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Author:Sharon Lamb
ICWP Member?:Yes
Nearest Large City:Boston
Play Title:The Whole World Over
Runtime:61-90 minutes
Synopsis:This is the future and porn is the new normal. Porn is on multiple screens day in and day, and teen girls dance to songs entitled, “I’m so rapeable.” A mother, Catherine, is trying to save her daughter from joining the Porndolls, an exclusive cadre of adolescents bought by elite men or used in for-fee pornography. Based on the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, Catherine, the mother, will search “The Whole World Over” when her daughter gets taken away, willingly, into this world. In Catherine's grief, she turns to an old friend and lover, a woman, Judith, for comfort, and their sexual encounter raises questions for her about porn, love, and sex, whether there can be intimacy in a world infested or infused with porn, whether an older woman can experience pleasure again, and whether porn is as horrible as she has seen it to be. When Catherine and her daughter are reunited, Sephi demands she talks to her about sex, honestly, perhaps for the first time.

Max. Cast:6
Min. Cast:5
Web Page:www.sharonlamb.com
First Name:Sharon
Last Name:Lamb
There are two middle aged women, Catherine and Judith and two younger women, Sephi and Xandra, who are the major characters.

Catherine is the focus of the play, 40-50 years old, a scientist and inventor, a mother, a spy for an underground resistance who studies the technology of this feminist dystopian world. Logical and brainy, she is only emotional and anxious when it comes to her daughter who is everything to her. Busy and watchful.
Judith is a lover from a long time ago, sent from the resistance to help Catherine in her efforts to save her daughter. She is steady and strong and yet vulnerable around Catherine. She can go from longing and tenderness to fierceness very quickly. She could be played by someone 40-65 or even older if the sex scene is believable.
Sephi, 16, is the daughter, stereotypically interested in popular culture, teachers at school, sex, and pleased with her appeal. She wants to please her mother so keeps most of her life secret from her until she can’t any longer. She sees her mother as anti-sex because she is anti-porn.
Xandra 16, the best friend that pushes you into unknown territory, maybe bit jealous of Sephi and who longs to have a watchful mother like Catherine

Man One The officer thinks he knows it all and is smarter than everyone in the room;
Man Two A second officer who is even dumber than Man One and a bit sadistic, a bully
(Can be played by same man.)


Act One. Scene ii.
Xandra Sorry Catherine. I don’t think science is for girls who look like Sephi. The unbangables go there cause literally nobody as in Zero point Zero Zero wants to watch them on TV. It’s kind of an insult to be typed as a scientist Catherine… oh. I mean, sorry, I mean just these days.

Act Three. Scene i.
Man One: It’s a new generation. Every generation throws over their mothers and makes a new sexual freedom in their own way. We just provide the cash. You had YOUR sexual revolution. Let the little girls have theirs. Now go on. Out of our way. And put a muzzle on your friend there.

ACT Four, Scene ii.
Catherine: You know what I mean. It’s just so odd to listen to porn all day. Some days you hate it and it’s this ugly manufactured sound to you. Every breath sounds pre-packaged and aimed at pleasing the most disgusting jerk with his pants down around his ankles and his hand around his prick.
Then some days you hear your own mind going Oh Oh Oh out of nowhere when you’re taking a shower and ‘give it to me, baby’ And you think, ‘what the hell?’
And then some days when you’re watching it you realize you’ve gotten aroused, totally against your will, like your vagina heard their voices and interpreted them quite a bit differently than you. And you think ‘no way.’ But your body is betraying you. So you put on some headphones and get yourself a nice icy Cokesi.