance between the necessity of publicity and privacy protection.

If we will find that someone enlisted here by fraud, we will immediately and permanently remove that entry. However, we can't guarantee to anyone that will be enlisted here forever. If you think you were removed by mistake, contact us.

Any professional who's listed here and wants to be removed has to contact us from the same email address he/she submitted here .

Please report any abuse of using this database. Thank you!

Quick help: For search, you can choose only one criterion or more, to refine search. To read more details about a person, click on his/her last name. To submit your name, click on "New" category, then fill the form with your data and click "submit". If you read the message "Entry added...", don't send your data more than once, because you are instantaneously added to the database. If you see the message "Invalid entry" it means you made a mistake in filling the form (usually invalid email) and have to fill it again with correct information.

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