Irish Civil Registration Index's 1864 to 1958 (Births)
Irish Civil Registration Index's 1864 to 1958 (Births)  

These are records of births of Trehy related individuals in Ireland from 1864 up to 1958. Records can be searched using one or more fields, ie. to find all individuals named Michael born in Kilkenny simply click on Search, enter Michael in the Forename field and Kilkenny in the County field.

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YearQrtrSurnameForenameFatherMother SurnameMother ForenameDistrictCounty
18784TrehyMary    TipperaryTipperary
18794TrehyCatherine    CashelTipperary
18794TrehyJames    CashelTipperary
18794TrehyDenis    LimerickLimerick
18794TrehyPatrick    TipperaryTipperary
18801TrehyJohn    ClonmelTipperary
18804TrehyJulia    TipperaryTipperary
18811TrehyMary    CashelTipperary
18824TrehyEdmond    ClonmelTipperary
18824TrehyDavid    TipperaryTipperary
18843TrehyDaniel    CashelTipperary
18844TrehyPatrick John ThomasHeffernanMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18852TrehyMichael    ClonmelTipperary
18871TrehyMargaret John ThomasHeffernanMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18882TrehyJohn John ThomasHeffernanMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18883TrehyMary ThomasGraceMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18893TrehyAnnie TheresaThomasGraceMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18894TrehyEmily FrancisJohn ThomasHeffernanMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18911TrehyBridget John ThomasHeffernanMaryKilkennyKilkenny
18911TrehyPatrick JosephThomasGraceMaryKilkennyKilkenny

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