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Author:Delma Marilyn Webb
ICWP Member?:No
Nearest Large City:Washington, D.C.
Play Title:One Year In My Life
Runtime:91-120 minutes
ONE YEAR IN MY LIFE (Registered with WGAE)
written by DELMA M. WEBB

It is early one Monday morning in Florence Summer's home fashion design shop where she is discussing her teenage daughter Phyllis to Dexter, her design assistant. Florence is upset about Phyllis attending a model's interview and posing nude in a talent agent's office. Dexter is listening to Florence talk about Phyllis' time spent away from home. Dexter tells Florence how he really feels about her parenting skills and the admiration he feels for Phyllis.

Later that morning Florence receives a surprise visit from a complete stranger that want to become a new business partner. He calls himself Stanford Photographer Extraordinnaire. He presents a business plan to Florence that will make her a very rich woman with a household name left in the mind's of the American woman. But there is one catch to his plan. She must design a new casual line of clothes for the plus size woman. Florence decides to look over Stanford's business proposal and will let him know about her decision within a few weeks.

Florence is very excited about the business plan that Stanford has given her but needs convincing about designing for the plus size woman. There is a new client that enters the home fashion shop name Sunday. She is very professional and beautiful woman that is seeking to hire Florence to design an evening outfit for her. But she has the one flaw that will be of great asset to Florence's artistic challenge. Sunday is a plus size woman. After speaking with Sunday and Dexter, Florence will challenge her artistic eye to design an evening dress for Sunday.

As Sunday is speaking with Florence and Dexter, Mrs. Tryson,(Florence's mother)and her young male boyfriend Marty visit the home fashion shop. Mrs. Tryson is very surprised that Florence is designing an outfit for that size of woman. Marty looks at Sunday very hard as she leaves the shop and recognizes her from a book signing she attended with her boyfriend. By this time, Phyllis comes home from school and is glad to see her grandmother looking good with her new boyfriend.

After everyone has left the shop, Juan comes home from work and visit the fashion home shop. Phyllis tells her father about Mrs. Tryson' new look and boyfriend. And slides her knew career adventure to attend a modeling school on Juan. In her quest to enhance her maturity as a young lady, Phyllis asks about restoring her driving priviledges from her parents. Juan is taking the low father approach to Phyllis about driving the family car.

Three months later before the fashion photo shoot for the plus size woman's catalog, Florence is speaking with Phyllis in a tender moment to her. Florence wants Phyllis to feel confident about talking to Florence about her lifestyle away from home. Phyllis gets a little uppity with Florence during their mother and daughter conversation. Florence has to remind Phyllis how fortunate she is to live in an upper middle class lifestyle as a young Black woman. Dexter has now arrived for the photo fashion shoot and helps to finish arranging the shop for Stanford and the models.

Everyone involved with the photo catalog have arrived for the photo fashion shoot and is having a good time, when Mrs. Tryson and Marty arrive in the shop. Marty recognizes Juan immediately but calls him by another name. Juan is caught in a secret about knowing Marty. Florence is really surprised at Juan knowing Marty. She realizes what the secret is about Juan and discovers that he knows Sunday. Florence is mad and upset with Juan about his secret girlfriend and lifestyle. As the photo shoot comes to a close. Florence's friend that is a talent agent arrives in the shop. Phyllis is surprised to see that it was the woman she interviewed with. Florence introduces Rochelle to eveyrone. Phyllis is mad that Florence knows Rochelle. Another secret of Juan is that he knows Rochelle too.

Stanford and the models leave the shop after the photo shoot. Florence and all of the family's secrets are revealed in the shop to each other. After everyone has cried to each other, Florence, Juan, Phyllis, Mrs. Tryson, Marty, and Dexter leave the shop and go to the main house to start healing and forgiving each other over a nice family dinner.

Copyright 2004.
Max. Cast:14
Min. Cast:14
Web Page: 
First Name:Delma
Last Name:Webb