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    Message from Sander on 8/12 2009, 19:38 +00:00 on a new server

      in the last days we moved to another server.
      Some errors could occur (like export and languages), we will fix them asap in the next days.


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    Message from Sprinta100m on 8/14 2009, 21:27 +00:00
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    Adding Caption?

      How do i add a "caption" to the following table?

      <do headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 headbold=1 localparams=+ action=all db=100m range^=0,1000 sort=Event,Mark searchfields=Event,Mark,Wind,Position,Athlete,Meet,Location,Date listfields=Event,Mark,Wind,Position,Athlete,Meet,Location,Date allfields=Event,Mark,Wind,Position,Athlete,Meet,Location,Date formfields=Event,Mark,Wind,Position,Athlete,Meet,Location,Date showamount=no selectbrowse=top buttonbrowse=top pagebrowse=top indexbrowse=top spacing=4 gridcolor=- datasize=4 databack=FFFFFF databack2=FFFFFF dataalign=Left headcolor=000000 headback=FFFFFF headalign=Left textback=FFFFFF listtype=list language=en detail=no search=no input=link><br/>

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    Message from Sander on 8/15 2009, 14:02 +00:00

    Re: Adding Caption?

      put a table around <do action...

      <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
      <do action....>

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    Message from Sprinta100m on 8/18 2009, 12:06 +00:00

    Adding caption?

      Thanks. Much appreciated
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