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Author:Delma Marilyn Webb
ICWP Member?:No
Nearest Large City:Washington, D.C.
Play Title:Eyes Through My Life
Runtime:91-120 minutes
written by DELMA M. WEBB (Registered with WGAE)

The play begins with December cleaning her condominium and speaking on the telephone with her new boyfriend Diamond. She gets a surprise visit from a woman that lived in a few of the women's shelters with her a long time ago. They spend the afternoon together chatting about each other's lives since those shelter days. Her guest visitor Tea is now an aspiring actress living in Los Angeles. Tea tells December that her alimony money finally was received in a divorce settlement from her husband while she lived in the last shelter with December. As December is getting ready for date with Diamond, Tea offers to finish cleaning the living room and offer December her expensive outfit to wear for her date with Diamond. Tea feels that December is very important since she has become a successful playwright. December tells Tea about Diamond insisting that December write a screenplay about her life during the shelter years that could boost her career further as a writer.

Tea has poured her soul out to December about her divorce from her husband. They are speaking about their deep concerns of what happened to them living in the shelters. After talking with Tea about her husband, December has found the courage to tell Diamond when he arrives for the date about the trauma she lived through which lead her to living in the shelter environment. In the early evening, Diamond has arrived for the date and remembers that Tea is someone he has seen before. Tea leaves to on on a date with a friend of hers. To make sure that Diamond's attention is focused on her during their dinner date, she explains to him about the shelter life for the screenplay project. She induces subliminal images of passion into Diamond's psyche
of the importance to enjoy life's everyday pleasures. Diamond is being allured by her and insist that she write the screenplay about that bad time in her life. He now realizes his own weakness in his life after listening to December living with the shelter experiences. He is experiencing a strong spritual bond with her now.

As their date has escalated into a passion of thought provoking awareness from December's past trauma events. Diamond has a new affection for her. He decides to spend the night with her. The next morning Tea arrives back to December's condominium with her friend Ember. December and Ember knew each other when both were drama students in a private school. December announces to the group the name of the screenplay. She plans to include some of the professional womens' stories in the screenplay that lived in the shelters during that time. Tea opposes the idea because she and December are becoming famous and do not want to destroy their image. Tea does not want to participate in the screenplay unless December writes about herself only. December, Diamond, and Ember persuade Tea to attend the meeting of the srceenplay.

December has planned the best possible screenplay meeting for the women. They all share their stories with a deep insightful soul cleansing. The connection the women share with December about their lives inspire each other that they were important professional women in their family's lives. Diamond has finally arrived to the meeting. All of the women are glad that December finally is dating a man she likes. He assured the women that their lives would not be exploited in the movie. The reunion for the former residents from the shelters left the women in a good mood about the screenplay. They all said a prayer and began eating the food December prepared for them.

The next day in December's condominium, Diamond, Tea, and Ember were here overnight house guests. A surprise visit from her overly religious mother and sister put December in a sensitive defensive mode. December and Nanda were negatively discussing their different point of view about their up bringing from Mrs. Gold. Diamond enters the living room and interrupts the heated discussion between December, Nanda, and Mrs. Gold. He is introduced to Mrs. Gold and explains that he commissioned December to write a screenplay about her life during that traumatic time in her life. Mrs. Gold thinks the idea is not the right time for December to write anything from that bad experience in her life. But Diamond's charisma outweighs Mrs. Gold's overbearing possession of December. Diamond assures Mrs. Gold that he would handle December's legal business. He suggested that all of them go to a nice restaurant and dine on good food while that all get to know each other better. They all agreed to dine at December's favorite restaurant. Nanda wanted her husband and children to join them at dinner. Tea and Ember joined in on the dinner invitation.

A few nights later, in a surprise move from Diamond, he purposed marriage to December. She accepts this marriage proposal for a better life.

Copywright 2004.
Max. Cast:11
Min. Cast:11
Web Page: 
First Name:Delma
Last Name:Webb