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Pirates, Visits, and Opportune Moments5 kBKeldaPG13
January 18, 2004
Me getting tired of waiting for Sam and Jack to figure it out by their dense selfs so I did it for them.
| Het | Jack/Sam | Angst | Humor | Hurt/Comfort | Romance | WIP |

Planet of Beauties51 kBOrrymainNC17
April 04, 2004
Jack and Daniel have female problems and end up sharing a brain. Can Sam restore them to their natural selves before they die?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Romance |

Playtime on PBJ26 kBOrrymainPG13
April 04, 2004
While on a strange planet, the female inhabitants take a special liking to Daniel. Are the women what they seem to be? Will Daniel fall under their spell?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Humor | Romance |

Poseidon's Paradise30 kBLarkin CroftNC17
January 22, 2006
Jack returns home to find a someone in his home that he never thought he'd see again, now he must help them out of the system and into a whole new life.
| Gen | Jack/Janet | Drama | Romance |

Protendore147 kBKate G ThorpeNC17
July 01, 2004
A Haunted Stargate brings SG1 to England, and a new role for Daniel
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama |

Quiet Strengthoff-siteMoonshaydePG
January 07, 2006
Missing/Extended scenes from Children of the Gods. Shau'ri/Daniel. Shau'ri reflects on her life, and her time with her husband, as she tackles her destiny.
| Het | Daniel/Other | Angst | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV | Romance |

Realizations27 kBDebi CPG
July 12, 2004
Is Sam beginning to realize just how much she has changed in the last few years? And why is everyone talking about Daniel anyway?
| Gen | None | Angst | Challenge | Drama | POV |

Rebellion11 kBBaalsFirstPrimeR
January 30, 2005
The year is 2042 and Danny Jackson is a secret agent, as well as the leader of a rebellion known as the Hell Crusade, who are trying to overthrow the Goa'uld, who rule the world. Jack O'Neill is Lord Ba'al's personal slave. What happens when they meet?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Action/Adventure | Alternate Universe | First Time |

Regretsoff-siteMlle LambertPG
January 09, 2004
A comatose Sam wishes she could have had more time to say what she needed to say. Sam's POV
| Gen | Jack/Sam | Angst | Drama | Romance |

Requital10 kBLynPG
January 11, 2004
Epilogue for Evolution, Part Two.
| Gen | None | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

Rising from the Abyss kBTheOneRingPG13
August 15, 2004
Daniel plummets into an abyss of his own making.
| Gen | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | POV |

Roles8 kBDebi CPG
March 04, 2004
Sam thinks about the roles that they play.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Drama | Established Relationship | POV |

Rooftop9 kBDebi CG
April 20, 2004
Daniel contemplates his life and loneliness.
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama |

Royalty kBDebi CPG13
August 03, 2004
When catching a hop home, Jack winds up with a new charge to take care of and in this case, as always, no good deed goes unpunished for long
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Established Relationship | Hurt/Comfort |

Sand Storm89 kBDebi CPG13
May 09, 2004
The Team finds something amazing at an off world site, and Jack and Daniel run afoul of an ancient mystery.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort |

Setasha7 kBKeldaPG13
January 13, 2004
The SG-1 team goes to a planet and find that a Gou'ald has been traveling there for thousands of years taking the strongest of the people and turning them into hosts.
| Het | Jack/Sam | Action/Adventure | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Romance | WIP |

Setesha Part 23 kBKeldaPG
January 17, 2004
Umm..I can't remember what I said last time. So look at Setesha Part 1
| Het | Jack/Sam | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Romance | WIP |

SGC Memos kBTheOneRingPG
September 23, 2004
Some memos written by or delivered to SG-1 have been intercepted and categorized here for posterity. Memos will be posted in stand alone sections as they are located.
| Gen | None | Humor |

Shoot Ya Shot12 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
Jack wants Daniel to play a boyhood game. No weapons involved unless you count certain body parts. This is my response to the FDAS Masturbation Month Challenge.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Challenge | Established Relationship | Humor | PWP |

May 05, 2004
Daniel gives a whole new meaning to the term 'shrinkage'.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Humor |



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