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The Grudge24 kBMacPG
March 24, 2005
Kavanaugh still isn't happy with Dr. Weir after the events in Thirty-Eight Minutes. This fic comes to show you how unhappy he is. Definite Shweir tones.
| Het | Alternate Universe | WIP |

Sliding Through the Gate kBMacG
March 24, 2005
Crossover with Sliders. A few minutes after SG-1 arrives off-world, four strangers slide through.
| Gen | None | Crossover |

The Problem at Hand190 kBMavannaPG13
December 22, 2010
As fans we often wonder what would happen if we met our favorite characters. This is what my best friend and I came up with. I hope you enjoy this and read with a sense of humor. This does take place in A/u so a few thing will be off, remember humor
| Gen | Action/Adventure | Alternate Universe | Humor | WIP |

Regretsoff-siteMlle LambertPG
January 09, 2004
A comatose Sam wishes she could have had more time to say what she needed to say. Sam's POV
| Gen | Jack/Sam | Angst | Drama | Romance |

Building Foundationsoff-siteMoonshaydePG13
June 12, 2004
Tag for Fragile Balance. Jack and his young clone start on new separate paths and begin their own healing processes through the intervention of a shared friend.
| Gen | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV |

Beyond Blueoff-siteMoonshaydePG
June 20, 2004
Missing Scene from "Fallen." Part One of the Broken Dreams; Shattered Memories series. Janet helps Daniel open up as he is reintroduced to the base. Can be read as part of the series or as a stand alone story
| Gen | Daniel/Janet | Missing Scene/Epilogue | Series |

The Making of a Teamoff-siteMoonshaydePG
September 27, 2005
Expanded ending scenes to The Enemy Within with a twinge of humor. The team becomes complete.
| Gen | None | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

In The Span of a Heartbeatoff-siteMoonshaydePG13
September 27, 2005
Teal'c's reflections as he decides to commit the act that could end his friendship with Daniel.
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

September 27, 2005
When you're on the brink, how can you move forward, when the past won't let go?
| Gen | None | Angst | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

Of Fire1 kBMoonshaydePG
January 07, 2006
A Jaffa's thoughts on the Tau'ri female warrior spirit.
| Het | Sam/Tealc | Drabble |

Heavenly Bodies1 kBMoonshaydePG13
January 07, 2006
Sam finds coming back to Colorado is like coming home.
| Het | Daniel/Sam | Drabble | Romance |

Quiet Strengthoff-siteMoonshaydePG
January 07, 2006
Missing/Extended scenes from Children of the Gods. Shau'ri/Daniel. Shau'ri reflects on her life, and her time with her husband, as she tackles her destiny.
| Het | Daniel/Other | Angst | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue | POV | Romance |

Behind Closed Doorsoff-siteMoonshaydePG
January 07, 2006
Jack and Daniel find out closed doors are closed for a reason.
| Het | Sam/Tealc | Humor | UST |

January 08, 2006
While attending a function with former colleagues, Sam is forced to face some of the doubts that have been weighing down on her subconscious.
| Het | Daniel/Sam | Angst | Drama | UST |

Double Entendresoff-siteMoonshaydePG
March 28, 2006
Why is SG-1 so fascinated with Jack?
| Gen | None | Humor |

A Priorioff-siteMoonshaydePG13
May 08, 2006
As Doomsday talk increases across the galaxy, the SGC must band together with the Tok'ra, the Jaffa, the Asgard and other allies to stop a new threat from the Ori, while battling mistrust and treason within their own organization. Season 9 Team fic Novel (includes Jack).
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Angst | Drama |

April 01, 2007
When an off-world recon mission goes wrong, Jack and Daniel find themselves separated from the team while lost on an alien landscape with one of their own succumbing to an inexplicable attraction to the strange alien life that surrounds them. It's a race against time as they search for Sam and Teal'c, fight against their alien pursuers, and try to unlock the truth over Daniel deteriorating condition before they are all lost to the secrets of the planet.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama |

Zipity-doo-dah4 kBNeraG
January 20, 2006
Ever get a song stuck in your head? O'neill does and gives it to everybody else.
| Gen | None | Humor |

The First Stargate116 kBOneStargateNineChevronsPG
November 08, 2005
We all know the Ancients invented the Stargates. When and why? Here's my answer.
| Gen | None | Action/Adventure | Drama | Missing Scene/Epilogue |

Danny31 kBOrrymainPG13
January 11, 2004
After the mission with The Gamekeeper, Daniel retreats to his apartment. Jack follows only to be told that Danny has checked out (in a manner of speaking) :}
| Slash | Jack/Daniel | Angst | Drama | Hurt/Comfort | Missing Scene/Epilogue | Romance |



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