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Author:Delma Marilyn Webb
ICWP Member?:No
Nearest Large City:Washington, D.C.
Play Title:Affluent Friends
Runtime:91-120 minutes
written by DELMA M. WEBB (Registered with WGAE)

The story begins with Melinda Carrey in the Silk Restaurant Lounge waiting for her long time friend and sometimes enemy Hesca Rosten Loy. The two women have not seen each other in a decade. Melinda has invited Hesca to discuss and brag about her male relationshis since the death of her husband. Once Hesca enters the lounge, she is excited to see her old rival.

Melinda is really trying to impress Hesca of her social bourgeois status despite that she has gone totally African American trendy. Hesca is surprised at Melinda's ethnic transformation and lifestyle since the death of her husband. But they share a secret that has lasted since their last year in high school over Sweet Filled Truffle teacher.

Melinda begins to tell Hesca how she really loved her first man in a real relationship after the demise of her husband. She is really shaken up that her boyfriend William eloped on her with the university president's daughter. Hesca consoles Melinda but quickly tells Hesca about her other romances that followed William's relationship. Hesca is really dismayed with Melinda for trying to portray a devout faithful Christian woman. As a professional educator, Melinda travels often to Africa and Europe a lot. She was disappointed when William really did not enjoy his trip to Africa with her family. Hesca is listening to Melinda's story of her broken heart about William. Hesca has determined that William is a man after his own personal gain.

Hesca is being honest about her feelings toward her former husband and their marriage. She has been portraying a high profile Chief Executive Officer as a White Woman. But she would never admit that she was passing as a White Woman to Melinda. Upset and slightly embarrassed with her status as a single woman, Hesca tells Melinda she was not awarded the alimony payment she wanted because of an affair with another man during her marriage who gave her emotional support during the divorce preceedings. Hesca was intrigued by her new boyfriend's power and better lifestyle than Lowell. Hesca's career soared in the high society world in New York City with being the chair woman of a large ball with her new boyfriend Romone.

Melinda has really gotten confidence in her menopausal age to date younger men. She finds dating African American men of the darker color pigmentation has given her womanhood a new sensual appeal. She tells Hesca about her family vacation in Paris and the reception in her honor to build the Magna Chartered Schools. Her exciting vacation in Paris the city of romance almost found Melinda in another new relationship with a South African man. But she quickly turned down his romantic advances. Melinda is satisfied with her young male professor as the new friend in her life. Hesca is elated that Romone is her new man. Both of them are proud to have new men that will take them through the next phrase of their lives.

Mr. Davis the owner of the Silk Restaurant arrives in the Silk Restaurant Lounge and meet Melinda and Hesca. Their conversation begins with cordials about Melinda's family background. Melinda, Hesca, and Mr. Davis conversate about racial differences in Black America from their personal viewpoints about success that affect their important status in the Black culture. Mr. Davis begins to get annoyed with them but tolerant because of his professional goals to expand his Silk Restaurant business in other cities.

Hesca was trying to remind Melinda about the memory of Sweet Filled Truffle. Melinda got mad at Hesca for telling her mother the secret shared between them. Hesca finally told Melinda the truth about Sweet Filled Truffle. Melinda was really hurt but relieved that Hesca told her the truth about the secret kept since their high school days. But Melinda's little surprise secret for Hesca was the affair of her deceased husband that Hesca never mentioned.

In the end Melind and Hesca remained the best of female friends after all those years.

Copyright 2004.
Max. Cast:4
Min. Cast:4
Genre:Light Drama
Theme:Independent Women
Web Page: 
First Name:Delma
Last Name:Webb