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Game 1 - Jacks Vacation Game15 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
Well away from prying eyes, Jack and Daniel live out a fantasy. Porn with Porn.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | BDSM | Established Relationship | WIP |

Game 2 - Daniel's Friday Game29 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
Jack's secret fantasy comes true, but just how does Daniel know what it is?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | BDSM | Established Relationship | PWP |

Game 3 - Christmas Games41 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
A winter wonderland is the setting for the latest fun and games.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | BDSM | Established Relationship | PWP |

Games 4 - Keep on Truckin'34 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
Two guys and a truck. Isn't that enough? Wet Daniel. Okay, al-fresco sex. I'll bet you've clicked already, eh?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | BDSM | Established Relationship | PWP |

Games 5 - Shag Tags14 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
A club, some numbers... Just trust me, okay? Surprise, it's a once a year event. Jack's 'night off' from Daniel.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Established Relationship | PWP |

Games 6 - Winter Games55 kByraggNC17
December 19, 2004
More fun in the snow. This is my answer to the FDAS 'End of Year Challenge' 2004. It had to include a snowman, chocolate sauce, a wooden leg and five film titles in a conversation.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | BDSM | Challenge | Established Relationship | PWP |

Girls Night Out21 kBJackie O'Neill Nut ... aka SpankyNC17
January 12, 2004
Janet gets more than she ever dreamed of from a girls night out ...
| Het | Jack/Janet | Hurt/Comfort | PWP | Romance | Series |

Goodbye to Dreams354 kBbabs and devraR
January 21, 2004
What would you do for the one you love? Jack and Daniel take a journey to discover the answer to that question.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Hurt/Comfort |

Happy Hallowe'en31 kBJenn (aka Goddess Sai'rana)NC17
January 10, 2004
Sam explores her darker side when Janet suggests a little Hallowe'en pick-me-up for a lonely Jack and Daniel. First part of a series. The sequel is "Bonds and Boundaries".
| Het | Jack/Sam | BDSM | Darkfic | PWP | Series |

Heavenly Bodies1 kBMoonshaydePG13
January 07, 2006
Sam finds coming back to Colorado is like coming home.
| Het | Daniel/Sam | Drabble | Romance |

Heracles Risingoff-siteRoxiePG13
February 24, 2004
Stranded on a wasted planet, SG-1 must rely on a nomadic race of space ship dwellers on the brink of revolution if they are to survive.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama |

Hot Pursuit7 kBCrystal MunroR
November 06, 2005
One lone surviver of a destroyed planet promises to make the person who destroyed his planet pay. That person being Daniel Jackson.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Hurt/Comfort |

Hot Pursuit kBCrystal MunroR
November 07, 2005
Daniel and Jack are taken.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Hurt/Comfort |

How Could You?7 kBKeldaPG13
December 26, 2003
Carter sees O’Neill kiss her AU and gets pissed.
| Het | Jack/Sam | Angst |

I Wanna Come Over38 kBJudeR
December 17, 2003
Jack POV. Daniel invites Jack to come on over to his world.
| Slash | Jack/Daniel |

If I Could Talk To The HuntressNC17
February 23, 2004
Jack's talking to animals...and understanding them
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | First Time | Humor |

January 08, 2006
While attending a function with former colleagues, Sam is forced to face some of the doubts that have been weighing down on her subconscious.
| Het | Daniel/Sam | Angst | Drama | UST |

In the Morningoff-siteDangermouseNC17
November 26, 2003
The boys wake up together and don't remember how they got there. Where do they go from there?
| Slash | Jack/Daniel |

In The Span of a Heartbeatoff-siteMoonshaydePG13
September 27, 2005
Teal'c's reflections as he decides to commit the act that could end his friendship with Daniel.
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

Isoka's Gift259 kBLarkin CroftPG
January 24, 2006
Janet takes a trip off world to help a helpless the natives of the world and gets much more than she bargained for, her life is about to take a whole knew direction and everyone in the galaxy will want a part of it.
| Gen | Janet/Other | Drama |



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