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    Message from Mark on 11/13 2011, 22:17 +00:00

    Retrieve a single data from BASEPORTAL


      I created a database in baseportal. Now i want to access it using php code. does anyone know how to connect to it and read the data?

      in php and mySQL, i use the following code to open connection mySQL database


      $user_name = "root";
      $password = "";
      $database = "addressbook";
      $server = "";

      mysql_connect($server, $user_name, $password);

      print "Connection to the Server opened";


      How can i open connection to baseportal? please help.

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    Message from Fernando on 12/21 2011, 13:34 +00:00

    Export dbase


      Thanks for this great service.

      One think I want to ask you: can I put my database in a computer with no internet access?

      Many Thanks
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