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Tents8 kBDebi CR
June 06, 2004
Daniel musings.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | POV |

The Coldest of Hearts244 kBJackie O'Neill NutPG13
September 12, 2004
From a beautiful day out - comes tragedy ... how can things go so wrong?
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |

The Conspiracy Seriesoff-siteTiv'esterPG
September 30, 2003
Jack does not accept the fact that Daniel has resigned from the SGC, but when the truth of his friend's disappearance is known, it may be too much for the Colonel to bear. Can Jack help save Daniel from a fate worse than death or will he lose him to an enemy feared even by the Goa'uld?
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Series |

The First Stargate116 kBOneStargateNineChevronsPG
November 08, 2005
We all know the Ancients invented the Stargates. When and why? Here's my answer.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

The Games People Playoff-siteBaileysPG13
May 27, 2005
We fool ourselves into thinking we’re okay when we’re not, that we have dealt with our past when we haven’t. Daniel's recreation in the Game Keepers virtual world raises some questions amongst his team.
| Gen | Angst | Missing Scene/Epilogue | Smarm |

The Good Son3 kBDebi CG
June 06, 2004
Kasuf of Abydos speaks of his children.
| Gen | Daniel/Other | Angst | Challenge | POV |

The Grudge24 kBMacPG
March 24, 2005
Kavanaugh still isn't happy with Dr. Weir after the events in Thirty-Eight Minutes. This fic comes to show you how unhappy he is. Definite Shweir tones.
| Het | Alternate Universe | WIP |

The Importance of the Effects of the Phases of the Moon on Interstellar Phenomenaoff-siteLady AnneG
January 12, 2004
Hm... The importance of the effects of the phases... Seriously, the title says it all, and is probably longer than the actual fic.
| Gen | None | Angst | Humor |

The Labyrinth36 kBLynPG13
January 11, 2004
Searching for an injured Daniel in a strange maze, the team is stalked by an unknown violent creature.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |

The Leprechaun or When Irish Eyes are Smiling22 kBDebi C nee O’CiardhaNC17
March 16, 2004
The men celebrate life, love, Saint Patrick’s Day, silk and Glenfiddich. Notes: From a chat challenge. I think I got it all with a minor adjustment for writers perogative
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Challenge | Drama | Established Relationship | Humor | PWP | Romance | Round Robin |

The Light at the End of the Tunneloff-siteBaileysPG13
November 29, 2005
Multiple POV piece set during the weeks Jack, Daniel and Sam are stuck in the palace from ‘The Light’.
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV | Smarm |

The Light at the End of the Tunneloff-siteBaileysPG13
November 29, 2005
Multiple POV piece set during the weeks Jack, Daniel and Sam are stuck in the palace from ‘The Light’.
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV | Smarm |

The Line30 kBJudeR
December 21, 2003
Jack is bored and disillusioned with his life and travels to Chicago for a new experience.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel |

The Making of a Teamoff-siteMoonshaydePG
September 27, 2005
Expanded ending scenes to The Enemy Within with a twinge of humor. The team becomes complete.
| Gen | None | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

The Massage Series45 kBfraNC17
March 08, 2004
A different Daniel comes to visit a different Jack. Jack just needs to let go...
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Alternate Universe | Established Relationship | First Time | POV | PWP | Romance | Series |

The Mine28 kBAnniePG
January 13, 2004
Sam has an accident off world and Dr. Fraiser comes to the rescue
| Gen | None | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |

The Night Before kBLizPG13
May 03, 2005
Is Daniel hung over or isn’t he? And if not, what the hell is going on?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | First Time | Romance |

The Problem at Hand190 kBMavannaPG13
December 22, 2010
As fans we often wonder what would happen if we met our favorite characters. This is what my best friend and I came up with. I hope you enjoy this and read with a sense of humor. This does take place in A/u so a few thing will be off, remember humor
| Gen | Action/Adventure | Alternate Universe | Humor | WIP |

The Story Of The Sweater10 kBDebi CG
January 09, 2004
What the sweater that Daniel wore in Abyss meant to them. (a story of promise)
| Gen | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Challenge | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue | Smarm |

The Suit and the Jacket53 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
Cloth kinks with a difference lead to total meltdown. Or so I've been told.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Established Relationship | PWP |



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