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Author:Karen Jeynes
ICWP Member?:Yes
Nearest Large City:Cape Town
Country:South Africa
Play Title:Everybody Else (is fucking perfect)
Runtime:61-90 minutes
Synopsis:The play tells the story of four characters. Cathy is married to Gavin, a forty-year-old Spar manger. Her sister Traci is an ad-exec working in London, who has come home for a visit and to meet her sisterís new husband. Gavin and Traci have a bit of a personality clash, but are trying to get along for the sake of Cathy, whom they both adore.

Traci hooks up with Jared, a young barman who she used to date. Their relationship is very physical and irks Gavin. But soon Jared remembers something Ė he has seen Gavin before, with another guy. He takes Traci to meet the other guy and they discover Gavinís secret gay life. He has been in a long term relationship.

We realise that Traciís reasons for visiting are not as simple as they seemed, and she is running from a relationship in London. She is conflicted about whether to tell Cathy or not, and takes out her frustration on Jared by dumping him. She accuses him of being a child. Gavin walks in on the break up, and after Traci storms out Jared tells Gavin what he has revealed.

The situation is exacerbated when Cathy tells Traci that she is pregnant, just as she has always dreamed. Traci then confronts Gavin and tells him he must confess, or else she will do it on his behalf. She tells him Cathy is saving the news for their upcoming anniversary. Jared is intent on restoring their relationship, and keeps coming back to plead with Traci.

Finally, Gavin tells Cathy, but she has little reaction, and goes to prepare for dinner. The others are astonished, and Gavin briefly thinks he is off the hook. After dinner Cathy tells Gavin that nothing else matters, because she has everything she wants.

Meanwhile Traci gives Jared a second chance, but ignores all his talk about emotions. The next morning in the kitchen Cathy confesses to Jared that she knew before she met Gavin that he was gay, and she chose him because he would be a good safe husband and father.

Jared then confronts Gavin about his choices, and declares that he is getting out of this mixed up family before its too late. In the end Traci and Gavin are left to deal with the consequences of their actions Ė Gavin plans to break up with Cathy and Traci plans to confront Jared to discuss her real emotions.
Max. Cast:4
Min. Cast:4
Web Page: 
First Name:Karen
Last Name:Jeynes