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Making it home65 kBLyn and AnnieG
June 01, 2004
A different ending to Need. A what-if of sorts. The team returns to Shyla's planet, only to discover a trap has been set, and Shyla's not herself.
| Gen | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

Match Maker3 kBKewlKayPG
January 16, 2004
While on PQ696 Daniel Jackson gets zapped to a Alternate Reality where Sam and Jack still haven’t gotten together. Daniel soon finds out that the “zap” didn’t only send him to an alternate Reality…but gave him magical powers. He decides to use them to get Jack and Sam together… but it doesn’t turn out the way he hoped.
| Het | Jack/Sam | Alternate Universe | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Romance |

Mesalane315 kBJackie O'Neill NutPG13
January 12, 2004
SG-1 stumble upon a legend, its fulfilment affects them all.
| Gen | Jack/Sam | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Romance |

miss19 kBFireagleG
July 09, 2004
Sg1 step foot on a supposedly uninhabited planet only to be caught by the locals and their savior only known as 'She'. When Daniel is picked by this 'She', SG1 must attempt rescue by taking the scenic route to 'She's' castle in the mountains, only to be met at every turn by something intent on killing them.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama | Humor | Hurt/Comfort |

My Lucky SpongeBob Boxers9 kBKeldaPG13
January 02, 2004
Carter finally gets sick from all the stress at the SGC and hiding her feelings for O'Neill.
| Het | Jack/Sam | WIP |

My True Loveoff-siteThe HuntressPG
February 23, 2004
Jack waxes poetic about his true love (and it's not who you think it is)
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | First Time | Humor |

Mystery72 kBOrrymainNC17
April 04, 2004
Daniel becomes colorful; Jack follows suit; Teal'c and Junior battle for their lives; Sam worries!
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Humor | Hurt/Comfort | Romance |

Never Go In Against An Archaeologist...14 kBCarriePG
December 30, 2003
Daniel naked. And wet.
| Gen | None | Humor |

No Postage Due9 kBDebi CG
February 14, 2004
It’s the little things in life... a Valentine's Day Story. Let's call it a Season Four time and place.
| Gen | None | Drama |

No Time Like the Present11 kBBaileysPG13
May 30, 2005
Jack reflecting on a mission gone tits up.
| Gen | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV |

Not Aloneoff-siteBaileysPG13
November 07, 2005
After being rescued in Fire and water Daniel suffers some complications that he's a little afraid to admit too.
| Gen | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue | Smarm |

Notes69 kBDebi CPG13
September 08, 2004
Someone thinks they know something about O’Neill and Carter. Then stuff hits the fan ... again. Written for the Alpha Gate FNF Challenge # 69: Grey Hair. (That number is so inspiring.)
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama | Established Relationship | Hurt/Comfort | Romance |

Nothing to Hide Behind56 kBXimeriaNC17
January 09, 2004
Some things you can have, some things you can't. Some things you can't afford to turn down, and some things are worth everything to get.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Challenge |

Of Fire1 kBMoonshaydePG
January 07, 2006
A Jaffa's thoughts on the Tau'ri female warrior spirit.
| Het | Sam/Tealc | Drabble |

Old Friends91 kBDebi CPG13
January 11, 2004
Jack and Daniel have an unexpected guest for the Christmas holiday.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Humor | Hurt/Comfort |



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