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Author:Delma Marilyn Webb
ICWP Member?:No
Nearest Large City:Washington, D.C.
Play Title:Viable Souls
Runtime:91-120 minutes
written by DELMA M. WEBB (Registered with WGAE)

Before the start of the evening rush hour, Jacqueline and Morris Flagger enter the subway train to begin their weekend. Lester, Russell, Shirt Weave, Mark Agent, and the Wood family are already seated on the subway train. Jacqueline and Morris are speaking to each other about her birthday celebration and what they should do. But Morris decides to tell her that he has a birthday surprise for her when they arrive home. The train arrives at the next station. Judge Shea, Mrs. Shea, and the District Attorney Mignon Black enters the subway train speaking to each other as they sit in their seats.

The subway train arrives at the last stop before leaving the tunnel. The other celebrity personalities such as the wrestlers and the rock singers board the subway train. As the subway train is delayed in the tunnel, Morris begins to feel uneasy about the ride home. The other passengers begin to feel that uneasy feeling about being delayed in the tunnel for so long. The subway train finally leaves the tunnel but is stuck in a snow storm on the outer tracks for a long period of time. To make matters worse, that part of the city went into a black out mode from the electrical wiring systme in the subway station that was affected by the water and snow.

The passengers are so mad with the subway train being delayed that arguments start between friends and new acquaintances. Even the older Wood family members have been distraught by the subway train home that Mr. Woods dies first. Then Mrs. Woods dies next on the subway train to be near her husband in death. The Woods' son Lee gets upset with Jacqueline in her holy role that he takes his anger out on her. Morris steps in to let Lee know that he does like him speaking to Jacqueline that way. She feels that she can give comfort in the Lord's name and save and everybody's soul through this ordeal on the train.
Somehow tempers flare again between the passengers. This time the wind makes the train slightly derail from the tracks as Jacqueline prays for everyone's safety.

The passengers are hurt on the train from the slight derailment. But with the concern for each other, the passengers begin to see through their own hurtful emotions to assist each other off the subway train. Morris finally tells Jacqueline about the surprise birthday he has waitinf for her at home.

Copyright 2005.
Max. Cast:18
Min. Cast:18
Theme:Intense and Emotional
Web Page: 
First Name:Delma
Last Name:Webb