USMLE Step 2 CS (CSA) Experiences
USMLE Step 2 CS (CSA) Experiences
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    Exam Center:Atlanta
    Exam Date:30.April.2007
    Weeks for Result:6
    My Experience:proctors r friendly.most of sp's (elderly aged)r friendly.i had problem with understanding fast english and slang of 3 sp's who r 16-18 years older and r african americans.i followed what digital doc website says in every bit of sp encounter protocol,draping,history taking,answering challenging q's(remember they can ask u a q. at any time of your encounter)PE and councelling.many of my sp's didn't smoke,didn't drink alcohol and have no std related chances(i wonder why?).while washing hands i observed that sp's r watching me from corner of their eyes.i could'nt complete PE in many cases.ran out of time in first case.but completed most of cases in time.missed a lot of q's in phone case(actually i completed encounter in 6 min.,answered all q's sp asked.stressed her the importance of visiting hospital etc)but once i come out and started writing PN then i realized that i asked about HPI ,past history only and forget about every thing n drink they served in brake is ok.but i took my own food.
    My Advice & My Errors:follow what digital doc says in his website regarding every thing related to CS.i promise it helps u alot. have a smiling face always. try to answer sp's q. immediately.(and by this i mean don't postpone it to end where there will be chances of forgetting the q. or running out of time) i showed facial concern while listening to their complaints. stay in a confident manner.n if u make a mistake admit it. closing encounter is a must for every case. try to summarize their complaints,brief positive history,PE findings. tell them 1)what u r going to do next,like ordering tests 2)what they can do till u get results(like UTI-drink plenty of water, fever-cold sponging etc.) close encounter by asking is there any thing they want to add up or do they have any concerns(this is what saved me in phone case) fill PN with all information u got. remembering DD'S etc...i think u can find them every where.
    My Stay / Cost / Travel to Center:stayed at a friend's home.
    Name :bhanusupriya somarouthu


    Exam Center: Atlanta  Chicago  Houston  Los Angeles  Philadelphia

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    Exam Center: Atlanta  Chicago  Houston  Los Angeles  Philadelphia
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